This Giant Box Just Showed Up...

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Unbox Therapy
Becoming the "Sound Trooper" -
Edwin A.
It's a phone, worst guess ever!!!
Meow Hiicat
Its Something
Zsolt Bagdi
i guess is something cool in there
Will Brown
Whats in the box?: Lou's gift to Jack, a private stack of Analbea... Beaded Bracelets.. O_0 lmao jk, Sorry Lou, you're the best love the videos lmao xD..... Holy shit, thats an awesome Storm Trooper Helmet!
Blob The King
The Giant Box!!!!
good look lew
eljun pacilan
that's a cool audio stuff or something that is very expensive
Richard Garcia
Why does Kyle sound like Reinhardt
AdamDoesFnaf 2.O
Amanda Patterson
Anas Farooq
It would be a unbox therapy laptop
Ayesha Masood
yeah some thing i cant afford😇
AIDEN Pearce
I think it is a bluetooth speaker
Hugh Adams
Jeremy Morales
Can you please do a review for the Braven XXL Bluetooth speaker?
Icrosedtheborder Legally though
shit ton of pron magazines?
Joe bob
Foldable sex android.
kreechr bw
Box of iPhones
Tommy LI
A dildo
i think it should be the new look
Logan Kajfasz
The iPhone 10
FaZe SalRage
I didn't cheat I just looked through the comments;/
Mujtaba B
I think its a giant potato
Hanan Ali
Your mom
David Gomez
My dads Love.
Derpy Gamer
yikes my name is jack
Arjun Gautam
Super security smart phone.
some headphones or a speaker? I'm guessing
Keegan Anderson
Anybody else notice something horribly wrong with this thumbnail?
I actually thought helmet but was like "Nah. Very unlikely." so I didn't write it. Fuck me
Pro Farmer 89
That is actually a storm trooper helmet not a death trooper helmet
Clara Veronika
damn it looks so cool
something related to star wars maybe?
Isaac Soto
A bomb 😂😂😂
Aaron Burley
Puts on a Kylo helmet and does a Watto voice.
Harsha Amula
my guess is xbox, or a ps3
Skull Spyder
4:14 yeah I guess they are from Star Wars (check the box)
priethviraj thapliyal
one plus 5
The biggest fucking Bluetooth thing in the fucking world
plz the song at 3:30 name ????
Cris the Boss
Jr. tEch
playpad maybe ?
Carlos Verdugo
Alex Jay
It's a death trooper Helmet with an aligator finish. Saved you a pause. Thank me.
Vincent Eck
maybe some phone cases???
Abid Chowdhury
My guess is a machine that makes something
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