Diffrently Difffrently
I mean. It's 1:36 am and i'm sitting on the balkony watching harry styles videos ans cry bcs i miss One Direction.
Ashley Clare
Does anyone haves God's number? He's missing one of his angels.
Tbh Harry looks slightly like Jack Dawson from Titanic
Tippy Toe
I reckon Harry would even look handsome wearing a dress.
bulldoglover ocmpo
if there is anyone in the world i love the most is Harry Styles like he is so cute
If there was an award for best bromance, you and Harry would win it hands-down! Love you both so very much.
12345678 9
I rewatch this everyday, best carpool karaoke
m.a. trix
990.00 liker lol
Lilian Kamara
I love you so much guys x
Lea Michele
I was laughing so hard when they were talking about Titanic. Harry's reaction is priceless! "Wait, I can't but give me a second."
emma victoria
This gave me heart palpitations and heart burn all at the same time I'm in pain
Extra Concentrated Bleach
imagine being in the car behind seeing them act like they are famous but then you realise that they are
Jenna Ackerman
Can you do it with the new band why don't we
Guli Sutter
please do a carpoolkaraoke with the vamps
LuLu LuLu
i love how harry says "julia roberts"
Аня Маколенко
Emma Lawson
I love Harry Soo much I died laughing at this and sang to all the songs
Marife Esguerra
what's the song on 6:48? please tell me i want to know. thanks
I like that harry can be himself instead of being repressed my the rest of 1D and now I like him a lot more because he's himself
Herşey Dahil
ya james louis tomlinson, niall horan , liam payne and zayn malik i de all
Namita Nene

I just love the way you sing, the way you laugh....

It makes me smile 😆
Hiba Karroum
Haters back off
Sheila Maria A
Bahaya hahaha hahaha hahhahha q😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carrie White
My dream is to one day harmonize as good as James 😭❤️
jermaine becher
ive been kissing the screen i dont know why😂🙄
Anna Brooke
Harry Styles being in that shirt reminds me of Nick Robinson in "Everything Everything". 😂😻🌹
Evelyn Farver
In the black fishnet shirt Harry looked like a wannabe Andy Black. No shade to Harry love him and Andy lots 😘😘
it's currently august and i'm still watching this daily.
Rocket Kidde
Who can't even get through the whole video without singing with and laughing?
Km Faraz
Just love it
Km Faraz
Good one
Km Faraz
Always 1122
I just can't get over the gay moment they shared😂
Miriana Mouton
That face at 7:26 tho❤️
Anna Clara Cremasco Bueno
omg i love harry's smile
Nabiha Choudhury
This is a fact harry styles is hot but he can't sound good without the band with him but idc if the band broke up
Lauren T
If I ever become famous I'm gonna ask James to do ALLL the harmonies in my album
Athena Sarmiento
I want someone to look at me the way James Corden looks at Harry Styles 😭😭♥️
Melina Stagnaro
no de nuevo decía
Peace chicken Grease nipple
sighs this was before we had to pay if we wanted to watch carpool karaoke
Hadassa Rodrigues
Ser fã é conviver com a verdade de que você nunca vai pegar seu ídolo.😔
Afifah Shah
What if the song "kiwi" was actually for Briana and Louis when she was having his baby Freddie?
Mind blown!
Sundays with yvonne
I miss one direction SO FREAKING MUCH MAN
Becca Louise
9:00-9:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shania_ _Canty
Isaac Onyett
yaaaaaahs harry fuck it up
outkast... AWESOME!
Marion Prepon
I wish I was that water bottle
Once I fell Up a tree backwards
Ngl when they sang sweet creature it sounded SO GOOD i cried
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