Jesse Balk
is there gonna be a Kaleidoscope ep tour someday?
i have been to coldplay Amsterdam june 23 2016 and to coldplay brussels june 22 2017
and i want to see you guys live again so bad
so please tell me there is gonna be a kaleidoscope ep tour
O Men, this song brought tears to my eyes. This is the real Coldplay. Welcome back guys
Por fin regresa el antiguo Coldplay? Nunca dejan de sorprenderme
Mike Spencer
Can we just take a moment and appreciate the people who produce/make these Coldplay videos? Consistently excellent work!
B Moo
beginning has a style of massive attacks teardrop
Johana Trujillo
😘❤❤❤ Great!
Jonan Gorman
is any one here who want FBE make videos about teen and elder react to coldplay ?
if you want that happen, i have a idea to make them make that reaction by the supports from whoever read this or who is the fan of coldplay. the idea is to accumulate the requests from whoever want this happen, then dump the request into the comment section of each FBE latest videos, they have uploaded. this will make a big vote to coldplay to make FBE eventually make the reaction.
Naks Vlogs
Love is the only thing left that's true.❤❤❤
Patrick Crosby
All echo, no music.
Milen Womack
Great song but why the abrupt ending? Ughh
Lone Star Progressive
This song is amazing. Glad they're getting back to piano driven songs, back to their roots.
Muty muty
Tobias De Snoo
I didn't like the two new coldplay songs. Usually their first albums. I can't say they didn't do well, they did very well on those albums. I just didn't like them and other people can probably agree with that.But this song.. jesus. It's a really good song.
Muhammad Mushthafa Lubis
Pink Floyd in 2017 ?
Per Olav Apalnes
I like both the music and the video
Yacinta Shafira
This is absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. The song. The lyric. The video.
Cristina Mabel
se parece a otras canciones
Polly Ashta
This song is so relaxing 😊
Alya Karim
Ahhh they're back!!
Neha Sharma
Waooooo!!! How can someone make such a good music... 😍
Jess Thamee
I want to stop thinking about her and I will succeed.
Laura-Leigh Smith
A phenomenal band shows us that they can evolve.and return to the source in 4:31 mins. Cold Play is simply GENIUS....
Alondra Perez Coder!
Dark&Fat Fantasy
Excelente cancion♥ #ColdplayIsTheBest
QueenEpicDragon Vlogs
I love how Coldplay had some of their older songs mashed into Their newer songs.
Love Coldplay. Love Chris Martin 😊💟😉
Benjamin Cote - Music & Creation
Fix You drumming, Clocks piano, Sparks bass & A Rush of Blood to the Head guitar
Joyci Nascimento
Coldplay sinônimo de tranquilidade da alma! #Amomaisquebatatafrita 😍😍😍😍 #UmdasminhasMELHORESBANDAS
TheLegend 28
Whose here before 5M views ???
love it.

Nice, it's like all 7 albums mixed together
Evan McCarthy
when that piano part hits, i just get MAD chills, fucking beautiful song
Undoubtedly that intro comes from "We Turn Red" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers!
Thiago Oliveira
Sounds like a mediocre version of Atlas.
Franco Martinez
Que pajera la canción
paula gonzalez escobar
Marvin Lewis
all the junk falling from space .all the junk washing up on beaches.the world is a is king so pure
Paul Manners
paltrow made a big error....
Hannah X
Am I honestly the only person who really dislikes this song? I absolutely respect everyone's opinions but I don't think this is up to scratch for Coldplay. I find it a bit boring.
This Songs a Grower,Love COLDPLAY ✌🏻
Нелли Нысанбаева
it's really amazing
Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist
I like the overall sound of this song, the bass is nice and it's got a nice chilled out vibe. But this sounds way too much like "Atlas" for me to love it. From the "ah-ah-ah" in the first verse, to the little percussion breakdown, followed by the big explosion at the end with the guitar. It follows the exact same formula as "Atlas." It's like an A Head Full of Dreams remix of "Atlas."
Buen vídeo y buena canción
MaKayla Reynolds
the beginning made me cry
Hommam Hamdeh
as always.. the best band
Gaurav Ambhire
please share
piyush ratadia
Imagine dragons >>>> coldplay
Pointless Term
Why does the start sound like Caspar the Ghost
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