Secrets Flight Attendants Never Tell Passengers

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top 10 facts you didn't know about airlines and flight attendants
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Flying on an airplane can be an awesome experience, but there is so much more going on than we see when we travel at high altitudes. Your friendly flight attendant may be quick with a smile and a glass of water for you, but there are some things they just won’t tell you. Like, don’t drink that water unless it came out of a bottle! In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that you may not even want to use that water for washing your hands with. We know that germs can gather on an airplane, but we’ll tell you where those nefarious germs are most likely to be hiding, and it might not be where you think. We’ll also explain why they dim the lights before takeoff, and what happens if you don’t put your oxygen mask on in time. The poor quality of airline food has been fun of enough, so we are here to somewhat defend it with some basic science. First class may seem like the ultimate luxury, but in the case of an actual emergency, it’s the worst place you can be. And although airlines want to make you feel safe, they neglect a lot of expensive safety measures that could make you drastically safer. Haven’t you ever wondered why the flight attendant’s seats and seat belts look different than yours? We’ll also let you in on some secrets about what the pilots are doing while they’re supposed to be flying the plane.
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First class is first crash lol
Shruti Tiwari
Who came here by them tits😅😅😅😂
Felix Scharnberg
Why get upgraded to a better seating assignment if that is where more people get hurt or worse in an air crash?
Senor eggnogs
biggest secret is they all have an orgy in the crew rest area and pee in your coffee...
today i saw a white disc in the sky
sun dial
I only viewed this for the two big titted stewardesses
Zoe Russell
Wishing I hadn't clicked on this vedio, some of this is scary!
Galaxy The Wolf
I always wondered why I hated eating food on planes.
Guess that’s why I’m skinny
joe blow
oh in "that part" of youtube AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Азат Тулегенов
So scared in mid-flight shaking in my last flight. It was so cloudy, foggy also . Now decided to move by land transport only
Alyssa Jones
Aren't the attendant's uniforms polyester??
Marta Monteiro
0:25 TAP plane.. Portugal representing
Christopher Waffles
You forgot to add, that when the plane is going down. they ask you to lean down with your head pointed toward the seat. This so that when you impact it breaks your neck and kills you instantly.... or so they hope☹️
They get more money for meals then boy scouts get witch at our troop is 3.50
Jim Jones
Increase volume of your videos
Musically Reacts
This video made me never want to go on a plane again
zhen huo Hao
it sounds bad
Pravesh Adhikari
What if all passengers wanna sit in middle section?
Jānis Grīnvalds
It was not Boeing 737, but 727
THEBlissful Bellas
Do the richest reply to comments
Chris Nelson
1:07 That's not a Boeing 737. It's a McDonell-Douglas DC-10. Dumbass.
Holly Kalns
I hav ebeen on so many flights! My first flight was when I was 3 months old. Im now 11. Must have been on over 500... or maybe 1000. God, teh amput of times I have been on flights from eng to aus must be about 50! We go on holidays ALL the time! I hate planes! They are safe, but super boring.
Dan Nix
That ain’t no 737
Mr.Bitey Rawr
At least 50
Underwater Unicorn
You know how people always have a life jacket or something when the plane is gonna crash why not parachutes I mean come on!
EleMenTaL Redzy
Yeah No Diapers On Tray Tables...

Imma Just Hold My Laptop
Selena I
So I'll always wear long pants every time I go on a plane so I can slide down the slide better,ok thanks
Fuck You
Ugh why do I press the comment typerrrrrrrrrrr I can't get out of it unless I type something.......
if these are secrets they never tell how did you find out🙏🏻👆🏻 booyyy.
//MeganPlays// XOX
I don't want to be annoying or anything, but what happened to the sub titles?

Zia soomro
Turnin Down
SIA uses water in air-tight packets
Oxygen only flows to passengers for 10 minutes max....
Pilots have their own system that will last hours....
Spirit Wolf
Scientists crashed a 727 not a 737.
neena madhu
Jesus... before you post a video, check the content! That is a Boeing 727-200!
Zach Gaming
That was a 727 not a 737
Annie Thesea
Wow I never knew this the richest is getting interesting
Dan Carter
Well one the plane they crashed wasn't a 737 it was a 727
Bhakun 7
Great video. Soooooo helpful and knowledgable. Awesome channel. Love it. Such great voice of who is speaking
Shisui Uchiha
Remove the quiz that's useless bring back the goddamn subtitles
Wait a minute. How does turning a seat around make it heavier? I feel as if that's baloney.
Garry Porter
Welcome to United Airlines how tough are ya
around 3 dollars for the meal!? so cheap
Its not a secret if everybody knows
Utterbutter Overwatch and MORE
Whenever I'm on a plane, I can only eat ice cream. Eating the other food makes me want to puke.
Daniel Smith
I'm watching in my flight socks
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