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We visited a legendary restaurant in Taiwan! A 72 hour mutton hot pot! Buried under ground for three days heated in a walk in furnace with rice hulls! One of the best meals of my entire life! Make sure to check it out and follow me on Instagram for updates! 

Hey there, my name's Luke Martin! I travel in search of local Street Food! I am always on the lookout for the best most unique hole-in-the-walls and tasty Street Food snacks! I am currently doing my best to document as much of the local Street Food here in Taiwan! This usually sees me spending lots of times at the popular night markets, as well as the super local morning markets!

I've eaten Street Food all around the world! You can see my videos on Street Food in Japan, Street Food in Hong Kong, Street Food in Taiwan and Street Food in Malaysia!

I post 2-3 times a week mostly food, some travel.

Music by Jazzinuf and DJ Quads


2017, Gordon Ramsay, Taiwan Street Food, Taiwan

Luke Martin
Hope you enjoyed watching this master prepare a delicious mutton hot pot! Make sure to check out my latest street food video in Taiwan - and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. Follow us on Facebook - and Instagram -
Crystal Rosa
The mater almost made me cry he’s sooooo sweet I love him 😍 I wish I could give him a hug
Dude your a fucking Clown How the fuck is this risking his life? No one does this because There is a thing called a pressurized slow cooker. Does the same shit half the time It looks like what my meat looks like in a slow cooker. No wounder you have 1k dislikes I am not a troll Id same it right to your face Click bait and your a fucking dork! Shit Head! This is why nerds get bullied!
The New Seorarek
"let's see....there's quite a bit of bone here, we'll suck some meat of for sure"
Eldo Zulich
Wait so im confused why is it dangerous to make?
Liam Newman
10:39 that guy needs to clean his kitchen though.. Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares would be flipping out on that grime 😂😂😂😂
Mary Brantley
Amazing , watching the process of how these meals are cooked and presented. Thank you.
Dunn Arante
Awesome video! Also...what's the music you used? Loved the music as well :)
Lithian Haim
Sorry kids but this is pure BS. He could get same/better result (more accurate temperature regulation) in an oven, and pretty sure he knows it juts wants a show for gullible tourist kids. You can do this dish at home anytime if you are patient enough. Risking life, lol :)
Billy Appel
Hahaha he's all it cost a billion dollars but don't fret. Ya in monopoly money lol Taiwan dollar= .033 usd. The 1200 is actually like 40 bucks. I would of paid 50! And I'm not FUQN around
Jazy crazy
Now I know where "The drunkenmaster" comes to eat. :)
unknown unwanted
traveling the world and trying different food is one of the best jobs.
Kanan Biswas
Alec Trebek
Are you a fucking sick fuck or something?? You're sitting there acting like this just looks excellent, when it looks GROSS AS FUCK!! And I'm sure it is too. Work and dedication aside, that's some gross shit.
conspiracies are just great stories
Man, how corny and cliché is this? People who go around eating street food and claiming it's the best ever...seems like every person who can eat and travel wants to be a food critic. Anyone got any accolades?
If the fallout series would be real he would be rich with all that bottle caps
Andrew Isaacson
3:12 i didnt know they had aluminum foil in 600 a.d.
Kong Clone
WOW he it a super master
yehya geez
wounder how his paycheck be looking
Jennifer Walters
One of my favorite video so far #TheBest 👍✊
edward starling
Use a stove dumb fuck.
Danny Dircio
Someone came make this video sound gay and wrong. Prepare to get memed
ujjal chetia
warriors food
cade 2065
Intro: jazzinuf- sunflower samurai
Stephen Needham
People will eat anything when they're hungry enough. I gotta go hurl.
The hopes that an apprentice can carry this on I am willing to do it only one condition after mastering I will make changes to the protection and if I can do something with today's tech.
yeah, that dish is killing him. chef is only 22 years old
Doom'sGalaxy 404
I'm pretty sure he doesn't have to"risk" his life for this but tradition is tradition
This was very interesting and unique. One tip is to show us more of you enjoying the main dish and star of the show since it was the main reason for the video. Loved the video as it was well researched, presented and edited. 👍❤️
java monster
Anthony Bourdain eating sushi made by a 93 year old sushi cheff in that under ground subway in Japan and this dude right here are the only people I've been jealous of.
Dillon Medrano
How in the hell did he risk his life lol
Aunty Keli
That oven room is scary.
This kid looks like a rapist.
marcus trenkelbach
Omg this is so delishes
Sousuke Aizen
Is that sulfur?
This man has Konfu.
Start a gofundme to get this dude a crockpot.
Raine OShae
this is definately on my bucket list..
Oasis 514
dum name for this video
Where is the dangerous part?
Magnus Error
I saw this and was like I like this style of cooking. I looked up some recipes and made a similar dish using my forge furnace. Came out very well.
Simon Danielsson
Damn, when i tried this i could only make it in 1h, hes a good slow cooker!
Christopher Jacobsen
Obviously the meat is going to be tender and flavoured when you cook it at 1000 degrees inside a sealed cooking pot. You're basicly melting the fat from the meat at that temperature.
Why did he have to wear a gas mask
Stu Miller
So, $80+/-. That's a steal. That recipe deserves the respect of PRICELESS. Great vid. I'm starving. I wish I had smell'o'vision on my phone. Thank you
Gaery GintingS
It must be real delicious. I wonder how it tasted.
Benjamin Small
15:17 umm yeah its been cooked over 72 hours. even an 8 hour roast will do that to any meat. Have you eaten slow cooked meat before or?... lol
peter krawczuk
you are a knobber, where is the part where he risks life ????? typical yank, big mouth , exaggerating stuff
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