ANC Live: How the lone gunman enters Resorts World Manila

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Footage from closed-circuit television cameras showed how the lone gunman managed to wreak havoc at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

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Love the hotel, it was great! Never realized they have a shit security.
Juan dela Cruz
LASCANAS at MATOBATO parehong UTUSAN lang. Sino and MASTERMIND? Yun and MAHIRAP kung ang MASTERMIND ang mismong dapat magpatupad ng BATAS. Siya MISMO ang pinakamalaking BANTA sa BANSA. Dinadaan na lang sa PAMBOBOLA at STORYTELLING A LIE.
RCWorldSchool Today
this smells real fishy
Dale Gozar
SECURITY LAPSE & POOR FIRE FIGHTING/DETECTION SYSTEM (SMOKE CONTROL)Resort world lonewolf (gunman/arsonist) did not directly intended to shot/kill people. He wanted to burn/destroy the casino but in the process he indirectly killed 37 victims. Yes we can easily blame failure in Security, but people died mainly because poor Fire Protection system especially absence of SMOKE CONTROL! SMOKE FREE ENCLOSURE vs FREE SMOKE INHALED (ASPHYXIATION)One of the hazardous situation that can be faced in a building is SMOKE. While fires themselves are often damaging, it is SMOKE that can cause the injuries & deaths. FIRE EXIT STAIRWELL are Smoke Free Enclosure (PRESURIZED ROOM), it protect and gives building occupants a clear evacuation route (as fast as possible) w/out much problem (e.g. smoke inhalation resulting to panic, chaos and eventually stampede). ASPHYXIATIONResort World COO Stephen Reilly claimed "fire safety equipment worked as it should do and the sprinkler system activated.""The issue we actually had was with the SMOKE, not with fire. Unfortunately, those victims suffered from inhalation. There is proper ventilation within the property. Unfortunately, a lot of it was a degree panic."People (Bobi Tiglao) usually think SPRINKLERS is enough to put out fire, and with no more fire, there is no more smoke? WRONG poFIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM(especially for high ceiling)Usually takes time to response and are individually activated, meaning only sprinkler heads directly above the fire will activate - if pendent is in contact with fire (pendent is heated then explode and spray water).FIRE EXTINGUISHERSSmall Fire (@ early stage) is usually suppress by FIRE EXTINGUISHER manually operated. But since the lone gunman fired a shot - nobody would dare stop the fire. Fire caused by GASOLINE is also very hard to stop and produce lots of black smoke/fumes (heavy concentration of carbon monoxide).Most effective is RED type (multi-purpose Dry Chemical) fire extinguishers than GREEN type (HCFC-123)SMOKE DETECTORS- is a device that senses smoke and can only activate (sound/light) the Fire Alarm Bells, Sirens or Beacons. It will never activate all the sprinklers.
eson sagsagat
anung silvi naman ng cctv nayan nakita niyo nga huli na ang lahat anoyan
Edmund Bajenting
HIGHCLASS NA MALL bayan or Hotel or casino.. PERO LOW CLASS MASYADO ANG MGA SECURITY. hay nako lord.....
Frederick Tuba
bigyan ng action agad kung sino yung nag pa self exclusion sa casino para masugpo ang pagka addict ng casino.kasi hindi talaga ma control ng sarili ang pagkalolong ng casino,may mental disorder na.Ang tanging sulotion ng addict ng casino ay yung i band nalang ang sarili kasi no choise,sana bigyan agad ng action kung sino yung magpa self exclusion....
Maria Fe Fortit
kakahangad ng maraming pera kaya naging adik na.wala ng kasiyahan puro pera na lang laman ng utak.
cge lang
amazing golgo 13
Why do we ever still need to use the term security e wala ngang security ! LOL ! Hire Trusted High Security or not at all! :) or dapat bukod sa no-Security Force ( oh and where is this Force? hehehe no-Force dapat ) , mag-assign na lang din ng at least 2-3 police or army na babayaran ng Casino as part of their security detail . What if real criminal or terrorist na nga?
aslamia Tatak
kung muslim kaya ang gumawa nyan? Gunman paba ang itatawag sa kanya o terrorista????
xtina bautista
Nagtitipid yung security agency nila kasi madaming guard ang walang baril kahit yung sa entrance wala.. Ganyan din ang mga guard sa mga mall tulad ng SM kaya napapasok sila.. Puro matatangkad at magaganda Lang ang mga guard dyan pero walang alam..
xtina bautista
Ang mga security agency dito sa Pilpinas ay hindi marunong pumili ng mga guard.. Basta maganda at matangkad ka pwede ka na sa mga mall at hotel.. Hindi nila pinag aaralan mabuti kung may kakayahan ba ang mga guard nila na protektahan ang mga establiishment na binabantyan nila.. Karamihan naman ng mga security training agency ay hindi naman talaga binibigyan ng sapat na kaalaman at hindi tinuturuan ng self defense ang mga nagtratraining.. Basta kumita Lang sila.. Bulok na sistema naming mga guard
Wish he didnt kill himself so we knew why/what he was doing. Just looks like he had something against the casino and wanted to ruin what he could. Didnt seem to really put any effort into the little gunfight, you can see him just casually let the gun hang from him before he turned back around to close the door
Torta Long
walang shower shower ang building?
Mark kuede
Why is nobody talking about the complete failure of the fire protection system? He didn't shoot anybody it was the fire which killed 38 people! So if somebody would have smoked cigarettes or cooked in the room and it would cause a fire also 38 people would have died! They should close that casino! A building without opening windows should have a sprinkler system and a smoke exhaust system to prevent such a situation! Obiviously none of this worked! And what about the firefighters? As much as I know they have trained people on stand by in case of a fire! The gouvernment should close the casino until they fix these problems! It is not safe!
In the news they are only talking about the guards who let him in. It seems they want to take the attention away from the real problem in Resorts World which is the fire protection system! I wonder how much they paid the TV stations to not even mention it by one sentence!
Fayne Callado
Joseph Benedict Pelipel
there really is a market for high tier security companies.
naomi pot
luxury hotel but poor in safety and security !!!
Lhea Bunag
Yun pong isang security guard nakita nya na palabas yung gunman kung saan kinuha yng chips hindi pa binaril tumakbo pa sya.
Mark Joseph Mallari
Jayda Diamond
its suppose to happen only in USA not Philippine :(
Justin Olitres
Astig nung gunman easy lg sya hahaha wala syang takot,
Jovelyn Nabella
isis po xa.nakita ko sa vedeo
Ian Fallarco
Well prepared I must say. But not smart enough to avoid precautions.
Arjay Cruz
he should kill himself beforehand to end his own stupid misery.. innocent people were killed because of his stupid vengeance.. lives were lost..
Angela Tan
cguro sa tingin ko wala syang intention manakit gusto nya lang sirain o kaya sunugin ang casino ang sanhi kaya naging miserable buhay nya
Filipino_Girly 300
wala ako halos makita ang labo!!!!!
John wick
this guy died a loser
so what happaned did they catch him or he just escape ?? Everone blame security but when people scream ISIS even security scare to get close to him he could set suicide bomb .
Bimboy Paras
yung unang security guard na humarang sa kanya tumakbo agad inilalabas palang baril!

kung well trained sana yung baka hindi ganyan ngyari! hayyssstt

nag security pa kung duwag din lang pala!
JTS 21
Good thing we left at 10:00 at night
Lucy Ashley Heartfilia
Is he a psychopath?
Fausto Ngo
he's out of his mind already,
he didn't carry his addiction in gumbling, he lose 4M pesos , and it ruined his life
thus he thought to burn that casino to revenge

i think he commit suicide there
rolando valdez
the used of cctv is to prevent not as used only as evidence
rolando valdez
BEFORE THE ELEVATOR maybe its an area in the carpark no security assigned , and he goes directly to the casino.. and what happened lady security guard was assigned in the entrance of casino .My God .. how come the people can pass not by passing in the lobby area.??? Do Im correct in my viewing at the cc tv camera, obviously its easy to go directly in the casino and lack of security personnel ?
top 10 badass anime characters
Zay MayDust
wait...foreigner sya?
Shane Ordaneza
he is crazy
kitang kita na ang security mismo ng establishment ang nag kulang.
Shane Ordaneza
where is all security???
I feel so bad for laughing at the narrator
arm lazaga
baka nag lalaro ng gta 5
Sebastian Png
security in casino was really lack,if someone had check on him,this tragedy could be avoid
darielle magana
was he caught?
Aristeo Nieves
haist ano kaya ginagawa ng security ng mga oras na ito?
clip load
some are screaming Isis Isis lol
Gian slayer
nasan na yung mga nagsasabi na terrorist attack daw ito?! nasan na LOL
aileen laurentino
I think depressed sya, pag depressed ka na never ka makakapagisip ng tama. Nakakalungkt lang ung nangyari, tas wala man lang nagawa ung security, tsk tsk.
jom_ aca
counter terrorist agencies will have to take alarm on this. terrorist might copy this style of killing civilian's
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