9 new things in Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer - Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer gameplay

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Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer gameplay has just been revealed in the Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer gameplay trailer, but what does it tell us about the game? Find out as Ian deep dives into the Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer trailer to pull out all the interesting bits, like parachutes, vehicles and dismemberment.

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NLrenzo 2001
You can’t even compare cod and bf cuz battlefield is more realistic and cod is more arcade and both made my childhood so guys stop fighting about all this lol
Drunken Grunt
"Destroying a church to get at the Nazis inside".....Uhm, dude....those WERE the Nazis.
mr jallu202 vlogs
Jonathan Muro
BF1 gameplay
blé Ro
Historically inaccurate shit.
Dorito Confirmed
bf1 ww2 two different games
This looks like Battlefield... 1942. 🤓
Andrew Stapleton
God this game is a fucking joke
Stephen Wilson
this game totally makes up for infinite warfare it just sucked hard why was it that people went from modern to sci-fi? I mean seriously
Stephen Wilson
I hope more vehicles might be In the game like half tracks , tanks , armored cars etc.
Funny how instant blood splash comes out of a "nazi" soldier when you stab him with the bayonet .Another thing, 8: you say blowing the wall to get to the nazi something something, but the "nazis" are outside. And something else they are GERMAN SOLDIERS OF THE WEHRMACHT NOT NAZIS.This is a fucking propaganda they are trying to pass all this years since the beggining of ww2.German soldiers just like other soldiers had nothing to do with politics.Those you call nazis were the members of Waffen SS (and not all of them but probably most of them)
Mr.Poopy Butthole
This looks like battlefield one
The Komodo Collective
I know you said not to say it but, beyonette charges, parachutes, vehicles, class system, no not like battlefield at all, no cod maps are to condensed to be compared to battlefield.
Mark Henderson
It's still going to be garbage.
Definately gonna be game of the year,and top sale in history i guess:)
Tyson Crews
battlefield 1
did you guys play with cod , before 2014?
Red Orchestra 2/RS Vietnam footage
Elite Accord
denis Valencia
denis Valencia
Battlefield 1
no recoil and no Nazis? I'm out bf1 all day
Battlefield 1.
Wilson The Ball
The feeling when they give only the Germans gas masks to make them seem less human or more spooky
Jesus Luna
Hopefully theirs a deagle
Bob The man
it is like the old one ok
Bob The man
Ww 1
Bob The man
This cod ww 1
Waw tanks
Manny N
It looks like battlefield
Finally a game for real players and not spoiled 7 year olds!
Pool Deadpool
It's just a shitty version of Battlefield 1!!!
this is almost perfect as it gets for an fps
mmn mmn
cod is just coping battlefield 1 cause it is better
Yan Ngo
this is literally battlefield one
Timi Ruutu
4:15 The soldiers blowing up the wall ARE NAZIS so why would the get access to the Nazis inside?
baybyfacce 2.o
bf 1
Scott Durkin
calll of duty 3.. what about World at War??
Pirdipay Pirdi
5th one is not spawning its Scorestreak
Trevor Dunbar
This looks like battlefield 1
Moises _Hernandez
It is a scorestreaks
I.E. scorestreak so is the paratroopers
Vincent Mesa
I like the new battlefield
merwo bl
when the dude uses the flametrower look at the back ground the soldier has a m1 with a red dot sight
merwo bl
the parachuters are IA kilstreak and flametrowers too
Refracted Gaming
Plot twist, this game can only be gotten out of Supply Drops
Refracted Gaming
Bru, it'd be nice to have that authenticity but liek, the swastikas aren't going to change ANYTHING about the gameplay, you literally cannot throw them at your enemy, you can't gain some hidden perks from them why tf do people care so much about the lack of offensive icons
ethan montgomery
Oh look battlefield 1.1
Adam Ayyad
you did not key
Snypz 69
Battlefield one
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