5 Mysterious Things In Mars Caught On Camera By Nasa!

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5 Mysterious Creatures In Mars Caught On Tape By Nasa!


If you thought planet Earth was the only place where life existed, then you are quite mistaken. There’s life on Mars, though at a microbial level. Admittedly, there has been a lot of back and forth from NASA and some alien hunters on the truth of this. As the debate rages on, at Top 5’s finest, we show you 5 Mysterious Things In Mars Caught On Camera By Nasa! Lets begin!

1. Star Destroyer From Star Wars

Conspiracy theorists really shocked earthlings on this one in 2015 when they ‘saw’ the Star Destroyer from Star Wars on Mars. Though NASA is usually silent on such matters in a way that adds speculation to the theory that they are covering up proof of an alien civilization, this one they had to respond. One of their scientists working on the Mars Curiosity Project, dispelled this when he stated that mars could support life, but only at a microbial level. I know...It’s a bummer for all those planning to move there. Scientists attribute this seeing of objects on Mars to a mind trick they call Pareidolia. Tell that to the alien hunters if you dare!

2. Barack Obama’s Face

This one is quite funny…but must be included: Barack Obama’s head….Really? In 2005, UFO experts zoomed on a rock that appeared, in a strange way, to look like Obama’s head. The image was caught by NASA’S Spirit Rover which had been stuck on Mars, without signal, since 2009 and started being active in 2010. The rock from which the image was taken is believed to be part of a statue. Scott Waring of the UFO sightings blog says that it is a full statue, buried from the shoulders. Some cheeky alien hunter must have digitally altered the image and cleaned it up using a computer program and claimed to have found Obama’s face! Very naughty indeed.

3. The Classic “Face on Mars”

If you don’t know it yet, the Face on Mars shocked the world in 1976. Its fame is evident by the television, movies and books that have been written about it. Unlike most photos taken from space and used by alien conspiracies, this one was not quickly dismissed. It was thought, by at least at the time, that the face on Mars could be a potential alien relic. NASA was quite quick to refute the assumptions stating that the illusion was created by shadows and a light. The public could hear none of it but held to the fact that it was an alien civilization. In 1998, more details were taken on the Face of Mars and it was confirmed to be just an optical illusion.

4. An Alien Skull (Perhaps Bigfoot)

In the alien hunter’s world, this is called an alien skull. It is no ordinary alien skull but is one that looks like Bigfoot. All the speculation arose from the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible where they wrote, “Strange artifact found by the rover, appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature…”The speculation is that it could be Bigfoot or a bizarre Martian creature. Who knows? Maybe we will find out in 20 years later from now. 

5. “Marshenge”

You must have guessed the source of this name by now! Does the Stonehenge from Wiltshire, England ring a bell? At this point, It must have crossed your mind that the Stonehenge from Britain was first built by aliens who were first living on Earth! Too late! The alien hunters had already proposed that. The experts don’t agree. Science shows that natural processes can cause rocks to form in circles. The author of UFO Investigations Manual agrees. He said that it was quite a huge leap of imagination to compare “Marshenge” with the likes of Stonehenge. With the mystery that lies in Mars, there’s really no way of knowing what these really are. They could even be random stones cast by marsquakes- you know, the equivalent of earthquakes. 
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Michael Nicholson
Not surprised there's ppl who believe these pics hold evidence of alien life. In the meantime everyone including myself are waiting for the real deal as its more fascinating then people's interpretations of mars pics of rocks & shadows.
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interesting video....!#FactsReview this is my channel.Please visit my channel, i hope you like it. And if u like my channel please subscribe it.
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