Top 10 Beautiful Moments Of Fair Play Penalties

Top 10 Beautiful Moments Of Fair Play Penalties

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This should be done more often.. :(
Lars Willems
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Daan Hermans
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Benedikt Meier
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Benjamin Ryan
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Henry Goodrich
how does a player scoring on their own net sportsmanshio
3:43 looked like a foul though, he went for the player not the ball
vincent citroen
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Nils Beck
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Reme Valdemorro
WTF 2:05
Craig Jarrett
Sadly this type of behaviour does not happen often in the modern game, too much diving for penalties. Anybody caught diving should receive a be sent off to make statement that it has no place in this sport.
Sadly however I even hear commentators and pundits almost applauding dirty tactics.
Mario Kipetchi
Ben Thatcher
Why is Miroslav Klose not on here from here he scored with his hand and ran up to tell the ref it was handball and shouldn't have counted?
Bro Man
3 Romanians ! Unkown is Cristian Sapunaru ! Clubs: Elche, Porto, and more clubs. remus danalache is romanian and lazar is romanian :D
Wee Jian Lee
This is why soccer is the best.
Ananth R
Sportsmanship is for the weak minded.
Ashwat Giri
As a coach I would only let a player do this if we were winning by a lot & there was no chance of losing the match
wait, i usually don't watch soccer, why do they do this?
The last ones are Cristi Sapunaru and Daniel Niculae from Astra Giurgiu.
lebolyon 69
The sound has broken my ears
Aashiqui Sanam
sprit of football⚾⚾
John Demetriou
What happened with Jamie Carragher?
Cee Didley
Why show this with loud annoying music, surely the commentary adds more to it??
cibino Min
nice clickbait thumbnail you fuck. shitty vid, no explaining and a little clickbait. perfect
BenjiThe Clasher
fowler still scored the pen
can someone explain me the jamie carragher one ?
Yaroslav Dolidovich
ска, как с таким качеством смотреть?
these players are stupid. i would never do that bullshit. the goal in sport is to win no matter what
Lp mit Moto
Nice Klick bait picture Art the beginning ....
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Félix David Mejías Grosso
I understand about 20% of what went on in this video.
Catur Butomo
untung bkn di indonesia
Aziz Larabi
You will never see C Ronaldo in this kind of compilation.
Richard Willford
That music EATS a hole in my brain!!!
prem jr
This is a great thing to do, but it just Makes the ref feel really bad
robertho mollins
porque siempre esa musica absurda en este tipo de videos. no habra alguien que cambie ese torpe estilo?????
jaylen green
corruption purple tough mount rather lake she technique noise shortly.
gali gang boy
bro and sis help me pz to increase my subscriber
Yung Wezy
I'm happy to see that this video was made with a banana peel
Milva Finavera
Di Canio?
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas
Jim Rohn Rules
yeison Yeison
4:00 unknown is me
pawlo k
horrible fucking music
Dina Karam
Biren king July just as life
Arpan Chatterjee Dos
##football respect
Lure AL
i did this on my team and i got kicked out from it.
حل مشاكل كومبيوتر
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