Troy Harper
For the flour one you could add oils
Clara Sinclair
ok she said it will take 5 seconds u counted 11
Yaremi Bazana
Roses or red violets or blue I'm watching because I have no glue
Rachael Stout
Amazing Isabelle St. Pierre
I just made that cornstarch and dish

it worked great
OnlyCoolOne #1
184k likes then 10k dislike
I'm the likesπŸ‘
Morgan Flocco
i love ur videos! but ur intro is WAY to long! can u make it any shorter?
ellie mcneil
I don’t have corn starch
doggypaws 16
notification rules!!! yolo!!!
I like the face mask slime.
plzz do the salt and toothpase one
The Partay Pandas
The dough one looked liked cream too
Ava's World
The first one is actually a recipe for a dough that you can just play with/to entertain kids with
MollyK Elizalde
The last one is NOT EDIBLE!! It has baby oil in it!!🀨😩😫😑
Im a big ass nerd
You know the drill

But does the drill know you?
Truthful Jamaa\Dragons
Not really slime....
Nit_ Nat_
My mom said that if i get 150 subscribers then i can get a new CAMERa
Tatyana Shaw
Do you mean microwave πŸ˜„
Grace Gee
U said baby oil is edible 😭😭
billy somers
There was no slime with glue!
Kitty Kawaii
For the slime you made that was orange, to get it to stick back together, put it container with a lid it works
Doris Hill
it did not work man
Nikki Sim
can we use soap gel cause i have but dont have the gel shampoo
Emmaree Orlandini
For the second one she said 10 mins in the fridge but it was in the microwave. πŸ˜‚
Summer Bacot
In the edible slime you said everything was edible but baby oil isn’t edible!πŸ˜‚
Alice Angel
am I insane?
Chloe Reeves
I subscribed and turned on post notications.
Patrice Haapala
I actually love slime it's one of my favorite recipes
Just poke the slime!!! Wtf
Ramone Hosten
Killer Clown
Killer Clown
I’m so sorry that you have a killer clown account but I nearly fell asleep watching the vidio
Sienna Dev
You should do glue hand soap and activator it is a really stretchy jiggly and fun slime!!
Sarah Barham
i subscribed and turned the bell to get notified love you
Thomas Fuehrer
I tried that and it doesn't work
Elizabeth's vlog
Notification squad
Can you please give me all of your slimes
1flyingperson !
Gummy bear slime is stretchy if you melt gummy bears and then a mixture of corn starch and powered sugar it is really stretchy and nice.
Gilson Pereira
I love it,you can melt gummy bears and can add cornstarch until it stops sticking and
Shwetha Sambasivam
idk about you guys, but when I saw the last one, I thought it looked like chapathi/roti if u understand what I just said
Alaryss Hunter
Roses are red violets is blue I have five fingers and one subscribed to you
do not eat raw flour dough!
Sienna Robinson
I'm new from today and I love ur channel so much xxx
NutellaArmy TV
Red, pink, white,
I'm watching this,
because I haven't got a glue
Amy Paton
L g s. Ps lets get started notification squad
Catherine Mckay
baby oil is edible ? i didnt know that
Zoe & Piper
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love slime
But I have no glue
Adi and Oly
You could do peel of face mask with alcohol in it then glitter then contact lenses solution with borac said in it
Genevieve Cooney
what can you use as activator for the last one
shlok neupane
How much you can talk
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