Mosul: Fight against ISIS from the sky in 360 video - BBC News

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Extraordinary BBC footage allows you to join the pilots of the Iraqi army as they fly over Mosul, fighting the militants of the so-called Islamic State. BBC journalist Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard from BBC Persian spent a week on an air base just south of Iraq's second city. They captured the conflict as it has never been seen before.

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J Martin
Wow. Wasn't expecting it to be such a vast city.
Riku Forsström
Oh cool, they´re showing video of shooting something. BBC greatest EVAH!?!!! Face-palm
Potate -O
What game is this
vangellis stamatiadis
really great footage, and very informative. what camera/combination of cameras did you use?
BBC may still be shit but this is ground breaking.
Будете выебываться,мы и Белый дом расхуячим!
Thegoldengamer //tgg
Curse this camera I wish it crashed
buster STIG
dan sayer
see that red isis held area they highlighted? why haven't we just bombed fuck out of it?
El John
the Iraqi people have suffered enough man this needs to end
Too all of you Islamophbics idiots. ISIS main target are Muslims, 93% of their victims are Muslims . the Iraqi military who are fighting ISIS are Muslims. So before talking shit understand what's going on.
Murat Khudaybergenov
Isn't it the helicopter that was destroyed by American and British jets ? Helicopter has Syrian flag.
Wish they fired rockets...
Losers harmed in the making of this video.
Elvis Taylor
isis leader why now iraq has more arms advanced than you think
Clint Emmerik
was that a heli of the Dutch commando troops?
Bank Sinatra
The view tripped me the hell out hahaha... So badass!!!
Throwback Gamer
360 thing didnt work for me
Emanuel xeg
best usage of 360 video I have ever seen. gj bbc
Ben V
awesome! Would be even cooler if I could zoom in myself
thats a dutch heli. not a Iraq one
4:50 Thats alot of shells falling down into a densely populated area. From that height, what would happen if one fell on a person?
Frantz Pierre
END WAR ☮🏳🕊✌
Serafettin Kaya
You create isis
You sell them weapons
You fight against it ...
And I believe in that
Sam Blanchard
We are in such a transitional part of History. I've just been sat at the top of my stairs, with my TELEPHONE moving around with a 360 degree view of a war zone. Sensational
Herman Moore
Thanks for the advice - the quality is waay cooler now
Should just nuke the whole place
Omid Yaqubo
Wow this video is. Very clear thank you first time I saw Iraq looks like plane
secret name
omg whos that very beautiful girl
Dylan Youngs
Hey mom 20mm casings are raining today
Nick Bowen
The moment war becomes late night teli
Raheel Pervaiz
Murder the civilians good job.
justin beleski
love it
Alex P.
UK is a terrorist supporter country; fuck you BBC fucks
Hammer H
that's no Apache that's for sure...looks like a flying WW1 one plane
Microsoft Regime
New battlefield looks great
Just Meme
>"Objective B has been lost to the enemy"
>Respawn in heli
>Take out two campers. Receive some damage.
>Return to base so you can exit and use the burning repair tool.
>While repairing, some idiot steals it.
>No other vehicles around. Have to jog all the way to East Mosul.
>While jogging, ISIS lose match.
>Have only 2 kills.
>Get only 1 ribbon.
>Why do I even bother?
is it normal for 360 vids to have not so good quality?
Victor Somma
10 seconds in to the video: am i high wtf?
After checking title: AAAAH, this makes sense....

If this is in Mosul, it is in Iraq. Then why does the title says ISIS? Shouldnt it just be IS, since this is not in Syria?
the islamic state is just an overt manifestation of a cancer.Many other islamic states popularly called republic are liberal for time being.Ideology is no different.They will do in future what isis is doing right now..stopping appeasement of such so called republics and forcing them to mend their ways to become a part of civilized world of modern times is necessary.
abmierdal rahmat
who is terorist? lol
Mekong Giant
Just wonderful.. man.
While you were reading this I stole your memes
Was hoping they would use the rockets
Sasuke Uchiha
Max Beckman
wow i dont like the terrorists but seeing people get killed in 360view is very entertaining. wtf is wrong in the world
VR 360 TV
This will show how bad war is, not glorify it.
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