Rachael Lim
I'd die on the airplane to sit First Class 😂😂
Ari Mora
Wtf do people say to get top comment
jeevan bhardwaj
Did anyone notice that she said 737 but the plane was a 727
Lorenz Wimmer
Can anything hand nonprofit manner submit organic collapse graduate.
Tuva Lainen
I'm NEVER going on a plane again!!!
Marko Feller
the most dangerous parts of flying is taking off and landing, and more than 50% of pilots admitted they nod off during the flight, that would mean that the most dangerous time to fly is when a human is operating the vehical
Debby Lemon
go to my channel I'll give u what u ask for
Turboalex O4
I always get Europes best biscuits
CoolGoldenNinja101 Minecraft,Roblox And More!
When we were going to Paris, We got in the plane, sat in our seats, and started praying that the plane wouldn't crash. And it WORKED! They said to wait 2 hours in the plane and it got night easily.. then, We we're going on track and ALMOST took off. BUT they said that there is a problem with their computer so they stopped and told us to wait a little while and it repeated 3 times or so and it canceled thankfully 😅 if it took off and it was working while in the air.. WE COULD HAVE DIED ;-;
Color_Blue Does Block Game
I was sick in Maui, Hawaii :(
Jason Knight
Admit you are reading my comment.
Skodwarde Gameing
\( •_• )
/ へ\A
/ / \\B
レ ノ ヽ_つU
/ /L
/ /|O
( (ヽU
| |、\S
| 丿 \ ⌒)
| | ) /
`ノ ) Lノ
lottie Isabella hawtin
Lol, I always fly Economy class so Im good!
Gift NJ
Great Video
Leo Got bossness
I am never going on a plane again
Crazy Time
In short they want to tell, not to travel by a airplane
Brian Xian
hi peoplez
E Cheng
That's fueling, not water refilling pix...
Ninja Dave
Video starts at 0:41
Rainbow Kitty Gracie
I'm GOING on a plane next week! Jesus, I want to be safe now... 😮
Sheng Xiong
Wat if she a dude hahaha got you fuck up 😭😭😭😭😜👌 🙏
Elisabeth patterson
Sarah Willson
They have matching boobies. How cute
Scoopy Y.
Entree: it s Un-tray not entry
Scoopy Y.
This video is not well-researched. There are a lot of loopholes in the facts.
Pledgedaaron Gaming
So bored
Also, I would fucking downvote many more times. Autopilot can fly the B2 spirit from hangar departure to final landing, and the B2 spirit is so unstable that it cannot be flown by manual human input. Pilots falling asleep is fine, they can do that if they want, the plane can take care of itself. Frankly its probably better, that way they are fresh for the landing, as the video states in a rare moment of accuracy, "one of the most dangerous parts of the flights".
George Johnson
TAKE A BUS.................!!!
Wow! This is wicked stuff!!
Austin Baumann
That is a 727 dumbass
Kim Teahyung
I'm flying tommorow and I have no idea why I am watching this. I'm not afraid of planes. I know SO MANY things about planes. There my fav transport. And 51% of the excitement I have is just for the plane trip and 49% for the actual holiday.
Gaming For YT
Charence Wong
If they never tell, how did you find the facts?
Philipine airlines doesnt judege you
Christopher Sewell
saw u can have it mafia
Christopher Sewell
im looking to travel for work to western Australia and Kempsey fro tileing
Solo Solo
Did she say free snacks...what airline Missy?
Ceca Siahaan
you motherfuccer did you just say airline food isn't tasty? fucc you bicch
Also,inflight shopping
Evan Kagan
It was a Boeing 727
Once a flight attendant told me when I was a tween that if you stay in the lavatory too long, it shuts off and locks you in and that spooked me but now I realize she was lying so she could make me hurry up so she could use the bathroom herself.
Just get a private jet
Andrew Zapar
At 10 million can you show your face plz
Dewdus Maximus
"Timely" accurately describes my viewing of this video; will keep all these points in mind when the wife and I travel to Aruba in August!
Clive Graham
Quiz answer: depends what class youre in
wish i have that many subscribers :)
i just subscribed X)
I was flying today and my life jacket bag was open. I was afraid if we landed on water the force will make my life jack fly away. Btw I was on easyJet
Shitpost Forever
@2:00 +3/-8 rule due to stress
Lewis Hopkins
Why can't they just turn the seats around how are they heavier
Ibrahim Games
Where are the subtitles!?
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