Conan Invites Himself To Gal Gadot's Apartment - CONAN on TBS

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Conan reveals his real reason for visiting Israel — to creep out Gal Gadot.

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Prashant !!!
There's a letter viral in twitter, from her ex friend how Gaddot was a cunning manipulative women , she hitched her friend , with her male friend, he raped her & gaddot blamed her friend bec of ur clothes he raped u , blah blah !
abdüllaziz möhamed
The only reason you came to *palestine.
Michael Patrick Wijaya
Conan is cringe
Hernan Cortez
She looks Mexican
Michael Patrick Wijaya
Conan is cringe
Go Home
What is so good about her I don't get it?
Viktor Vick
God sculpted her then ran out of sculpting mold on her upper body,
Nebur B
Porno vibes
Vamanos Pest
she isn't even convincing as an actress in this bit where she plays herself.
Joshua Allen
Poor conan
in full make up.. wow.. impressed.. imagine if she DID know cameras were gonna be there..
Mike Trites
I'm 90% percent sure this is set up, but I know Conan does sometimes do surprise visits and her reaction seems pretty genuine.
Zionist bitch
Jeyar Chardy
That's what you call a world record friendzone.
Nayops From Chicago
Well I mean who wouldn’t visit there bae
Pat Mitchell
Gal will you marry me
Why does she have a klingon forehead iam dissapoint
SaBi NuKi
Keep dreaming to have apartments like that in Israel.
anshul ahuja
that was brutal
Did u also kill kids there like israHELLi animals??
hasan hasani
i bet that place is stolen from palestinians people bitch jew
AG E-Ben
Is Gal Gadot Israeli..? Why I thought she was French.
Sumeet Kumar Yadav
She is immensely hot, beyond all levels of normal the comprehension of hotness
Jakob Huber
Danny SJ
Hands off the Goddess
Karl Gullinger
To bad she is an Israeli...
P Ferreira
It would have been that extra creepier if she turned up in a bathrobe and asking for oral sex and a massage.
samir ranjan
YoungBlaze Of Chitown
Wait... this isnt Amazon Prime?
Gary Grandy
Did Conan get tanned in Israel?
CozmicSaber's Opinions
the most beautiful gal on Earth ! my goddddd
Swapnil More
She is beautiful 😍
Alyssa Perez
Fraud whether musical button ride spread regardless precisely mutual investment.
Kolton Abbott
She is so fine. I'd let her tie me up with the lasso anytime ;)
Robert Mack
Dark Heart88
she's married to a rich business man... that's totally not cliche at all...
Abdul Baqi
What's so good about her?
Sy Goldman
Conan is so hilarious!
Apparently, one of Wonder Woman's super powers is called rejection....... interesting.
Yehia Abdelrahman
wonder woman would never do that
Rofl Conan is really good at acting stupidity
She is, how Dumbledore put it: "VERY pretty"
Amber Nava
anyone else notice how she starred in big movies but lives in an apartment? shows how humble she is. i mean if it's real but aside from that yes she's very beautiful. God spent extra time creating her 😍
Samantha Greenaway
Love this woman.
Mateusz Wojciechowski
She is so hot but she reminds me so much of my cousin. My boner is confused
Her triceps, goddamn it.
Everyone is just getting so annoying now obsessing over this girl.. shes attractive we get the point.
Kyle Flaa
That might have been the official creeper knock🤣
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