SuperMarioLoganFan - 11
South Park
The Fractured Whole
But Boudjatat
I'm your big fan from #Algeria 😍👌💪👏🙌#XBOXONEX amazing!!!
『Master』 #MCPE
Hey bell of the lest
Khalifa Almazmi
Why no nintendo
all of there comments have atleast one like
Not a word about 4k movies or backwards compatability for the pro. Disappointing. I was so deadset on getting a ps4 pro in a week but it doesn't even provide simple features. Xbox one x wins me over. Backwards compatible to the original and can play 4k movies? I'll be picking that up 1st. I'll get the pro sometime next year when spiderman and god of war are out for a few. And nothing really for vr either so I can wait for that too. Shame really.
Matt M.
looks like the same games released every year, same ol first person shooters over and over, same ol long drawn out horror mystery games, what happened to just popping in a game for entertainment instead of looking for clues for 5 hrs or playing a first person shooter over and over? bring back the super nintendo this stuff now was cool at first but it got old and repetitive
Lemon Lastname
"Call of Duty WWII" tryna copy "BATTLEFIELD1".
Lemon Lastname
"Monster Hunter World".
Logan Pind
When is gta 6 coming out
Bebe Rexha is thic
Leonard Zvulunov
did anybody watch that video for 9 hours?
Ben BamBoo
This host has the personality of a cardboard box. Please never hire him again. G4 alumni all the way.
who is watching this on video
Another movie license game...? I don't have high hopes for this one even if it doesn't look that bad.
jehrail Anime Solo
i had dream playstation. home came back and playstation. got backwards comblity
M Root
Starts at 15:10 you're welcome
Sven Berger
дарья палій
Niсe video!
Ruan Droid
Querzey X
Jake Newberg
Where is The Next Batman Game
6:33:30 Thank me later.
Phantom X
Started YouTube Today! Can you take a quick sec to subscribe to my channel and leave a like on my first video? Thanks 
People who think everyone is bored of CoD by now fail to realize they're not the last generation of human beings to be born on earth and younger generations still play it. That's why it will continue its success.
Page OnePlease
Where's the blessed individual who will timestamp this whole press conference? Are ye out there?!
Botar Ryana
GettingCreative 64
All I see are comments that say to watch their hot video.
Juan Velez
I. Z n
cant wait for anthem
Yasmin Yusef
They might as well remaster sonic adventure 2
Justin Baron
try my new game :)
Raphael lo
Maaan! I have to say it: Nintendo did a great job! I don't have a Nintendo Switch (yet), but I feel it's heading in a quite good direction!
LinkinLain YTV
games = illusion and you buy illusion, but life cannot buy wake up brawwss but tlou 2 is good.
Idris maron
Spark Fear
I'm here for Melonie mac :)
The legend of the Gamer
No spyro what the hell
i looked up yourube xD
Matthew Neumann
Also when is a Spyro the Dragon coming to PlayStation 4? I would love to see a online co-op Spyro game in the same vein as Spyro dawn of the dragon.
Matthew Neumann
They should make crash bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex and
Twinsanity. Next for PlayStation with VR support.
Matthew Neumann
Is crash bandicoot insane trilogy going to have a DLC patch for VR suport? I would totally buy that!!!
youtubefan404 roblox
hate you youtube
I love Ubisoft, but I am not all that excited for their content.
Skull and bones looks fun, but Ubisoft tends to sell the idea of a polished fun game only to give a half polished one in its place. I'd like to play far cry 5 but I don't want a half polished game.
Also I'm really tired of Assassin Creeds, I was a huge fan but now they look to be trying for a Darksouls meets assassins meet wildlands type of thing and that's worrisome
Kevin Ortolani
I heard the word Totino's way too much in this video
Dr cunt
saints row 5
Vatsal Muchhala
Hey can anyone tell me what time is the conference in the video
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