Clueless Gamer: "Cuphead" With Kate Upton - CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Supermodel Kate Upton doesn't get any special treatment from Conan. Conan gets champagne and a live violinist for every Clueless Gamer guest.

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So much awkward silence. This is not good.
Brent Wiggins
Video games on the first date? For shame.
CJ Majorovic
Kate is so stupid and attractive, i love her
you can tell shes not playing at 2:20
More game less celeb
i dead at part with the champagne, he tiped the bottle too fast and it make him shoot foam out of his mouth. then tried to say it tasted bad lol
I bet she was more attracted to Aaron then Conan
Just Another Cellist
This sucks. She should not be treated this way.
Viv H
I don’t even think they were playing the game in this...
I wish i co-opted with Cup Upton too
Ali Bubba
Who is she, What does she do?
Heather Sinbela
This is gonna be good🙂🙃
John Smith
The clock's ticking on Kate Upton, she's almost at the end of her window
BT-7274 Pilot Jack Cooper
I really wanna have a physical copy of cuphead!
Umut Capar
Re do this.
Snolly Goster
This is how I actually found out what cuphead was
Super cringe. The joke is Conan is a sexual harasser?
I know I'm a perv for saying this, but at 2:20 Kate jiggles.
Robert Polzin
You keep using exclusive. I do not think it means what you think it means.
He's going to be so painfully bad at it oh no.

Great game though it's so much fun, but I'm stuck on grim matchstick
Jorge Vila
Exclusive to Xbox One
Laughts in PC
He was actually pretty good at cuphead
Justin Verlander is a lucky son of a bitch.
Paritosh Deshpande
@Cerberusarms She's better than you.
The Disliker
She is ugly asf
Lim LuChaun
Play warframe
kpro n
I don't think anyone told her conan was a comedian, very obvious jokes, just play along...
Henks Mintenegro
Not a jake pauler but when ever I hear kate Uptons name, It reminds me of Nick Crompton.Anyone?, Ok I'll go now...
Grey Plays
its hillarious how good kat is at this game
shame your racist how dare you play such a racist game get this video off and apoligize NOW
Antonio Salcedo
Kate Upton...... I never saw that coming
Jak Vokun-Sos
great bit
Watcher08121 345
How long until O'brien gets targeted for sexism? The people in the top aren't safe anymore.
Trevor Ketch
Everyone knows how much of a horn-dawg the Conan is (like the rest of us). If you didn't want to be objectified, then you shouldn't have gone on his show.

Kate, don't be a bitch and just play along. You ef'n bitch!
b( . )( . )bs
Most overrated game ever.
WOW... all these millennials (or younger) are literally taking this video at face value. What the hell is wrong with this generation? It's called comedy! It's a sketch it's a skit. The fact that someone even has to point that out is sad.
she is clueless alright about comedy that is, and about sense of humor
Sean Stringer
Can the devs release the game on PS4
Who is this ugly English looking bitch?
Boi it’s on pc
Jackets are cool
I expected more form Conan but nope. Trying to hit up Kate Upton instead of playing the actual game
Jone Mirant
bring back aaron only in clueless gamer!!!! no more celebrities, make clueless gamer great again!!!!!!!!!
george w kush
PS4 exclusives to look forward to: God of War, Spiderman!!!
Xbox one exclusives: lol this.
Why do I sense Conan will be accused of harassment soon. This was terrible.
Raul Alvarez
Justin Verlander you lucky dude! First, you win the World Series, then you marry Kate Upton!
She reminds me of my pet rock
This is GENIUS ! Kate upton is the “clueless gamer” playing “cup head” the girl with the nicest cups ever she’s clueless that this is a joke on her
John Diaz
I know she has a good sense of humor, I think she could've played this up a bit more. What a missed opportunity.
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