Mosul: Fight against ISIS from the sky in 360 video - BBC News

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Extraordinary BBC footage allows you to join the pilots of the Iraqi army as they fly over Mosul, fighting the militants of the so-called Islamic State. BBC journalist Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard from BBC Persian spent a week on an air base just south of Iraq's second city. They captured the conflict as it has never been seen before.

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Just Good News

I cant imagine a single brass just knocking me in the head while sipping tea at a restaurant.
Murasa aoi
5:25 the sky is so beautiful
Luda glista
Nice graphics. Whats your PC Specs?
Ali Bah
Un châmeau volant
Redwolf Holiday
Which one I better Havoc or Apache?
Gurson Gurson
Wow this is the firsy time i am watching 360 video and its awesome
Wot Blitz
Well maybe this video is high-tech or whatever, but someone said something about it to me that struck my brain . So I have a question for u BBC News, that does this video pollutes youths mind? I need an answer ASAP.
Curry Rice
This. Is. By. Far. The. Most. Coolest. Thing. I. Have. Seen.
does anyone think this guys voice sounds awfully like Danny the guy that plays Wheatley in Portal 2 and Shaun in the Assassins Creed series
The MockingJay
This is awesome thanks bbc
The bird at 6 o'clock came up fast and then peeled off.
1k isis fighters didn't like this video
Bianco Officiáll cz
Fake news Bullshit BBC
This makes taking a shit so much more interesting
West 01
Что это за помойка ?
Jaaweell l
I'm literally rotating in 360 while laying down trying to watch this video
Herr George
You could've used a higher quality camera.
Sunrise America
Is that a six-barrel gun?
Drop some Samsung refrigerators, because they are AWESOME
zick Kakashi Lopez
Kevin Alba
this is amazing on a VR headset
Dhar Dhir Druha
Soon this will be the future of Canada, Sweden, Germany and Britain... The mass jihadist muslims immigrant they take to their country soon rise up in numbers with their 7 wifes with 2 dozen children.. First they will hijack the government and then impose Sharia law.. Which follow lead by rape and brutal murder of non muslims.. This is the Future France is voted for this is what Canada is welcoming this is the fire Germany and Sweden ignited to burn their lands and civilization...
People are no longer believing your lies for fictitious Wars. Just thought you should know BBC
Joseph Hoggle
Joseph Hoggle
Iraq knows what time it is, burn the ISIS swine.
Sadly, the quality of those 360° cameras is pretty poor and those Videos Take Up much memory.
I don't care about Politics but this level of Journalism where I literally swivel around in bed to look is just awesome.
damn this is some western propaganda warmongering jerk off material right here
Hari Sankar
Arnav Roy
The Big Enchilada
Now i can truly experience what it feels like to be my gender identity, an attack helicopter. Thank you BBC.
Josiah Touch
I like this very descriptive too, but I hate that you have to find where the man is talking about and then move and rewind the video
Bartosz Kamiński
We watch men die in real time, but we have nothing inside
Fuck all muslims
Islam = cancer
Moon walk
More then the news I wonder how you filmed the video 😂😂👍
Amazing video! Absolutely revolutionary journalism. The age of technology is here
Techzy Connect
I wonder if any of those shell casings hit someone in the head as they were walking down the road to get some salami.
rio skyscraper
Looks like a FLAT horizon to me
Graham Martin
Now if we could zoom in anywhere we like ....
By Design
Great new idea of covering geographic news
Frank Cope
"Both pilots died tho." Not even a rip God damn no respect
Jedi Mike
Rand Alsa
I from musel 💜💝🌺
Ariel De La Cruz
This is amazing finally something real
Jeffrey vergakis
Holy shit I can turn 360
Muhammet Kozoglu
Amerika hat selber Isis gegründet und finanziert wie ypg und PKK ,, Amerika wollen petrol von Irak und Syrien !! Amerika ist eine Bedrohung für die ganze Welt
I started moving the camera...I thought I was tripping my balls off for a min...
the cup of tea
My attack helicopter brother
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