What the Columbine Shooting taught me about pain and addiction | Austin Eubanks | TEDxMileHigh

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"Less than an hour after scrambling out the back door of the Columbine High School library, I was lying in a hospital bed, medicated on a variety of substances intended to relieve my pain," recalls survivor Austin Eubanks. That was the beginning of a decade-long addiction that led to a profound realization about the current opioid epidemic: how we manage pain is both the problem and the solution.

An injured survivor of the Columbine shooting, Austin Eubanks' traumatic experience as a teen was the catalyst to his painful journey through addiction. Now in long-term recovery, he is a nationally recognized speaker on addiction recovery and the Chief Operations Officer of The Foundry Treatment Center, a 30-bed treatment program in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

N. Fer. Ⓥ
People ask why I don’t drink.
This. THIS is why.
I am one of so many people that are no stranger to abuse. I’m already addicted to self harm and food, man. I’m already battling those addictions. Why add another one??
I’m choosing to value myself.
Please. Really think about whether you are mentally fit to drink. It’s never too soon to decide.
Denna Bakhtiar
Incredible and inspiring talk.
Connie Johnson
Emotions need to be added to the school curriculum!
Trini Batt
Anyone know where I can find a transcript of this at??? It's for a school project
missmiss 56
Opiods were made for a reason. If some do not have them for long term pain they will Die as well. They work very well for chronic pain. There is A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING PHYSICALLY DEPENDENT AND ADDICTION.
Not everyone who takes pain medicine long term is an addict. As a matter of fact most people who are in long term chronic pain treatment do not abuse their medication.
Dustin S.
"In order to heal it, you have to feel it" Those words are so true. This is a phenomenal speech.
Cognitive dissonance. These tragedies are no mistake these tragedies are planned. Wake up people
Why don't we let the pandemic create a clean slate in our society by letting these people burn out and making way for people like me who don't do any drugs? This is a government issue isn't it? The same government that tells me the war on drugs is the way to resolving the drug issue.
Christine Moya
My heart goes out to you BUT I'm very proud of how you've turned the event into something that will help others. ((Hugs))

I went to school with Cassie's dad, Brad.

I am confronting my own diagnosis of CPTSD as a result of YEARS of Narcissistic abuse at the hands of my mother. They were both verbally, emotionally, financially and physically abusive towards me. She starting when I was 4, he shortly after our marriage. I'm no contact with both.

Ron ald
23 dislikes, incredible
My birthday is April 20
I remember where I was in June 12 2016 I was at a hotel my sister made me leave the room. I was honestly in shock but yeah.
Journey awaits
They always said don't do drugs, well I didn't and I didn't feel any better then when I did do them
This hit me hard on so many level.
Eric Harris
Nicholas Noriega
Looks like there is 19 people who need to feel the pain.
Sandra Gardner
This is great! Yes! Thanks for sharing your story and right-on insight!
Bill Randall
did you wish you had a gun at the time?
Bill Randall
there was a gutless armed guard at Columbine. he fired 2 shots at the attackers, and ran like the crave coward that he IS
Miss Anthrope
This is an extremely important video. Hearing the magnitude of suffering and impact that columbine had helps to put things into perspective. I can't imagine
Eninde TV
His facts are sadly off with the last Vegas shooting killing 59 and injuring over 500
Dusky Dreamer
I heard him say that the night club shooting was the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history and this really confused me, but I then realized that the Las Vegas shooting happened long after this video was posted. It is really sad to think that the two biggest mass shootings in history happened in my short life time of 14 years, and both of which I remember watching the news report such a panicking event. It is so hard to think that as human, who share the same genetic code (to a certain point) could cause so much harm to those who are like us.
Darko Markovic
Thought Snowden is in Russia hiding
Sitting here in October 2017 like :/ welp
Katrina wasn't a natural disaster, it was man-made
Doomer Kkid
Oct 1 2017
I love Tedx Talks.... this one is so spot on. I wish more people would see this one.
Joshin Around
I cannot imagine the physical and emotional pain of being a survivor of a mass shooting. Very brave to talk about this publicly and present such a great talk.
Jazmin Alvarenga
This was amazing!
The PuertoRican Gamer
How about the Vegas Shooting
Sean Seaphan
that was a good one
Joi Taylor
Jonah Beale
4,000 likes and 14 dislikes? This should be good
Ang R
So we let those who are in actual physical pain suffer day in and day out. Awesome. Great job, dude.
very truthful. For some time now when something awful comes my way I stay clear of alcohol completely - and consciously sit quietly with the pain. Feel it. Talk about it. Face it head on. Don’t turn away from it. Sit with it and feel your feelings. Seek out a psychologist if you don’t want to tell your friends. You are stronger than you know. 💜
'We're now becoming desensitised' when has the world ever not been a horrifically violent and gruesome place?? If anything, we're becoming MORE sensitive.
Evelyn Case
Not the deadliest anymore. Sill massive, though.
Jack the lad
Bullying can kill
Most likely by the victim committing suicide which if the bullies get caught they can be trialed for man slaughter
The columbine shooters got bullied to the point of massacre
"Every time this happens we're becoming more and more desensitized." Sad but true
Jessica Cooper
You're an inspiration
informitas art
"To heal it you have to feel it" and then there are those that don't feel anything at all anymore.
You don't have to ingest drugs to have an addiction. Some people are addicted to their own pitty parties.
This is by far one of my favourite and most powerful Ted Talk I've ever seen! Thankyou
Benjamin Kotran
Hey everybody! I am a Freshman at college who has just went deep into the bowls of the internet regarding Depression, Existentialism, Nihilism, and regarding the meaning or lack of meaning of life, found a comment section filled with people who were all at different phases of suicidal though, some where preaching hope, some wanted to die after years of struggle ,and some who seemed to have struggled for years actually WANTED some of those threatening to kill themselves to die, hope your all having a great day, life is worth living, I recently struggled with a mild form of depression myself, my main take away from my little quest is that people need to share their struggles, don't keep it inside, think about this, some people who I encountered heard someone speak openly about being suicidal and all the troubles and failing they experienced in their life, this made those people feel better, I know, I was one of them, being brave isn't going it alone, being brave is sharing the realist, most pathetic, and most true picture of your life you can, it is the very best way to deal with the pain. Enjoy life!
Billy Wilson
Like ratio= 3K:9 WOW
imene imaya
great talk i really appreciate every single word you said
The Ultimate Reductionist
Capitalists & theists LOVE mass shootings. They always preach how so many wonderful things came out of war & killing people: all our technology such as televisions, etc.
ali ens
very informative
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Great talk.
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