19 Awesome Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks

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19 Awesome Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks

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Doobly Doo Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Grace Kimani
so relaxing!!!!!!
Kah Wah Yue
it will work?
miss Macraycray
Savannah Lynch
at 3:18 I shot myself
Mostafa Hassan
I would love to hot glue the face of whoever made this rubbish video.
people should dislike it and unsubscribe
youssef kharoub and marawan moka challenge
subscribe me plz
Connor Wells
the condom could also be used to make a dildo
Nessah Muller
why use a fucking condom are you lonly you fucker
everything is here I hope
Cool video some are cool some are wow funny and same are WTF??!?!
really? a condom? most random video ever.
Erin Palmer
dude. Just go to Walmart.
jen g.
what was the point of the lighter one??? lol
Rip Condom :(
fidget micsallaneous
Imagine if your mom came home and you asked if you can go to the store and buy a condom
Miguel Ortega
I oh wait I mean XF
Miguel Ortega
Thats what she said XD
Ashok Kumar
i like
I got the same phone lol
Hobo Chicken
Hmmm I really like this comment, but be social is scary... ah ha! I've got it "lol" fucking PERFECT
life·hackˈlīfˌhak/nouninformalnoun: life hacka strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way.
I see no life hacks here, only pointless crap from somebody who doesn't know the meaning of 'life hack'
endie Animation
wast hot glue just to put more hot glue onto hot glue so much hot glue
endie Animation
omfg stop with the condom
the awesome 132
Yari V
I though they where going to make a dildo with the condom😂😂😂
is that a k*n*o*??!!
youssef kharoub and marawan moka challenge
I have page the name is youssef kharoub and marawan moka challenge and a photo of Ronaldo
the one and only
Gizzy 14 gazza
my question is why does she use a condom? JUST USE THE CAP IDIOT!
Jea Barangan
love the video..... hate the music
What Happend
i don't think people want that i a water bottle
Dat guy 67893
Roses are red violets are blue hitlers coming I hid so'd you
5:37 couldn't you just use the pen instead of wasting your money and time on the stupid hot glue?
Y make a can when the bottle came with one
Patricia Medina
6:11 now how is he Hanna get the sponge out of the bottle???
Upper case Beaver
a lot of glue
Ryan Timmins
How r these life hacks there just things that u can make that r waist full to your money plus if u mess up your done and also he should stop using condoms and start buying balloons!!!
lord sylveon & mega charizard Y & S salazle
3:41... ew no, im not puting a condom I my water bottle
The Epical Narwhal Cat
He just took apart a perfectly good pen to make a crappy pen out of glue.
Nguyễn Hương
rất hay =)
Xrocked 65
Why don't you put the cap on the bottle not a hot glue condom
Every Other Youtube Channel
Otto Schroderus
Prbly very healthy to have a knife cover made out of glue when u cut vegetables or anything like that with it so it's prbly very healthy when theres leftovers of glue in your body
Cruz Bailey
Kid: can I make a homemade bottle lid
Mum: sure what do you need
Kid: a comdom
Triangle Potatoe
Using sex stuff in life hacks?!try not to cringe
Bank 2547
เป็นคนไทยหรอ ถึงเห็นกระทิงเเดง
PLZ Videos
No one can drink that glass if you use it.
rahul chandil
ghatiya vedio
András Virágh
3:15 what is that
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