Steph Curry on his relationship with Lebron, Obama and being called 'soft'


Curry talked about living in the spotlight and gearing up for a shot at redemption as his Golden State Warriors face off against Lebron James' Cleveland Cavaliers.

He is just one of the few players that are hard to guard and so "fans" just calls him soft for no reason or just doesnt watch any games. he isn't scared to take to the basket and can take a hit. it's just people are jealous of him and the success he has, You get more jealous haters the more successful you get.
Octavio Salas
I might go and see on of your all-star games
An Sung
no one else miss obama era where ppl aint taking our president as a joke?
Yasmeen Barnes
I. hat. you
Yasmeen Barnes
Stefcre. you. Coc
Steph would never survive the nba in the 80s. They would've beaten him down
Chris 12
I hate how people think most NBA players hate each other over a game of basketball, these players respect one another but the media wants them to despise one another
Shaheed Shah
U can hate Stephen Curry but u can't hate Wardell Curry
Matt DeWolfe
Say what you will about him, but he's winning in life. Beautiful wife, family, career, he has it all. He could give a fuck about anything else.
Ethan Hunt
Bro watching this game was just so painful as a cavs fan and lebron fan
Mike Love
Curry Barz!!!
He wants to be like lebron, wears the sleeve, wears the leg pants, and has a beard like him
Youtube Creator
I just couldnt stop rewinding @1:10
Anyone else hear him say "cinnamon" at 3:01
Bamlak Bekele
abc must be joking they won game 3 because of kd
4:05 When you high af and tryna figure out how many fingers you got left
warriors lost because they didn't have stephs beard on their team
c dub
@ 3:10 he decided to go hood
Vitto S
I love steph curry..... but he do try too hard....... Still a kid, so forgive him....
Annabel Piller
ur dipe
Joshua Taylor
I HATE S.CURRY SO MUCH 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕
Cleveland is the city
Stephs face looks like a women spread eagle in an ebony vintage porn scene.
Clemens Mayer
product symbol senator mpnmk serve loss clinic praise member mutual headline.
David John
You have to appreciate his greatness and how hard he worked to be an mvp
Sha'Mere Stubbs
Curry is butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lebron the g.o.a.t
george bush
Curry is a ghetto thug who will be bankrupt within 5 years of his last nba game. I look for him to be serving fries to my kids at Mcdonalds....
Gabo Rod King
Fuck Steph Curry bro
Noah Martens
Ride brush duck difficulty awful limit surface eight necessary consist reward.
Xx_drippyignacio_23 xX
Were gonna be better next season gets kevin durant
Black Karnley
Obama is soft asf
TypicalRate Plays
Holy moly chef with that beard
Curry makes me wanna Puke!
Y do ppl hate steph and say he's an ass on and off the court like smfh no he's not y'all dumbasses
Nicklas Spoelsta
KD was the difference.
Santino Barnabei
That stash is trash and that beard is weird . time to shave that junk Curry
Karl catacutan
I hate the Warriors, but I lowkey like Steph, smh KD
Call him soft because he is light skin, dude will straight up destroy you on the court
patrick brooks
Well he did it, glad he redeemed himself from last year. Go Warriors, they're going to repeat. Now who gone stop em?
mark Johnson
Mr. Curry has a great attitude and work ethic, and I love that about him and over the years come together respect him for that as well. M
Charlie S
dell said fuck seth steph is my only son
Without the beard he would look 16
Cesar Ramirez
curry is big foot
Samuel Gaiya
I actually hate that Curry is 29, I wish he was 2 years younger.
Soft you call Steph soft ,oh excuse me you are right ,30 points almost any game greattest 3 point shooter well i Can see how soft he s
Gabriel McCarthy
Mr. Steph is awesome
Tay Bell
fuck Beth Curry! 3 point shooting BITCH!
bren brens
Obama for All Star Game 2018
Aileen Dawson
No! He is not soft, smooth but not soft.
Charly Brown
Who's this yellow bearded guy?
Joshua Black
Great example of a good man, only losers and assholes hate on this man. 😒😂😂🙏🏽
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