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At the request of my son, I make a Fidget Spinner and wanted to share this with you.
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darren chin
wow its so hard to make it its nice ! :)
Tania Biljoen
good job on the figet spinner
Daryl Pastor
dude awesome spinner you made there bro
Ty King
that is so cool
Gourab Deb
my precious
Gissel Ann Caban
amazing :O
Rengos -Minecraft & More
Nice work
Pro Monster
2 minutes
Worrior_Gurl 671
Whoever hates this is disrespectful this dad was kind enough to make a request for his son. Me personally I know my dad wouldn't do this, but I know he worked hard for his son to make this that I really sweet does anyone agree?
Itz Ameer
very good
toko besi
good spiner
Ron H
Banjo Show - A cool video and fidget spinner. Where did you get the two flat nut halves that you took out of the package at 6.09 minutes? And what are they called?You did a nice job on the spinner and the video.
You should probably work for Alchemy Gothic England , your red hot.
Jason Todd
awesome spinner but where to buy the items
Get your fidget spinner now here free included shipping ===>>
Signal of A Science
alyssa walker
fiscal possession constantly control release birthday
Stephanie S
good !!!!!!!!!!
Rafael Santos
fassa um pra mim? valor a combinar!
Cicl0p3 Maidana
Owais Qureshi
your hands are really fast
If you don't have that handy dandy deburring tool you can use a marble, bigger than the pipe, and a piece of sand paper. You put the sand paper on the pipe opening (grit down) and the marble on top and work it back and forth until the pipe is deburred.
Rosen Andonov
Fauzan Putra
Hay ar you miting seven
I would like to make a couple of these for some friends of mine, I bought standard skate board bearings and 3/4" copper pipe fittings and they do not fit tightly together, any recommendations on bearing size?
earle joseph3
It's wonderful to see that such a simple thing can still fascinate young people. Now we just need to figure out a way to get them outside and do something active,
Victor games
I love fidjet spiner
DIY Tech
Thats some serious hardwork
Anna Canimo
🇨🇦to the Phillienes to 🇯🇵
DIY - A Minha Bancada
nice spiner
Harrison Ahn
nice spinner
Dream Catcher
That is the coolest fidget spinner I've ever seen I mean it's AMAZING the coolest thing in the universe
Максим Белоусов
а какой размер подшипников здесь , кто подскажет ?
shadow run
thanks. nother project. see if fleamarket has
shadow run
didnt see the size.. so i know what bearings to buy! hmm. 3mm?
shadow run
i have lots of copper.. lol i use to make jewlery! maybe a spinner now> need to find those bearings. and that thing in the middle.
Shayaan Dawnack
who was the first men who found it the spinner
BienenTV spin me right round, baybee right round like a record baybe right round round round...
Joemar Hofileña
i want that .
Barnaby White
he is da flash omg mooond blawin hoooooo syyyyyt bra yaas
Michael Hassanally
can you make one for me
Michael Hassanally
can you make one for me
Michael Hassanally
so cool
Xhulian Musaka
Nice Kinetic 🙃
What size are the bearings and the copper pipe ?
Lucas Scaramozzino
minuto 1:09 la paja mas rápida del mundo
Maurizio Cattaneo
great job, congratulations !
Maggie Muggins
This, sir, is art! I am amazed. This is not your average $5 spinner. Well done!
Christopher Sanchez
I bet after making that spinner you had a metallic taste in your tongue.
Stigma Max
Superbe. Merci
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