Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 5 Preview (HBO)

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"Bend the knee and join me...or refuse and die."

Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.

GoT stars Salary
Servethan Harputluoğlu
What's the name of background theme
Ulta_ prasaran
Khal drogo in Bollywood
Saleem Khan
Why can’t this be on Netflix ☹️
Артур Юша
Chloe Manchestor
★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★
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Music video of 7 season
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full episod ia here
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Raymond Joannette
It would be better to end this with a movie not a Season 8.
cool ! I also reacted to this episode ;)) check it out.
Dany is nothing without her Dragons she already lost one of them. She also has Night King as her Enemy. Cersei has the upper hand at this moment.
Leandro Gomes
game of trones o que aconteceu todos temporadas 7
Kate Haha
She's so full of herself
Servethan Harputluoğlu
What's the name of this theme?
Pablo chacon
It was fucking awesome
GO Gaming
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Shafaq Khan
Chand Bibi
I dont care if u r in my recommendations.i'm only gonna watch you when i have all the episodes
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Riya Mavi
Jaime: "Bronn, I am in debt to you once again. Perhaps this valor act shall have you rewarded with more than just one castle once this war ends."

Bronn: "Fuck that. Saving your life from that fire breathing fooker will cost you more than just giving me a few castles."

Jaime: "Well then, what could you possibly want now? More gold?"

Bronn: "A dragon. A living breathing fire-breathing DRAGON"


Bronn: "I wasn't done talking. A dragon, covered in GOLD."

Jaime: "Fuck me."

Bronn: "That's your sister's job, not mine."
Mr Six
In case you want some review :
Genuine question, which actor/actress will have the best post-game of thrones career? (excluding Dinklage and Headey because they had strong pre-GOT careers)
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Episode 6: The death now have a dragon and daenerys has a new nickname Dany.
Rederf Bug
Spoiler Alert... One of the dragons was killed...
Hans Wishbowl
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This episode was dope!
Ishan sharma
Horacio Blue Bottle
Who wants a girlfriend? Alright alright at a time!
Electric Horseradish
get episode 6 before i get banned!96ZFQCRb!zBPIM9SMql7-F9RZdVA2-g
That thumbnail's spooky
Prince Sheogorath
"Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die" wow, where did all that talk about freedom go dany?

God, I hate how D&D just butchered Danys character in these last two seasons, she's so much better in the books.
Gelrald Oldo
Dragons are gay.
Game of thrones is the worst tv series ever.
Inês Anabela
Have you ever thought about the size of the poop of this dragons?
mariam beridze
I'm just here for the dragons
Bilal Hussain
is it just me or this music is amazing?
Amin Kacimi
It Ain't Me
Asghar khan
plz watch my videos
Tony S
Benjen & Jon reunite. Calling it.
Michelle Arthur
Best part of episode 5 is when Tormund asks if Jon has brought "the big woman"(Brienne) with. lost in the serious moments he always adds much needed levity.
wow and people actually watch this crap?
Boby Gandhi
Ed sheeran singing "I see fire..."
Nishant rai
That look in the eyes of dany when jon said "they won't have to"
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