Huy Thinh Nguyen
Great! Now the House of Loki will be the symbol of justice in God Of War.
Sam oğlo
shame its not for xb1
prateek thakur
im gonna miss athen blades :k
Ric Chapin
Okay I'm starting to see the plot now - was that fucking Fenrir?!?! SOLD
ForlZ David
Axe is not as good as the blades of exile
Atom Man
of course it wants to help.. no way Kratos can fight that beast while on a raft in the middle of the ocean with his son.. I was hoping he would jump up into his eye and fuck it up so I can be excited about this game..

Bring back T.C Carson.
xxzero gol
all of you do sub to actor games ag
Takseem Husaen
I like games
This guy needs the Thor's hammer.
Abdul Haziq
Kratos versus Earthshaker
Katrine Nodland
1:42 I see Fenrir the wolf.
[PL] Brakuje mi jego mieczy związanych na łańcuchach i za ręce :/
M.R. Bran
I think I'm going to get a PS4
Mikhail Mordvinov
Personally, I love the trailer and I love the new model of Kratos. He looks less arrogant and has a lot more baggage that he is carrying. This will be an emotional title fellas. It looks so realistic!
he is god of war every creature in his world is in his control why they are fighting him i don't get it :/
135 oman
متا بينزل هذا في صلاله
Sean Krakmxer
Seems like a white supremacist game
Murad Abakarov
He looks like pumped Max Pain)))
Since Norse Gods are in this game does that mean he will fight Thor?
I can't wait ontil this game comes out
Epic Mormon Brony
of course the midgard serpent wants to help. bad guy wants to help another bad guy.
Neanderthalicus Neêrlandicus
My guess is that Kratos is teaming up with Loki and other forces of chaos to unleash Ragnarök
WetercraftYT PvP y mas
max plus
hola espero que leas esto entra ami canal te dare una invitacion a ti y a otros18 youtubers....
Ali Ali
archie dixon
Miracle volunteer material modern starting mud anticipate discrimination.
Seems more like norse mythology than greek here
Kirk Hayden
so they are disregarding the fact that kratos had a daugter?
Kallate Estudio
kratos hipster
Тимур Сафаров
He wants to help us - coooool!!!!!
Dogukan Dogan
didn't he died in 3 ??? or is this man kratos' son
Dark Anime
Go Go Goooo
Snipes Beats
Dark souls 3 copy
ATiliOS cheapsounds
i gotta play with a damn kid now, fuck
thats not that god of war what i remember when i played it he didnt have a axe but like thise blade things with chains
Tremain Mitchell
I'll buy a ps4 jus for this game
Kratos is Odin and his son is Thor

evidence: Odin is also a God of War and Thor has red hair
Randy Hendrix
could you imagine how bad that serpent's breath is. need a tic tac the size of a bus
Zander Jacobs
it says on PlayStation store it will come out December 31 2018. im pissed they lied and said early 2018
F 1
is he Kratos or Old Ass Logan ????
Someone give the man a razor
Nas 94
No Name
The moment when you hear Kratos speaking with Teal'c's voice. <3
Özay Kizuna
yardırmış lar
Getting chills thinking of playing this beside my son.
حسين المحمداوي
Jesse Bickford
Irresponsible Parent Simulator 2017
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