Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked

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Alex Jones has released recordings made during a pre-interview between himself and Megyn Kelly to set the record straight after the release of the highly edited promo for the NBC hosts upcoming hit piece. 
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M Krump
4:15 hahaha WTF she was so kind with you... what her political carrier? haha
V Saideep
Maybe that's what needs to be done to expose the fake conspiracists who think they own the world
wow all respect for her is gone lmao, two-faced snake
Why you always lying? Why you always lying? Oh Oh my gosh Why you alwaaaays lying?
uncle Ben
I wish you didn't believe some of this bullshit idiocy like 9-11 truthing. The government can't keep even the simplest secret, you give them way too much credit with conspiracy theories.

Your political stuff is great, you have fantastic people working for you. But I will keep being a Beck guy until you wake up about some of this nutter conspiracy bullshit.

That is why it was a big deal to Megan Kelly, because while you are popular af, 95% of America hears you are 9-11 truther and immediately writes off becoming a subscriber or big fan. It isn't a big deal to you, but to people who don't know you it is a huge thing.
am i blind? where are the actual tapes of the full pre interview and interview? I can't find them.
Fabio da silva
So owned Alex got
the view bitches need to be slapped in the face. all of them stupid show that needs to be shut down.
people wake up megyn Kelly is a bitch that lies and changes the truth about what happens. no doubt she is for killary most likely.
Purple Sword 3
megyn i hear has a thing for buffalo bills ex-running backs who wore #32.
L Devo
Sucking up and lyin through her teeth !!!
tjs Jesus Saves
The whole thing was a "gotcha"
tjs Jesus Saves
First of all...anyone notice she looks like Michael Jackson in his last days...Two.."people get very angry"..meaning the stagers were very angry and now you are going to pay!
Lanny Lanuel
The thing is AJ, I have not, nor do I now or will have in the foreseeable future any interest in what Kelly has to say. She is just a flea on yer ass trying to get a suck.
Joshua W
She is obviously full of shit, and her tone on the voicemail is primitively manipulative.
where is the whole uncut interview. i dont need alex to explain....i can figure stuff out for my self. but all the cuts in this post make it hard to recognize the context.
Edward Six
Slack Please
Professor Time
I wonder how much the Illuminati pays Megyn Kelly to be their Satanic whore???
patricio rodriguez
Stop blameing averyone and get some fucking balls and own it... asshole
anon one
she totally busted infowars! She proved you wrong theoretically and highlighted the type of dangerous crackpots you have created! Obviously she fed your ego to get your dumass to do the piece, rookie journo shit Alex! You must think your fans are stupid as hell if you think this pathetic so called 'leaked' response balances things out.... it's insulting and desperate. I'm shocked and embarrassed I ever fell for this crap. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Unsubbed!
Jennifer Griffin
Megyn Kelly is the posture child why we should never believe or trust a woman in the corporate media. They lie, lie, lie.
corey mac
2 million subs. Ummmm wow
wheelie4 life
were winning the infowar just gotta keep fighting for our freedom
Eli Cazares
Alex hold this L
Joshua Hoe
Did anyone else see the black eyes of James Alefantis?
Mr R
We have plenty of lying news reporters here in the UK just like Megyn, scum of the world, you should all check out how the newspapers over here hacked a dead kids phone to get a major scoop to mention just one instance
it was a total hit piece lol
Lol journalists, you mean actor
Lol Megyn Kelly should listen to the song by cold " suffocate" .. "i could take every fucking word you said throw it in you even care? " , "but you lie! and your fake!"
" I know what you do" wtf does that mean?
Lol how did she think she would just get away with it?
Lars Larsson
Alex, this is a chance for you to tell the people who you really are !! We already know , so why don't you tell us who you really are Megan Kelly ??? We already know though , but it could be interesting to hear your own version !!
Lars Larsson
Cut this poisinous snakes head of !!!
Steve Lantz
a modern day medusa. Perfect description
Lars Larsson
Iris Louise
who else thinks they fucked lol
Mark R.
Milking the only attention from the media you're getting?: Check!
Madelyn Mc Call
Alex you need to sue the Lying Bitch
Ginger OConnell
Did she know she was being taped? If not ...isn't that illegal?
pointing to sandy hook families as if that's an argument is illogical. it's not a dodge not to accept appeals to emotion. obviously the shooting happened, but if were gonna truly talk about what's real and how we know it, pointing to sad families is not how we know it happened.
megyn kelly is a snake.
Mike Enahoro
A real Jezebel
Brittany Martin
this is crazy when i seen stuff about the sandy hoax omg what parent is on camera smiling after their kid dies the next day
Eddy Herrera
Every life of the Human ben is in the hands of God not of the Human been.
Adam Nold
That's what she gets for leaving Fox News.
7000 people disliked this? Are they retarded? Or do they just hate the truth? x3
Lyudmila Seregina
Gоod vidео! Guys plеаse rate my hot video on mу channеl. Who liкеd this videо, cliсk "liкe" *)
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