benji doherty
stop whining alex.
she lured you into doing it. boo hoo.
Alex is NOT gay...what's the matter with y'all wtf
Idiot..why'd you trust the media especially a woman
Space Monkey
Never go full libtard
Space Monkey
Well she did say she was retarded so she kept her word
Agent Smith
She was obviously doing a hit piece on Trump through the connection to Alex...Two birds with one stone...Glad you recorded it Alex....she is pure scum.
Designer Pickups 100
Sandy hook was fake . The laughing parent ? Started getting sad right on Q I was in drama class I know what's up .
Frank Castle
Modern-day Medusa f**** hilarious
auhseylij Y
Listen carefully to the inflection of her voice.
Hen Peckley
Rock and Roll. Andrew Breitbart is fapping in his grave
Cynthia Speegle
Megan Kelly is a nasty lying troll probably one of the sick satanic pedophiles that kills babies so she can be on the deep state controlled main stream media. She makes me sick!!!
Jake Gee
You, you're the fake news. You spout false conspiracy figures.
Braulio León
She is soo hot !
David Hester
She's yesterday's news grasping for one last "hey remember me". She really messed up leaving Fox news now she's burning bridges. Trump said it best about her and that's all that really needs to be said. Good luck with the fake news networks. After her ratings tank she'll be on MSNBC next, if she's lucky they'll give her MadCows spot.
She is truly PATHETIC!! Love you Alex!!
Is youtube kicking your viewers off your channel? Because I was subscribed, not getting notifications or anything.
chris bleau
This says full interview leaked, but it's just snippets from a phone call he had with her.
Kirk Cross
Alex, if you can, I'd sue the ever loving shit out of that shill bitch.
The Alex Jone show
Whore whore whore hooker slut slut whore fake news whore whore hooker whore hooker whore slut slut whore hooker fake news megan kelly
A. Ray
Did you just use Muslims and robots in the same sentence? Well, I gave you a chance to hear what you think. BYE!
Lauren Piantino
Hoisted by her own petard. Way to go Alex!
Failing Devs 2017
Megyn Kelly pornstar ? lol
Zeafer Jones
Megyn Kelly represents what I hate about both parties wrapped in a bow.
Sea Level Cain
Megyn Kelly is a sham, she's a puppet for the mainstream media.
That part where he said he entered the labyrinth of the Gorgon cracked me up.
Rita Whitesell
No wonder people hate Megan Kelly
Ryan Hollon
Get FUCKED Megan Kelly Ur A Dirtbag Ass Piece Of Trash
Mrs Mac
She is awful really a liar...
alan artur demitrov fernandes
this guy is such a fucking nazi, she is not much better
Barry ShitCunt
jews did 9/11 though ......also megan want the a go on alex's cock
Brat Baby
I saw a video that all the houses in SH towN were paid off on Christmas
White Noise
Why isnt Alex the new host for FOX ??
Asrar Hassan
If I had a million dollar, I would bet it all on the fact that Megyn Kelly suck corporate cocks to climb corporate ladder.
Clubinbub 808
Kristi Li
She is a lair she tried to deep fry Alex !
gringo livin
Megyn Kelly: I promise, I'm not going to do anything that you know I'm gonna do...
Talking Head
Wow. She is disgusting
Like in home alone, she's a filty animal, SsssSssskank!
Zero Cool
...and people actually think that AJ & MK aren't cogs within the Zionist media Kraken; the name of the game is still "controlled opposition" via the "infowar."
Tommy Mclean
megan kelly is am emplyee alex is a self made man the difference between them is very wide as one does it for the money the other does it because it's right if your employed by anyone your there person you represent them or get fired but with alex its all been about maintaning the american peoples freedom of speach although yes he does sometimes go over the top with it but no more than the press do
Freedom Cobra
Why would he even do this? Fox News has like a million viewers, it’s dead
Search for : ' Why The Military Knows Israel Did 911 '
John Boyd
She's a modern day Medusa obviously.
zach daquila
Something u should know----------

What is the tribulation? The great tribulation will bring the greatest time of trouble ever to come upon mankind.

What is the rapture? The rapture of the church is the event in which God “snatches away” all believers from the earth in order to make way for His righteous judgment to be poured out on the earth during the tribulation period.

Why did JESUS die on cross? To pay the price for u!

How can I be saved?
Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved
Lying, two-faced skank!! When she says "trust me", only a fool would answer her questions.
E Wood
Megyn Kelly sold her soul to the devil. I used to think she was the shit back in the day. Now I just think she is SHIT!! 💩
Its concerning that people watch 5 women sit around and gossip.
Zach Hoffman
Does anyone actually believe this lunatic? he's been caught lying millions of times. You deserve to be treated like the garbage you are.
Marko Lovrenc
Well maybe i dont agree with some of the things that Alex says i agree with some but i have a personal grudge against the mainstream media so good job :) :) screw them
Davaid Humong
i love alex zones very much.
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