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I promised you a laurex tries SLIME and here it is!!!! honestly none of these slimes disappointed and I 100000% understand the world's slime addiction. Brb while I poke at my fluffy baby sleeeeeem. Make sure you're subscribed and the notifications are so you don't miss a vid!!! SEE U WEDNESDAY BABES! 
♡ XO lauren 


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HAPPY #SUNDIY!!!! 🌈❤✨✌🏼💗🌼
also thank u for all the slime tips about adding the borax slowly LOL thank u slime pros!!!!
Azul Garcia
If the slime is sticky you need more borax mixture
Sarah Smith
do more slime vids
Romi & Reni MS
Hope you have a beautiful day!!!
Romi & Reni MS
Perfect couple! 💞
Ava Speers
More slime videos more slime videos!!!!!!!!!!
Lightning Strike
Glue color(optional)glitter(optional)a LITTLE bit of borax at a time when it cleans the resadue knead it for a little while then done
Analiyah Bracero
Your supposed to add the borax in a little bit at a time
Holur Hanna
Hey laurdiy go watch some Katrina Garcia because she will teach u how to make slime
Holur Hanna
U r supposed to put a little bit of the borax at a time in the slime
arouni cam
you actually put too much borax you have to add a little bit at a time to your glue
holoit's Hannah
It's my sisters b-day
Sophie Nichols
Can you actually do a diy on this?
Ava Jayne
you add the borax little by little😂
Jamille Alday
Kimberly Schropfer
Does he know that u can die from eating borax
Xzandria Vasquez
Slime Baby
sofia Villalobos
If you put lotion it will stretch longer
Carle Rose
I loved to let the glue dry on my hand and peel it it is sooo satisfying
Antonia Perez
do slime at 3:00am at. Night
Antonia Perez
do slime at 3:00 am. at night
Beqir Bexheti
I love slime
Lauren:Slime numer dos.
Alex is that french?
Lauren: Yah 😄 !!!
M: its actually spanish but i still love laurex
Samantha Pilapil
I tried making edible slime and I ended up eating all the starbursts.
Samantha Pilapil
I tried making edible slime and I ended up eating all the starbursts.
Camila Sebastian
You are supposed to add the borax water little by little
Happy #Sunday
Leona Delavher
3:49 when she bit him! HAHAHAHA I love it so cute!
Worrior_Gurl 671
Arianna Castillo
I love you so much Lauren and Alex you should make another video where you text other viral slimes bye love you guys💕💓😂
Gaming iz Life
Cailleeya Dith
VOTE: Puppies, Slime or Fidget Spinners
Caroline Caron
I love how when they said number 2 in french ( 2:39 ) they said more of a DUH than DEUX 😂IM french btw
franchesca mendeng
Hahah dont pour the whole bowl of borax in just do little by little hahah:) luv u guys tho <3
Fatgirl 31
how did you come up with the name lauex it was so scared when Alex tried to eat the slime
Fatgirl 31
it's so funny when Alex ate all of the edible slime
Fatgirl 31
you and Alex wasabi are so cute together I love the song my side
Unicorn Gamer
I won't be able to make Starburst slime because i'll just eat all of the Starburst before i make it lol
Lindey Travillion
Did you know that borax solution for slime is making people have flu like symptoms and 1st to 3rd degree burns so be very careful !! ps I love your channel ❤😘🙌🎨
Malinda Cha
great video
Kylie Chum
Cadence Kay
You can also just put glue, shaving cream and liquid starch.
a s
your supposed to add the borax little by little
Jewel Rigby
They added way to much borax😂
awww he cared abt her nails💓
diana Ramkerath Jagdat
More slime and more Laurex please
Beyonce Garcia
You don't ned to put baking soda in fluffy slime
Roth Lul
4:52-4:53 did she say bar or babe?????
Mysterious Sisters
This is my phone 📱

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