God of War - E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer (Playstation Conference)

god of war gameplaye3 2017playstation conferencegod of war e3 2017trailer

God of War - E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer (Playstation Conference)
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jason R
Yeah I didn’t play the others and I’m not gonna play this
Nebojša Saicic
Smbdy know release date???
Beck Kozck
unknown unwanted
I got no Ps4 I'm poor only rich people can afford this game.
Look at that Vikings axe ! Is Kratos going to fuck Thor and Loki?
Khalid Sheikh- Mohammed
why do i get the feeling that in the end of this game, kratos will die and it'll be a super emotional moment between him and his son, then the next game (if there is one) will be about the son?
Therezer Agbeyeyee
mm I think God of war is a great game
TheSlyStalloneFan1 Stallone
Why does Kratos sound different or is it just me?
لار ler
Hugo Maclean
Deus do céu eu preciso de um Ps4
Shakib Saifi
Can't wait for this
Krispicryme Steelaxe
Never came to XBOX😂
Super Gamer
!!! This is so amazing. Can't wait to play it !!!
Heaven-Piercing Wombo Combo
I'm gonna miss the Blades of Chaos. 🙁
i just came <3
Mor Atias
Lol .. None of their gods can stand vs kratos ..
Pavle Grebenarević
Who the fuck has the courage to dislike this masterpiece?
When the World Serpent popped up I knew that not even Kratos could kill him. Probably. Maybe.
Ralph Garrett
This is your season for GREATER in Jesus Christ name!!
Thomas H
PS4: 1
Xbox: TBA
Alias Yusof
Wa hebat nye
el pasto la hierba en general el agua y la sangre se ve mui pobre ojala puedan mejorarlo
दाजु भाइ
wOW awesome
André da Silva
God of war ps4 😀😀😄😄👏👏👏🖒🖒
E`Shun`s - FakeLiFe
thor :D
Guglielmo Bagella
Port it to pc please!
Warnu Hattingh
Looks like Conor Mcgregor
kudacuc master
Dead Man
it was someting
Oh my god...
Sugar Hieroglyph
The Last of War? The last of...krat-os? TLOW. Copy paste?
Sugar Hieroglyph
Looks boring and slow, where my chains?!
Aaron James Datuin
Damn it they took away the blades of chaos.😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yash Kashyap
Wow my best fawret game god of war I love this game superb
this is very good game but this game play for 1030 graphics crade?plz say for me
Colin Boots
socio political propaganda
Lemel Covington
"He wants to help us!" I could just see Kratos' face right now xD
I like spiderman game.say hello from malaysia
Юрий Паламарчук
In the end of this game Kratos will die...ups..spoiler))
Capt Tylor
갓쳐만 못해
Celso De Jesus
Fuck 😄
Je rêve d'un futur jeu Nordique à la The Witcher 3 grand, vaste, beau, avec des monstre par centaines et une histoire poignante avec 100 heure de jeu garantie en prenant notre temps, avec Bâteau type drakar, cheval, avec du commerce, armures badass, histoire à vivre in-game, graphiquement digne d'un TRIPLE A 2018-2020.
CDprojekt Red là fait en 2015 et c'était leur tout premier open world !

C'est beau de rêver non ?
Tonha Antonia
He does not play and someone else plays, I've seen many videos of this type and they're all the same
Sam Wells
shock candy drawing deficit executive affair north value fire.
Bruna Oliveira
vai ter para Xbox one?
Chicken Nuggets
Why do people keep fucking up my childhood games? what kind of world i'm living in?
Isaac Pecero
Kratos probably can't die because remember in God of war 3 in the end kratos killed himself with a sword
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