WHAT'S EVERYONES FAVORITE SHADES FROM THE COLLECTION???? THANK YOU to everyone for watching this and I can't wait to see you all wearing it! XOXO
Kanra Ashley
Ugh I had to get family jewels and calabasas ❤️😭
Rachel Deadpool
I love ur look but why r ur eyebrows not fully filled in ????????
Jandy Lucero
You better work and Gal on the moon by Rihanna are a BOMB combo
Chowi Simba
Watching this for Black Friday sale
Samantha Harmon
Jeffree please do a complete zodiac collection!!!!
Lorna Beeke
Thank you Jeffree, am so pleased I have been introduced to your lipsticks and lip[ scrubs, and paying it forward i have introduced my mother and niece also lol. Absolutely gorgeous shades, I have celebrity skin, and will be ordering gemini, family jewles, calabassas and probably leo so far from watching your swatches, such a big help
Melissa Ali
Please make family jewels a permanent shade, it's so beautiful
I love thick as thieves! It's such a beautiful color for my skin tone!
Ali Misner
Bring back thick as thieves 😍😍
Lori Santiago
Jeffree needs to start making high pact glittery glosses!
lipbalm holic
I love your lips!!!!
Funny because I typed fenty look in the search bar & this video shows up. Don't try to be slick adding keywords to your videos, yet there's no advertisement whatsoever except your own brand. Dislike button.
I love your style and personality ¡hola! from Colombia
Luwana Medina
I freaking love all of them! I freaking love watching all your videos. your my fav!
That "IM SHOOK!!!" though XD
Majeda Parveen
I love the shade ' You better work ' 😍😍
Shae Spickett
Star sign collection would be sick I know u already have leo, Scorpio and Gemini but u don't have Aquarius, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Taurus and more love u jeffree plz do a Aquarius and make it funky like myself xxxxx
William Eck
Rupaul has said you better work a lot longer than you lol just saying. Even Gaga credits ru from the supermodel song which is 25 years old
Angelica Villegas
You should really get darker skin testies to try some colors ,no shade i just want to know how they look on darker skin
Almaas Bokhari
Please release more 'weird'' colours, the world has too many nude lips in it as it is. I want some more dark colours specifically. You have 3 light blue and only one dark blue!
Maria dominguez
blinx boo
Is there a Coca Cola lip scrub?? If there isn’t it would be so so amazing to have one in the collection.
Please please please make Candyass, Skin Tight, Star Witness, Birthday Suit, Thick as Thieves, Birthday Suit, and Family Jewels permanent! If not all of them, please make some of this collection permanent! Such beautiful shades!
Safa Boukhalfa
Im dying for
Shanon Guile
I could waitch you all day your a inspiration too all of us ladies
Milagros Darac
hi jaffree star how are iam fans of makeup
stop eating it!! so dumb. It's not edible look at the ingredients!!!
Please after you put it on stop talking for a few 15 seconds or whatever amount you think we need to see your mouth closed We are just used to seeing lipsticks swatched like that. I keep wanting to say shhh for one sec. I love Calabasas and the first one after it. I love berry shades, so if the first one isn't berry then I didn't remember berry well. what a dork i am!! I went back and looked and edited this, and found out the name after calabasas is family jewels.
Emaleigh Coreyann
okay i understand this is jeffree's collection but seriously how can he pull off every single shade?!?!?
LiLi Speaks
Where do u get ur nails done & how expensive is it & who does them?
Александр Захаров
Оно мужик или баба.Такое впечатление что на зоне жжоной керзой татуировки насильственным образом наносили
I just ordered butt naked and I'm honestly dying for it to arrive 😍😍😍
Ella 5809
i just ordered Crystal ball and I’m so excited for it to come I can’t wait
Korat Beanie
Omg… can you name the purple Caito after caito potato x
Eddy Ariyaee
Please do a zodiac Collection please like if you agree
I love the eye makeup in this video. Beautiful!
Дарья dd
You doing great quality products.
Kate Louise
You better looks gorgeous on you!
PhantomCat 713
I need crystal ball in my life cuz ima pale bitch
yan chenshuang
owned 6 of jeffree liquid lipsticks, love all of them!! i mean ittt!!!! redrum is my fave red lipstick! as a asian, i'm really looking forward to a nude matte lipstick for my skin tone. the shade won't make me look so yellow, just make me look more bright, having a warm tone! love you !
Elisha Rodarte
I bought Calabasas,Family Jewels,and You Better Work but I’m very disappointed that the colors are so bright on me.
On Jeffree they look dark and amazing like absolutely stunning and right up my alley but on me they are definitely too bright and pink I guess from my lips undertones.
Any recommendations to make them look darker on me?
Princeu Vic
i would actually buy those lipscrubs just to eat them
Princeu Vic
Can you make holographic products? maybe highlighter or lipstick~
Camila Barros
heyy what's up? where do you get you wigs?? i really wanna get some for the first time and i don't know where.. you could do a video about wigs and companys :D love you*
enrique cardenas
i want a tutorial on that eye look
Susanna Alexis
I’m trying not to spend money on makeup anymore... but I’m seriously about to drop some mad money on your cosmetics line 😭
Olga Romero
Jeffree can you try putting someone like a caramel or chocolate coler person cause we see it looks nice on light skin people but what about us darker shades .
lana valery
Jeffrey, can you please return lip ammunition summer collection? I wish to buy them!! Love the video
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