The guilt and shame you feel from this video is the motivator for many.
Needler Nineight
This video made me really sad because I realized I'm already doing all of these things.
Alanna Carlson
This video just describes my life.
Enkii Muto
Jokes on you, I got out of my depression by doing exactly what is in the video.
Jodey II
English is not my first language so I didnt understand the video enough, and not what the vapid goal meant
Copy Cat
I do half of these things... ...that's probably not good.
If I'm going to guess, hapiness to me is having a couple friends I can create stuff with, have very constructive discussions with and feel attached to. I really dont know though, because I have messed up every friendship possibilities I have encountered.
Deft Sushi
Clever, very clever. thank you for the video Grey, you just solved all my problems.
exercise, the outdoors, and people make me depressed, so fuck all that
I don't know why I watched this video. I'm already doing all seven steps.
I follow this guide to a T, but this isn't how I maximize misery, it's how I maximize happiness :D I'd be miserable if I didn't follow it
Edher Numbi
God dude. I feel like i'm listening to a mother, a very very uncomon questionong philosophying mother. I think i like it (...)
Nikolas Manuelides
so according to this I'm miserable, but I don't feel like it, so... opinions stated as facts
Sriharsha A
Another way would be to constantly desire material objects, but you would not obtain those material objects. In essence, this is the exact opposite of what Buddhism teaches. Buddhism teaches that one should minimize material desires in order to minimize misery.
Smith Boys
I got misery watching the video no efense
Wow, seems I'm doing at least something perfectly.
Ben Jakobs
When you realize this was you all day...
Pizza Rat
this felt like my life summed up in 7 minutes

well, my life when I don't have work or school
Luke Gale
Yeah.. these 7 points pretty much explain my life.
I should probably just go drink some bleach.
blah blah blah BLAH
Aww he put hes patrons (sorry if i spelled it wrong) all of them I assume,on the description.
So basically be a tumblr user.
Kris Brumbaugh
the first few sounded like grad school
William Stewart
Fuck I legit do all of these lmfao
I'm currently fighting off depression, seeing a therapist amd everything... this honestly really helped a lot... like more than probably one of my visits with them... thank you
why did i pick computer science as a career? My life is going to be miserable
Annalee H
My stepdad has a small gym room in his house. I lived there for 7 years have never used it.
After this video I called him up if he was home, I wanted to use the gym room.
It's been 2 weeks now and i'm just rewatching the video and can already see the shiny islands of happiness in the distance. Starting a new job on monday, too and going to a small party in about an hour.

Good luck you glorious bastards.
Steven Barnhurst
OMG. I do all of theses! Changing all of my ways and habits... tomorrow; Saturday is internet-binge-day
Fraginis Fraginis
Pointless video, already doing all points
christian stone
If your life SUCKS!!! Say I
Lam Wing Fung
just search up funny vines compliation
The Mongoose
I disagree that goals MUST be time-bound. Sometimes a goal that is ongoing is a great motivator. Staying healthy for instance is an ongoing process.
...This video, it's so subversive. You be careful, Grey; the Illuminati don't like it when people try to reveal or topple their system. Misery is the American Way now, doncha know? : ) : Sheeples, unite! Seperately, alone in our allrooms... For reals, though, I feel guilty enough that I might just have to go for a walk or something.
The book is kinda awful, This video does a much better job
Someone Else
This felt awkward to watch... I might watch this every day to help with my therapy. Seeing what I do and why it affects me is a lot better than trying to change habits I don't know why are bad.
Leandro Santos
Que vídeo da porra!
The ironic thing is I clicked on it as a joke. And then I learned some things. Things I didn't expect to learn.
This is a little too familiar : (
This video is very damaging to the suicidal. There are people out there that have good reason to be depressed. Poking people with a sarcastic tone like this works for the LAZY and depressed BUT this tone is murderous to someone dealing with real, deep issues, that they can't help being immobilized by and judging them is the worst thing you can do.
TQuin TV
Why would you make this video?
Edit: video and footnote were inverted in watch later list. #understands
This is literally what I am doing with my whole life. Now I know why I'm so sad.
this is my life.
Whenever everyone tells me to get out of my Comfort Zone I'll show them this.
that feeling when you realize you have successfully accomplished all 7 steps and question how the hell you never saw any of this coming😨
esse ntial
Sounds like a personal message.
Grabakr Fen
Thanks for the tips, I will try to be the most miserable person ever.
Isabel Smith
"stay still for hours" i hear while i watch a video on my computer on my bed where i've been sitting in the same position for hours. like wow i feel so attacked
wtf nigga you want me to do the whole mkultra in myself you crazy bitch
Why is this actually how I think
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