Madhuban | মধুবন | Bengali Movie | Victor Banerjee, Tanuja

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Movie: Madhuban
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama
Producer: Govt. Of West Bengal
Director: Ajoy Kar
Story : Gourchanda Chakraborty
Music Director:  Hemanta Mukherjee
Lyricist: Hridayesh Pande
Playback: Arati Mukherjee
Release: 1988
Star cast: Utpal Dutta, Victor Banerjee, Tanuja, Chinmoy Ray, Satya Bandyopadhyay, Swarup Dutta, Gita Dey, Sobha Sen, Bishwanath Oraon

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The story is as this is a story of the tribals of Jhalakpukur whose basic living rights are taken away by the mean money lenders who lended little money to them and charged them with huge amount of interests which they could not repay. As a result, they suffered torture and harassment. Sulata was a contractor who was different and genuinely cared for the tribals. However her employer Sundaram was an extremely greedy man who not only inflicted suffering to the tribals but also longed to marry Sulata. Sulata meets Satinath, a man who would always protect the tribals from any harm and starts liking him. Sundaram does not take this appropriately and one night when Satinath was away, he and another money lender tries to kill, Raghu, the tribal leader so that the tribals are thoroughly weakened. His attempt becomes futile when coincidentally Satinath arrives and saves Raghu. Satinath and Sulata together start looking after the interests of the tribal people from then onwards.

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