19 Awesome Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks

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19 Awesome Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks

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Doobly Doo Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Braelynn campbell
if you got a pen you dont need to make another pen. its called commen sense
nathanpro Stokes
Who else came cause of thumbnail
When am I ever going to use this in my life?! Just use a fucking bottle cap and not some glue condom!
Chowder Polyvore
At 3:25 to 3:29 you will see an ANT .....HAHAHA
Hobo Chicken
Roses are red and I love a good life hack, but your just a retard who just smoked some crack.
A B C D E G......... Good job.........................."..................."
goku2nd Panda boy YT
Who here watchs the life hacks but never do it :p
Amari Davis
You coped all of theses
Reece Milne
Could you not just use a lid
Christian Hatz
more life crap, than life hack
Sara Tomeska
Olivia Butcher
What did he use to make the bottle cap?
p.s. I am 11
this is the most retarded thing i have ever seen
Faji Mazi
You are a big copy cater wearex u have copied all the hacks from 5 minute crafts plzz don't like her at all she had copied others hacks if u don't have trust on me then Tue HOT GLUE HACKS 5 MINUTE CRAFT only she some she had added
Mercedes De La O
I came for tha thumbnail I laughed so hard
Aquamarino e Minky RG
You're copying
Ana Fatima
my glue gun doesnt work that efficiently. the tip of my finger start hurting pressing the damn trigger
CokiepopC CokiepopC
3:15 what was that? a balloon?
planters hisar
We know these hacks , in every video same hacks only
Brooklynn bd
Hers a trick listen to the background song and think of any words really hard and it will make it seam like it's saying it! Comment and tell me if it works for you!
Donald Williams
What the fuck do i look like going i the store buying a pack of condoms for my kid to do these crafts
bets lữ bố sp
Hay chào anh việt nam
Kevin Esterling
Shakema Turner
cool hacking bro😎
GG's world
you copyed 5 minute crafts
Livia Dafiero
He has copied 5 minute craft
ティックス TIX
pou15234 yt
This is not goos this is so Shi*
Esteban Blancas
Esos te los robaste
Gurnard Herded
7:23 OH SHIT twj and all others come look he teaches how to make a shiv....

BigBoi Zach
Ohh I just love the taste of hot glue in my food 🤤 8:30
Georgia Smith
Why is this person copying 5-Minute Crafts?
...is dat what I think it is o it is A FUCKING CONDOM HOW MENY TIME HAS YOU HAD SEX TELL ME THEM: o about 1 or 2 me; wtf man WHO THE FUCK ARE YA MANLIKE RELLY WTF
Cowboy Candy
Why does this channel like condoms so much like not everyone's a whore
Cowboy Candy
This is all so useless
Gabrielle Sabino
Muito burro como é que vai tirar Esponja da garrafa de vidro 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Becky The Birb
GUYS OMG HES SO SMART! HE MADE A PEN! with another FUCKING pen this is why we are killing the earth slowly. Dumbasses like this.

He also thinks because I don't have an eraser that I'm logically going to have a damn hot glue gun in class. "Hm..I messed up. Let me just plug my hot glue gun up in class and make one. Totally not stupid."
Why the fuck does she/he keep usin condoms in the life hack like wtf
9:13 กระทิงแดงมาไง!!!
Ailen Negrete
Ay yut and put
Emily Lo
Ewww he/she used a condom
Kamikaze Gurll
ImTymek // Videos
Wtf is that thumbnail
Squid Head
At least it sticks to the tittle (unlike some people *cough 5-minute crafts cough*) UHHHH U HEARD NOTHING
it is true tho
Condoms, condoms everywhere. In my parents bedroom. The store. GLUE GUN VIDEO LIFE HACKS. Jesus.
manuel manotas
3:15 it looks like boobs
kiley gee
I do
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