Melania Trump Refused To Hold Donald Trump's Hand by swatting it away on tarmac in Israel

Melania Trump swatting Donald's hand away First Lady Melania Trump swatting away president Donald Trump's hand on the tarmac in Israel
Video of the couple arriving at an airport in Israel shows President Donald Trump reaching out to hold his wife’s hand. But Melania, who was apparently not interested in touching her husband at that moment, appears to slap the president’s hand.

Melania Trump swatting Donald's hand away

Melania Trump Refusing To Hold Trump's Hand

Melania slaps Trump’s hand away on tarmac in Israel

the transcendent idiot
This is fake news
Peter Johnson
Finally dawning on her that she's married no 1 twat in world politics.
Norma Jean Monroe
rabia tekin
Bu donald trump daha karisinin elini tutamio ülke yönetimini nasiil elinde tutsun ksbxnxlajabznz
Mia Niermann
I hate American president .. !!!!
Man even being president can't save him from rejection from his own wife.
игорь икс
скажу как провидец Трампу импичмент США умрет!увидите!я бы обычным гражданам скажу -не советую!!!
Denis Novgorodov
She want trump's money, trump want her as a model.
Music Beast101
fuck trump and his little dusty dick......I'm glad Melania feels the same way 😂😂
How can she slap!?!

Thomas Kimmel
OMG there are so many twisted minds. It looks nothing but a cute 'low-five' to me.
Susan Sumner
You people are pathetic. Can't you see what is happening here? Melania was pushed off the red carpet. Her CONSIDERATE husband saw the edge of the carpet and was conscious that his wife was not there so he put his hand back to INCLUDE her, and she just tapped his hand to say, "I got this--I'll catch up." There was nothing rejecting about the hand flick--they're a married couple; friends. He and she talk about this stuff--how to walk together, the protocols of different countries. He is a good man and a considerate husband. Melania is very happy, you can bet on that. And he relies on her strength a great deal. Why you people want to make something out of nothing is a huge mystery. Leave them alone and let my President do his job.
Real Fighters
It would of been such a nice view if it was Jonny Depp or Jason Bateman along side her. Poor woman sold herself to this old troll for money!
Nilu Pharm
T Bailey
holy fuck911 👎down
Lasha Mushkudiani
че это было?
Brad Renfro
Divorce that bitch, he could easily find a better wife who wants access to a billion dollars.

Ungrateful bimbo
Diego Silva
que paso? jajaj
Healing Dog
She flicked away the hand that grabs other ladies' pu$$ies by.
Geoffrey Gibson BSc
tragic but funny
Влад Д
Что эта хуйня делает в топе ?
Tee m
she looks pissed😂😂😂😂😂😂
Giuseppe Tritto
lo sappiamo tutti se lo e meritato
Funny Chanel
make Melania happy againe
Dilsher Singh
She learnt it from the best.#trump
Ксюша Бекхем
Наверно это нормально в семье Трампа оталкивать руки или притягивать ,так как Трамп сам любитель по толкатся или отстронить человека,и Мелани просто привыкла к такой рескости .
Sorely Pleased
The reason why I'm still single. Bitches nowadays have no respect for their husbands.
Mary-Sue Pleasant
Trump got friendzoned lol
Molly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ihave nopatience
She suffers from post traumatic stress by Donald grabbing her by the p'. But honestly, she just wanna show the world that she judges her husband's actions.
Marvin Dumeny
Fake white jewsstole israel.
Heiter 228
Çakır Bozkurt
Iten D J
Chill guys! There was just a fly on Trump`s hand! Melania saved the day - woooo!!!
Emma Pigeon
Don't touch me, disgusting orange prick, that's what she said
lul Trump's hand get lost
Igor_ Ptichkin
Дмитрий Дяков
Try go get 50 ;)
Donald Marshall
The reason that President Trump is in ISREAL is more important than President Trump holding hands with his wife (the First Lady). The Respective PRIORITY of business is not being observed by the "REPORTERS" who covered this event. Most Men Executives do not have their wifes attend meetings with them and most Women Executives do not have their husbands attend meeting with them. The MEDIA will complain if they do not see both the wife and husband together. Does She or He put their feet on the coffee table, in the living room, while watching television. She wants the moose head to be hung in the living room, he thinks the moose head should be hung in the family room. CONGRESS will say anything to cover-up child rape.
who would love blond kim jung un?
He doesn't even get a handhold by the first lady. Sad!
The way i look at it. This is a real couple not fake politicians who are all fake smiles, and act infront of cameras.
Taras Ka
Big Woman еб твою мать...
I watched the clip. Looks more like a "gimme 5" to me
she looks miserable
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