Melania Trump swatting Donald's hand away

First Lady Melania Trump swatting away president Donald Trump's hand on the tarmac in Israel

Daniel Berge Espe
hes not trying to hold her hand but to tell her to speed up. In America its impressive how people can make up something and then everyone thinks it. Holy shit im glad i dont live in that corrupt place where everything u do is and can be made wrong
Secret Brand
No same dress ! The solution.
Katie Thielen
Oh my, what complete morons in the comment section. He pulled away as she was going to take it.
The Drunk Hyena
mission failed will get them next time
боб бобов
this is shock...
Mr Bob
Can you blame her??? Dumble T. Is da man
Young Bidness
The shortest video in history with the most comments. And also Trump, apply an entire iceberg to the burnt area
Acuna Matata
His hand is so tiny that she thought it was a mosquito
tony s
he gets owned then he touchee his tie to hide his embarassment what a prick of a president
That's not swatting, you idiot. That's a short version of "give me five" ! Guys do it all the time! I've only seen a few girls do it, but they still do.
kanoa Taketa
Isn't that like some type of hip hop thingamajingi she a doin??
Whats the music
Jessica Robinson
I really don't think she's happy with his behavior. Fact... no woman wants her child to be a laughingstock, He's making a fool of her and himself on the international stage . I'd be mad too
Free Bird
Like to see how his dumbfuck supporters explain this
JL Edits
It's quite ridiculous how someone can be so desperate to ruin someone's life as to draw attention to Melanie swatting his hand away😂. I dint think CNN has noticed that Trump is not leaving the Whitehouse anytime soon😜.
Matt Hanf
Liberals are so funny when it comes to attacking a President they don't like... get outraged by the dumbest crap! Watching this cracks me up....get a life people!
PugLover 3656
Fernando Galaviz
this is viral
Jordan Clarke
Amazin Nation
who gives a fuck?
Could it be because respects Israel customs and not hold hands in public??
Ella Kate
Solomon Regenstreif
Beauty and the Least.
Baker Mayweather
I'd suck tapioca pudding straight out of Melania Trump's asshole.
RaChId ElY
Sam Smith
Ágata Isidora
she's even more stupid than him .. such a peach.. a rotten 1
Miles Coleman
In Saudi Arabia, women are customarily made to walk behind men as they are regarded as inferior. He was apparently unaware of this protocol and she was not. When in Saudi Arabia, Americans are expected to treat women as inferiors, honor absolute monarchy, accept one state enforced religion and approve of extremist Islamic fundamentalist customs similar to those practiced by ISIS. Saudi Arabia could be regarded as ISIS light or an acceptable version of ISIS, as long as they allow western corporations to keep pumping their oil.
she wants the obama stick lmao
GisbelleStar25 //Gisbelle Chan
Melanie was like a total savage! Savage level 100%
Daryl Waldron
omg she going to hell haha
Here from Jiedel lol
Its obvious melania isnt married to trump by love, hes like double her age, she just wants the fame, money and power.
Don't forget, this is the same person that have a 10 year old son with him and Trump is 70ish.
Helen Hillyer
they set this up to bait the media.
knolpower 999
melena trump is not happy with trupm
Bella Naolu
Melania: This wasn't what I signed up for
well hillary is not the only one who can't satisfy her partner

Dazza King
ahahaha fuk wat a crackup ahahaha
poor thing nobody loves him not even his wife 😂
First Lieutenant Ösi
Who the fuck cares?
Patricia Martin
I am in no way a Thrump supporter but that did kind of look like a low five hand clap
La Evolucion Music
saludos pope👍👍👍👍
fuck off!
... Okay? Then what?
Weranoutoftacos LetsGoBuySome
final!y she has had enough to with his shit
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