Close Encounter - SNL

Three people (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Ryan Gosling) share very different stories about their alien abduction.

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can someone explain to me why people find this skit hilarious?
Elliott Nolasco
Yvette Smith
Lhh!!! Wrapped up in a blanket of love!!!
Sirius Black
why is garbage in my recommendation
Dianna Wilson
Can the aliens abduct Trump? Please!
Shanna Sweger
3:34 was the best
Shanna Sweger
Ryan breaks at 2:26
Francisca Brites
Hilarious! xD
Ruben Brouwer
disability repair democrat weakness artist counter lead regulate worker future.
Scott Wilkins
All the sexual misconduct stuff lately, then this! CLASSIC! SNL wins again with twisting the worst of us and making it sick and funny at the same time. No disrespect, but if you didn't laugh, you need to re-examine your personal values....
Owen Graziano
Watching Ryan Gosling try (and fail) not to laugh was the BEST
Can I have a joe? Can I have a joe? A joe?
4:08 "He's Cryin'" I love how she had to ad lib an excuse for Ryan's laughing XD
Can I have a joe? Can I have a joe? A joe?
Even Bobby Moynihan is cracking up
Can I have a joe? Can I have a joe? A joe?
Aidy can't hold herself together XD
Catherine Foy
I have seen a lot of SNL sketches and this one is by far my favorite
Sophia Gibson
I watch this EVERY Single Saturday Night.
All Day
This was lame as shit...she trying so hard with her kegs spread a matter of fact snl hasn't been funny in years....i guess only liberals get it
Nate Marks
I feel like Kate felt bad that Ryan couldn't keep it together and tried to comfort him at the end.
Samantha Fisher
Uh oh! Keep it together guys! Lol
Marty FreeSabbath
The acting is amazing... I would cry tears of laugh
Emmett Battle
Ryan breaks so easily and I love it
Derrick Gerstmann
I like SNL. I do. But they bother me with their topics sometimes. Like. They make light of really serious issues and I get that it's their job. But they don't come out with an official position after. This leaves real victims in a really tough predicament. It makes it seem like it would be a joke to come forward.
I watched this video a while ago in tv. To find this sketch I had to type "snl knocker stuff"
Sounds Great
John Dean said that he was the "Desk Officer of the Watergate Cover Up."

The media acts like Watergate was the biggest scoop of all time. The fact is, if it wasn't for 3 sharp, off-duty cops, nobody would have ever heard of Watergate.
Paula Deanne
Kate McKinnon is my spirit animal.
Brian Scott
kate is killin it...
"Man, you go screwed!"
"Oh, you think Todd"
Dana Cote
Has anyone commented on how this character is a total knockoff of a madtv character?
david coyne
K.M. is a God.
Midnight Overlord
Sans the Rocker
Lol is that cigrate Dude girl Tina fey
James Phillips
What's great is they're about to lose their shit!
Lisa Marie
Why are they all manspreading? 😂
Alexandria Z
Was she (Kate) actually smoking?
B Noble
I go back to the beginning; Belushi, Ackroyd, Chevy...but this sketch rivals all those!
Ellis Marcelle
Gosling can't contain himself, LMAO, and neither could I!!!
Ashley Nicole
this and more cowbell will go down in history as the best snl sketches
Calli Burgess-Fritz
All time favorite from any comedy skit!
talile ali
Kate McKinnon rules comedy! Period! Laughed so hard damn near pissed my pants!
This is hilarious and you can‘t even see the best Part when Kate McKinnon grabbed Ryan Goslings butt 😂
Isabella Stolfi
I love Stranger Things
Chance Webster
sorry didn't get the joke. was it her story supposed to be sad? where's captain obvious when i need to save the day?
Tobias Ellingsen
stick ride bother apylgfv particle steady artistic aside sequence event express
john collins
My cute cute and my prune shute😂😂😂
Every time I go on an SNL video binge I HAVE to come back and watch this video at least once. One of THE BEST skits of all time!!
Olivia Rivera
Cable Vamp
Fucking Kate. She even makes the other actors laugh too hard.
Mirsad Kujovic
his troubles start wen she said wao what flour ware u guys on... that is the moment he new he was in trouble and he tried to control laughter atack
Neil Mitchell
"prune chute" ah that's gold.
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