Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked

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Alex Jones has released recordings made during a pre-interview between himself and Megyn Kelly to set the record straight after the release of the highly edited promo for the NBC hosts upcoming hit piece. 
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Daniel Gonzalez
Modern day Medusa hahahaja!
Internal Dilemma
Alex could have said anything he wanted during that interview. I don't see how megyn did anything wrong. He made himself look bad and it had very little to do with the editng IMO
Gabriel Godina
I don't go to the news anymore. I go to the internet for leaked information. The news corporations are designed to edit the story for a certain narrative. Leaked information has no job, it is solely truth. If you want to be informed, don't go to corporate news information. Just look for leaks in real raw data. You will find truth there.
Ben Ellard
Megyn is full of it. Even if I didn't watch the interview, I could tell you she was attempt at buttering him to lie about him.
Jeez, it's so pathetic how she is sucking up to him, trying to convince him how they are the same and throws in the Larry the Cable Guy thing.
NBC= Nasty bitch c*nts
WWI WWII Cold War Info War
Roy Organista
Megyn must've shit her pants when she watched this
Matthew Bissonnette
I find the problem with conspiracy theories is that it creates a simplistic, simplified world view where instead of understanding that all the problems which plagued the world are informed by numerous and complex factors you simply blame those problems on shadowy, vague, unproven conspiracies. And that logic inevitably leads to the logical conclusion that any individual or group who has views opposed to your own easily becomes agents of these conspiracies.
Cody Jamison
Soooo, you showed the phone call, but whereas the actual interview?
Mark Cram
she is a backstabbing twisted witch
So, where's the full interview Alex?
Rob Bekesi
considering the lies that the government has admitted to in the past Sandy hook could of been fake, it's not that far fetched considering they never found nukes in Iraq and such.
Rob Bekesi
Alex doesn't lie. all mainstream media seems to lie like this. they are owned by the banks
Rob Bekesi
Alex always wins.
Tyler Pax
When it comes to the rating I guess Kelly will be "settling for less"
Linda Vee Sado
Interesting how now seeing her horrible character it shows thru and she is starting to look haggy
Haunted Knight
So glad this bitch left Fox.
Lito Save
All you had to do to know Megyn Kelly was fake is look at her crooked nose.
CWN News
Tyrants never win in America
Madeleine Whitly
Wow, what a double crossing bitch.
Buncha Phonies
2,078,606 reasons why she even talks to you.
Me You
So this is where the idiots of the internet group together...nice to know
ir.haveDiabetes z
what a media whore i bet she takes it in the ass for the big CEO and top chains of command
Nico Vastagh
Bruh why is there an add at the end lol.
Gilbert Smith
Megyn Kelly is a cunt but I'll still hit it
Shez so smart.She called.She got the interview.Exposed your mistakes.Went on with her life.
Chad Edwards
Hey Meg, take a look at Dr. James Fetzer's research on Sandy Hook, 9-11, Manchester, JFK, Etc... My bet is you won't report on what you find.
Alien Grey
Lied about...

USS Liberty
Aliens & UFO's
Gulf War
MK Ultra
Gang stalking
Hundreds busted at Pentagon with child porn
The Franklin Scandal
Aurora Batman shooting
San Bernardino shooting
Boston bombing
Sandy Hook (one dead student apparently died AGAIN at a Pakistani school shooting...)
Navy Yard
Government drug and human trafficking

What else...
Micah Harper
the way she got the story has nothing to do with what the interview was about and/or the legitimacy of it, Alex would not have agreed to do the interview if Megyn had been straightforward about her intentions. In the actual interview Alex dodges repeatedly when asked about sandy hook, presumably so he could spin it in whatever way he wanted after the fact, and Megyn, understandably, took that as doubling down. (Skipping over the ludicrous "Hillary is a serial killer" etc. B.S. because it hurts to even think about that level of stupidity) "I looked at all the angles of new town and I made my statements long before the media even picked up on it" does it ever occur to you that maybe that's because other media outlets have a process they go through before they spew out illiterate nonsense? I don't even know why I'm continuing to watch this I'm gonna leave now
6 million that number is VERY ommon for a massive number very thrown about number is that 6 million
Robert Brumley
Deceiving, lying, two faced devil bitch.
Sorry Miss Kelly but your new job will soon be known as your old job.
El Boobee
these people are 🎩💰🔯🐶🐮🐷🌎🌏🌍🍀🍘🐸🐺🐴
Kristopher Williams
she did her job and stroked his ego, got the interview.
Marving Gay
Kinda looks like to me she was phishing for sure.. But I dont feel it went the way she hoped as she was being ridiculed for giving him extra air time, her an her producers decided to go with the crowed.. For me though its hard to take either of them seriously each got their points, an im not sure if I understood Alex but I felt he said at times the way he acts is just an internet personality, says outrageous things to grab viewers attentions?
gur ruh
Kelly bent you over and gave you a good analing
Dañe Highfield
Because...PEDOPHILES! Nuff said.
EXPOSED! ahahaha
Murica Bobby
Just don't buy his products.
James Cloyd
Such a liar! Alex just stay off MSM
Floyd Pace
Would have been nice to see Kelly get a whipping but it sounds like the stripes are on your ass :-) Put it out with better audio.
So this was also an assassination on President Trump.
Deceitful, lying, Jezebel!! Megyn Kelly used to be able to hide who and what she really was.
She doesn't double cross. hahahaha She double crossed President Trump when he was still a candidate after the assassinating "debate question". Her question to Trump, the candidate, was a full front attack followed by a question. Not the same as a debate question. I don't know how people still don't see that.
Rock Climber
Anyone that says to me you just trust me, I know right away it's a lie. Simple Knowledge.
Rock Climber
Megyn Kelly is a piece of crap....... Pretty on the outside brown and smelling on the inside! and full of lies!
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