This should be done more often.. :(
Asset Ranger
Я на понял что Каррагерр сделал?
Loobens Lubin
Friends Tv
Thiago Messi Family ......
Maradona New Girlfriend.....
Cristiano Ronaldo's Son & family..
Shakira & Gerard Piqué's Kids 2017....
Neymar's Son & family.....
sotiris makaronis
Today I think that fair play died and all players are playing for the money😬😬😬😞😞😞⚽⚽⚽⚽
Dim Lampra
Wtf with omid ebrahimi? the penalty was obvious.
Great great great Spirit. . . It's a phenomenal character of Almighty. . .
john kim
I don't know why but Louis Suarez suddenly pops up in my mind while i'm watching this lol
Ines Daniel Stancu
Avem și noi 2 români în top :Costin Lazăr și Remus Danalache . Bravo pentru faiyr-play!
0:58 definitely WAS a HUGE PENALTY.
This video was terrible and thumbnail totally misleading
Ed McBoy
On those penaltys, the players could have tapped it to the keeper to boost the keeper's "saves" stats.
Flowmasta Flam
i wish i knew what was going on
Alexander GG
~WARNING~ Cancer Music!
Mister Brown
Israel child murderers GO TO PRESSTV.COM YALL
Marius 3rapp
Costin Lazar - Rapid București /România
Jussi Lavento
Liverpool guys. Tells you something doesn't it? :D
virginie det
Mike D
Because a real man doesn't want to win by a bad call
I am
This music sucks
Lee Jones
That music is fucking terrible
Alex Matteo
Alex Matteo1 hour ago
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udit manral
WTH @2:05
Roby Lazarus
Great vid..Thanks for sharing.
Artic Cola
חחח בטאמבנייל יש דגל ישראל לייק מי שישראלי
NJ Vlogs
I like how he didn't know there name so he did "UnKnow"
Mr. Pee
why is every video filmed with a toaster
Alberk3 Pool
finn de smet
seventh log treasure need grandfather according sugar enough superior.
It's impossible for one referee to manage all that field over 90 minutes, in many cases the Referee is far removed from the situation and makes a wrong call...
hessen pop
Hola, Buen video.
Les invito a jugar un juego 2D Onlinne llamado TDP4 el link ↓
Denis Kipkoech
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
try to imagine Sergio Ramos doing something like that:D
Einar Johansen
Im curious, How is the first one fair play? if it was a penalty, then its stupid of the goal keeper to complain that much, its his own fault for geting a red card ( If it infact was a penalty and not a dive ). And if it was a Dive, then it was not Fair play at all, since the player who dived does not protest at all, you can see him going to get the ball to take the penalty. If you see the longer clips of this you can see that the player in white dosent really intervine while the players talk to the reff and the keeper gets both his yellow cards.
please like my facebook page :p
leo gachechiladze
Why always this fucking Techno shit music
SamGaming And More
Dece sunt aproape numai romani ? :)) Costin Lazar, Remus Danalache, Sapunaru and Dan Niculae (Unkown) Sper ca nu am gresit
You Are romanian ? :))
petre nenciu
3.55 - 28 01 2017 Friendly match betwen Astra Giurgiu and Pogon Sczeczin . First C. Sapunaru from Astra , second D. Niculae are sending off the ball !
James Preeefy
Floppers should be penalized. Throughout highschool i never understood flopping, if i got tripped or tripped myself i would do a little roll right back on my feet to keep going and fighting for the ball. I hated the day my coach told me to "sell" a fall, that just wasn't me and not how i wanted to win.
Last one is Cristian Sapunaru (RO) at his ex team Astra Giurgiu (RO). That was in a friendly.
Carlos Duarte
I didn't get Jamie Carragher's one
True sportsmanship
Shit music you choose to play
Jani Rantanen
why this shitty music?? In every one of your vids..
Timon van Buskirk
Alternative embrace swear critic function frankly lack pack democracy that envelope medal.
sportsmanship v money. well done to all that played fair. it only a sport.
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