Republican Greg Gianforte 'body slams' Guardian reporter in Montana – audio

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The Republican candidate for Montana’s congressional seat can be heard in an audio recording slamming reporter Ben Jacobs to the floor, breaking his glasses and shouting, ‘Get the hell out of here.’ The attack occurred on the eve of a special election to fill a congressional seat vacated by a member of the Trump administration

Veronica Videll
He clearly has had his fair share of Spandex clad men asking him for sexual favors
Lol the reporter sounds like a little bitch.
Mass Debator
You can tell the guy is trying his best to speak normally after being slammed
no video, no evidence
Stephen McCandless
I think it could be a staged event to win the seat. He is NOT from Montana . And wants to privatize open lands used by the people of Montana.
Papa Pigg
Mark Jones
Repellant thug !!
Shameful! Gianforte needs to serve some time in jail. Maybe that will teach him not to be a playground bully.
the reporter deserved it. i love that he will just buy his way out of it while the broke boy reporter spends hours contemplating his civil suit haha
Matthew Hopping
should spoke to shane
I fucking came
Future elect President Camacho would be proud.
Lee Yates
Still, not as a good as the caning of Charles Sumner.
Lee Yates
He's a good Congressman. He didn't want to just talk about healthcare he wanted Jacobs to see it for himself. He really cares about the issues, that's pretty uncommon these days.
Nitron DSP
And in that day and time ..... no one gave a f*ck.
happy trails
neither party really supports "free speech".

you deserve shitty politicians like this, America
I feel coold
What happen 😆😆😆😆
It's funny how this comment thread would be flipped if he was a Dem...they're the same party people
I didn't know he worked for that socialist rag The Guardian. Asshole reporter deserved it...
The Human Condition
HaHa this has really got to hurt.....I feel sorry for the singing dime store cowboy !
Dang, if I were a voter in Montana... I'd vote for him! Mwah haha! 😃
t g
Lets see. at a private/invite only function this Ben Jacobs, who is the former Iowa Democrats president, turned reporter gets slapped down for being the little liberal puss and asking questions that have no meaning other than to under mind this guys message and people still don't understand why Trump won. Left just keeps getting it handed to them and it will continue. He got what he deserved!
Another annoying asshole provoking people playing the victim after the guy he was harassing fights back. Both are at fault.
Wayne Robinson
Karma will come back and bite this poor excuse for a man....a real sicko
JAM 001
WORLD STARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Larsen
Its a shame there is no video. The media push and push and push beyond any rational persons natural ability to take and one of them received what they have been asking for. Hes lucky the only thing that broke were hus glasses.
Jeff Klinger
Love this guy
18 guage
white thug
Ian Knight
all the goddamn cell phones and video recording devices...and we get NOTHING for this epic moment!
journalist are scumbags
DSW Outdoor's
the guardian the whole picture. More like the no picture.
Although I certainly don't condone this, if he's on private property he has the right to body slam the guy. Now I'm not saying that it was a good, or even decent decision, but he's not legally in the wrong.
Dave E
As a Trump supporter, body slamming reporters is wrong. This man lost his cool.
Chen Lee
Too bad he didn't body slam Jake Ass-Tapper.
Skullinhand Underground
Greg guanforte vs Brock lesner at Wrestlemania.
Wyatt Earp
Boy he sure is tough, someone with anger issues! Probably beats his wife. Carries a gun to protect himself against smaller people! Can't stand the stress! can't stand you! Don't ask him a question! Might bite!! Look out real leadership material here! Hide your pets, might stomp them! Montana house seat! Should be called Montana last stand!
This is fake!! Lol idiots thinking it's real!
Steven E
little bitch was about to cry lol lmfao
Escorpion Venenoso
That's you get for prodding republicans.
Sue brown
Hahaha! These liberal reporters are harassing folk and folk are getting sick and tired of it! Well deserved. Oh and lying Media says he was 'Hospitalized' bullcrap! He gets up and is a talking just fine... Such fakers! :-)
BEAST move, pansy ass reporters
Chris Borges
LMFAO "you just body slammed me and broke my glasses"
what man would say you just broke my classes after getting body slammed
love how the video footage doesn't support that claim so you just run the audio pretty rich wonder who's gonna fall for it
The Manager
Assault = Jail. Period. Dumbass Republican scum.
David Wo
The report had an odd tone to his voice.
Miss Wormwood
liberal gets body slammed... first thing he wants to do is call the police, lol. what a bitch
Matt Light
question is what those reporters did
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