Who is your favorite character on Star Wars Rebels?
Apollo Fel
Why are her eyes so green
Bo Katan better stop playing before she catches this D
Well at least they mentioned Satine. And had a weapon of mass destruction named after her. Which is probably like naming a space laser after Gandhi.
Alduin El Dragón Soviético
I like how she doesn't Want the weapon that killed her sister
Hell no
If satine ends up beacoming mandalore, im gonna be sad
crazy gamer1212
Star wars rebels is awful bring back the clone wars
Kloe Ruhio
Meaghan Park
"my dear obi wan i've loved u always"
viktor Nikiforov
When Bo Katan looked away from the darksaber, knowing it's the same weapon used to kill her sister, I got legit feels.
Damn she really wants to get rid of that sword.
roberto gurrola
This animation makes all characters from TCW look hideous
She looks horrible! Nothing like the clone wars :\ I miss the clone wars ;'(
Jeff C
“Also maul used that to kill my sister”
Nostalgia Guy
You would think Bo's facial features would change but after how many years of the empire she hasn't aged one bit.
This is so sad...Bo-Katan is clearly still broken about her sister's death, blaming herself partly.
porkyplayzYT 7778
Kaden sabine ezra thrawn rex kallus
My Undead Dragons
Only one more day of waiting! Be prepared for season four!
Rafe Hardin
Omar Rivas Bustinza
Bo-Katan had a son right?
jonatan noi Snorrason
so bo katan was a first command by pre vizla then maul and savages opress shows up as they found them maul took over by challange vizla to death match and killed as katan s sister was killed by maul back in clone wars wow never knew she appear
Combat Rush Gaming382
That was cool. She doesn' look too different from clone wars. Only a bit older.
Paul Jordan
I wonder if bo-katan still blames herself for not being at her sisters side.
Joseph Iorio
I don't like the way they indroduced bi katan. They just recapped everything she did
Frank Ludwig
So sad and hart breckkng
Pink Love
Thanks for all the information Fenn 'Exposition' Rau !
But Bo-Katan is pretty hot ;)
This season will be awesome
Katan is obviously gonna rule Mandalorian anyway.
Random Stormtrooper
Captain Fox
Rebels seems like an extended "Where Are They Now?" scene for The Clone Wars.
francesco cappelli
ezra snoke
Daniel Anyamele
More than 15 years after the Clone Wars, and she has not aged a day, WOW!
They forget Cody
Maxwell Bebelaar
Boba Fett is the leader mandolore deserves
satine wars
Isn't Korkie the rightful heir of mandalore?
ARC Trooper 147
Tbh, the ppl who keep this show alive is the older characters
Didn’t Bo-Katan have yellow eyes in the Clone Wars?
Astral Gaming
Maul killed Pre Vizla and Satine with it...
Tiny Elephant
What if the leader they seek is Korkie? Just putting an idea out there.
I like how she has the word Lady in her titled name now
Like for finished Clone Wars episodes after Rebels S4
Dick Fillmore
Pre Vizsla > Maul
Damn i miss maul
Nell Constanza Bernal Yanquen
hola mastef
Hayden Fowle
Bo Katan is young for her age she was in her 20s during the Clone Wars and now 40
Bo > Sabine. She was incredibly badass in The Clone Wars.
Duncan Janes
I feel like her forehead just got massively bigger
SERIOUSLY KATAN?!😯Hopefully someone will persuade her & brings her around before this S4 premiere episode is over!😳 Still this is gonna be AWESOME!!!😃
I like this arc
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