Official Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare – Absolution Trailer

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Take the fight to all-new locations in Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare’s latest DLC pack, Absolution. Play through a massive mini-golf park in Fore, the frozen inner city of Permafrost, an oceanic shanty town in Bermuda, and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3's fan-favorite Resistance, now re-imagined as Ember. 

Infinite Warfare Zombies goes back in time to the 1950s with Attack of the Radioactive Thing! Lead by Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark herself, our ever-revolving cast of survivors must save a small '50s beach town from a government science experiment gone horribly wrong.

Get Infinite Warfare’s third DLC pack, Absolution, first on PS4 July 6th:

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CYBRO2001 -Elijah R
I was gonna get this game but then i saw terminal was only a pre-order bonus so if i cant get terminal i wont even get the gamw i am gonna try out BF1
I played the game before and terminal is my favourite map
Korol Criteelov
New Halo looks fantastic.
Just bought the season pass, but where are all my maps? I have been playing lots of tram deatmach games but no new maps showed :(
Infinity ward should make an aliens invasion as next call of duty
Callum Macdonald
I love your great gun
Michael Di Stefano
Siete degli incompetenti
im on pc and i cant find players at those dlc lobbys and some times to even in regular lobbys payed 100 for a thing i cant play pure scam...
Ionut Ionut
Alvarado 2499
I would only buy this game for that Zombies map Elvira is amazing
abdullah minhas asad
abdullah minhas asad
Jeremy Scott
Modern warfare remastered still better then this garbage!
This trailer isn't 60fps ;/
Farrúh Tillaev
What's that gun @ 1:30?
Stamatis Super #4life
Good content for Call of duty Infinite Bored!
Hive Turx
Want to see cod vids, sub to my channel to see some great content
I just realised this all the DLC name form
S.C.A.R. like in the Campaign :

"S" Sabotage​ DLC 1
"C" Continuum DLC 2
"A" Absolution DLC 3
"R" R.......? DLC 4
Mazagangy AbulAzm
Attack of the radioactive thing
The radioactive what ?!
Horacio Sornia
STILL waiting for dlc 4
GHOST__ 1207
Funny part is sometimes in the trailer it is totally not like call of duty like that sniper part
which ones the remake
4arc GamingSystem
Buff THE trek50
[Leomon] TheDesten96
die maps sehen gut aus aber das spiel ist halt ansich schlecht wo bei der zomby modus ganz nett ist zwar nicht so gut wie die anderen aber ganz nett
Nishad productions
Get this game over with
Zoran Kingus
The trailer starts at 1:48 thank me later
Zoran Kingus
Why do bad games have good trailers and good games bad trailers...?
cool map themes
Oscar Gomez
This is the worst cod game i play including black ops 3
TheTechnoDrone 406Show
Not the best game ever but is not a terrible game
Garrett Martin
Fix IW zombies
Tony Wang
I'm hasn't All Cod on my Ps4 I just only play Bf1 because Bf1 was dedicated servers I can play Bf1 with lower pings in SouthEastAsia
Milo Hoekstra
I Think The Next Zombies Map Should Be In Transylvania Or Something Like That , It Would Be Super Cool To Play In Draculas Castle !
Rico hinojos
Not gonna lie, I like what they've been doing with zombies lately...
toxic gaming community.
Perseen Reikä Poliisi
Pc got this just yeasterday
Narrator: Attack Of The Radioactive Thing!
Andre: wut u no say shuf
Narrator: THING!!
Andre: lol u dumb milili
Narrator: Who's this dumb kid!?!?
Andre: me Andre
Ed D
Call of duty must given bethseda games a big fat check to use their content. Good job call of duty team
Nezt Tele
2:10 Lol sonova beach 😂
Gianni Vargas-Navalta
lol that zombies map title
Shanna Acres
Who agrees that the golf course is the best map
Obito Uchiha
the fishmonsters are to op (zombies)
Maria Cervantes
Who else scrolling while watching
Calvin CXV
The radioactive WHAT!?
When is it for Xbox?
Still trash
Mohammed Albasri
They should have made a GHOST 2!!!
Make some space related maps...i never really played this game by the way but i like space and fps shooters Xd
Brian M
Kickass COD!
new channel sub for weekly cod videos thank :)
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