Maham Nadeem
please leave a download description for this
Claire Ashmore
It workt with my tounge
Chuy Montoya
This house is fake it's made out of like 1 trillion blocks he lied
Fire Volcano
It actually works
Corbin Jorgensen
Can I have it
Does anyone actually realize that the house is in mid air??
Janice Aniban
qibing lin
it doesn't work out
CandyMPE Gaming
I’m commenting with my tounge
Mi Khael
I did it
Michelle Gomez
Wait what are we doing again I forgot
I used my tongue and it worked u guys can try I promise it will work just don't lick a dirty screen I did, but that was food stains
Starwars Luv118
I used my tounge and it worked on my touch screen
i like you have built that giant home
Benny Ben Ben
The one Sandwich dispenser
I liked it with my tongue
MATK Randomness
peach a.
I slapped the like button with a IRON BAR
Emerald Eye
I liked with my toungeπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
UnbracingOrchid splat
If I get sick I'm seeing u
Gianina Cheli
That's not big 1 second later THAT'S BIG O_O OMG and am I the only one who has to like my message so I get more likes
Cecilia Faalata
ur funny I'ma sub
DaHipsterSquid ._.
I liked with my tongue
Darwish Helmi
Did you make this house by your own?
Zoe Lagrosas
i did it with my noseπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
I like the house
Andy Six
haha this guy is soo funny makes me wanna play
Sophia Mondrevia
I actually touched my tounge in the like button XD
Hind AlJunaibi
I did it with my tounge hahaaa
Nigga Faggot
Maricarmen Parra
I tried using my tongue to press the like button but it didn't work
TannerThe Chkn
Um 18? No I counted and there is more than 18 on the FRONT
Johnny Appleseed
Subcibe I make minecraft videos
Jackattack 4707
I actually hit the like button with my tounge
Mandip Singh
I did it
I did it with my tounge I'm a champion
Justin Shafer
I used my tounge
Justin Shafer
I used my tounge
Infinite Eight
I did it with my tongue
Katie Baltos
I love the enchanting table room
Wolf Kraft
Can someone watch my vid
Family Sanborn
Tongues work on my tablet. I tried it!
Angelo x Nara
I did it with my tounge
Samantha Pearce
I slept the like button wath my πŸ‘… tongue
Cain Starr
I was literally about to do it so I did it it worked I not lying try it
I actually subscribed with my tongue πŸ˜›
Shawn MendesLover
My tongue worked.

Stop judging me
PrePubesent Memeuries
XD i actually touched the like button with my tounge, and it actually worked! Somehow my screen sensed it as touch.
Sang Ly
I want that house how can you get that house please tell me cuz I want that house!
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