WONDER WOMAN Comic Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot is breaking records and it inspired me to finally be doing another transformation on my channel!! Today I’ll be transforming into a pop-art comic Wonder Woman, perfect for Halloween or a theme party! I hope you like this look, so let’s grab a snack and enjoy!

Original look created by Shonagh Scott » https://youtu.be/X2oT6x6TqNQ - however Jordan’s video inspired me and taught me exactly what to do! » https://youtu.be/nLSqD7c3_OU

▷ Have you seen my previous video? KYLIE COSMETICS Koko Kollection - Review & Swatches » https://youtu.be/O1ex4YMXDEY



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Corinne Watford
I hate they way she says wonder woman but love the make up ❤️
Nelvie Howard
It looked like she wasn’t wearing any clothes in the big begging....anyways the vid was great and I wish I could do makeup like you Niki but I got no talent lol😂😂😂
Jessica Jae
This doesn’t look like real life 💀
Moxie Gruetzmacher
Pretty good
Moxie Gruetzmacher
U look like u stepped out of a comic book
Kathleen's Simple World
sub to sub anyone?
Isabella Lorena
Kota Grace
"Now comes the trickiest part of this entire eye look, we're gonna creating a new inner corner-like this!"
😂I'm dying! Nikkie, you got me rolling 🤣
So many parts of this video made me laugh, you are very entertaining
Bianca Vilarim
You're the wonder woman
Julia Ritter
Love ❤️wonder woman
Rosa Merjil
QUEEN of makeup👑👑👑😘
Rosa Merjil
I lovr you so much nikki you are awsome 💙💜💖😙
Dikke Besties
Jenna Hermann
a ret lip
April Jane Vegas
You're soo good madame!!!
Alex Collard
do superwoman
Doll Wolfy
I'm 11, and I use a brush for fondation, and it isn't streaky. 😌😎😋😅
You're amazing
Kaye Hatsuimono
I love this. Well done.
SMaureen Moore
i love Kylie's blushes so much! I really love the peachy ones she has. Also, if you are as pasty white as me, a peach blush looks really nice on fair skin.
Huhu K
Who looks better Nikkie or real life Wonder Woman I think nikkie won u should be in the movie u f absolutely gorgeous
EMILY ?????
Amazing❤️ and who els also thought she wasn't wearing a shirt 😳
Haylee Clark
i haaaaate brushes too! ☹️
Susy Zuniga
Arianna Martinez
Nikki- Ugh I will never be a perfessional
Me- i cant even do my makeup as good as you
ludmilla soares
Love LOVE❤
Brent DeGray
This looks amazing! I'm totally going to do a comic look next year for Halloween.
Reema Makeup Toys
I love your tutorial I did wonder woman tutorial just because of you Nikkie ❤️
Annabelle Jones
My friend said you were a boy. Then I said BITCH WHERE?
I neeeeeed wig details!!!
tayla souza
you are so beautiful
I saw ihascupquake do this but I can't decide which is better

you both are queens
She's beautiful
Arya r r
subscribed for this nikkie...😍 loooooooooooved it💗
JoshsCindyLou aka TwinnyTwinMom
SUBSCRIBE to my channel, JoshsCindyLou aka TwinnyTwinMom
Carmella Dee
a cool username
Makes a line huh
makes a second line HUH
Lizzie Graff
I just did this for Halloween!
Kitty Carpenter
This is honestly incredible!
Dawn Miller
Love this <3
Nicoline Kongsted Hybel
I have to sub, RIGHT NOW! <3
leticia alves
She’s so beautiful idc idc 🤤😍 you slay queen ❤️
Temporary Bliss
Hanz killed the pop art look
Mrs Beauty&Brains
Wow so amazing 😉 you have such great skills on explaining and doing great makeup. Awesome video 👍🏻
Jess Leary
use a more dense brush for streaks!
Has anybody noticed that in these tutorials the makeup they use, you don't have it and i feel like they know that😢
Tatyane makeup
Eu simplesmente amei seu jeito de passa base 😍
India Rae
Yup, still my favorite video 4 months later!
Gisselle Cervantes
She is so good
Lauren Bowman
October 2017 anyone
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