Mr. Salih Reyiz
update is awesome. but i no money
xXThe_Fast_Rider Xx
we need gta vi not apdate
luiz gustavo
gta sa 2 ?
rooan baby
هل يوجد اخبار عن بولي2 bully2
SuperNinjaCat 5
R.I.P Wallet
Hassan Khalaf
gta hates moslims
Angel Marrero
hey is this actually rockstar
Elsy Rismijuitah
rockstar are you the creator of gta sa, you delete the animals what bug/glitch?
Tina'Marie Bryan
I play
Xbox one s
Tina'Marie Bryan
Tina'Marie Bryan
Rockstar give me a cash 9999999999999$
Juan Draco
hola alguien que me ayude a solucionar el pago del mecánico que no me deja llamarlo... dice q no le EH pagago... necesito ayuda
rodrigo morisco
rockstar please do a transformers new update please rockstar games please
hero plays
Rockstar Please update grand theft auto 5 on playstation 3 we want it to be fair we want new updates please just add new updates.
Marshall sergi
Thank you I lost my money
Jonathon Holt
I wish that when u go to fort zancudo and is not seen that u don't gain a wanted level in my opinion like if get in army base and kill one soldier and no one sees then u won't gain wanted level and wish u can drag the bodies
TrIcKs FoR MaTriX
Hans geime Pizarro
oigan yo tengo amigos que me quieren jakear la cuenta se puede aser eso diganme
Juan Draco
hola alguien q me ayude el mecánico no me trae los autos dice q no le pague... ya probé robando autos para simeon y nada cambia
Raul Csonka
i love this update thank you rockstar
R G-0013
Why do not you create games for so many years? Create a free gta game for folks
I subedand I singed in to rockstar social club wohoooo
Ramses Oropeza
like para cono ser las ofisinas de rockstar
Ramses Oropeza
quiero cono ser sus oficinas
Chandler Cole
i suscribed-XpertGaming 34
gamer XD
because i don't become the duke o death in story
Julien Zannin
Emerson Melo
olha o forrizinho
Ban with no reason simulator
suzette de coteau
that bike is too over powered
Nathan Gelez
mon pseudo spatacus 132213
cow anims
this was released on my birthday, 13 june
Šiminko Kralis
im live in slovak
Šiminko Kralis
Šiminko Kralis
pls give me back my money to gta online
2605 hydras disliked this video
Aj Weston
please give me sum money pls
Clorox Bleach
How come the moc cannon is semi auto now?
Damarkus Mccoy
I want gta5 for ps4
is the map the whole us of America🇺🇸
Cordell Harris
give us mid night club damn it
Grant Smith
There is a problem with the missiles on the jet. At one point they just stopped locking to the other players vehicles. Can you please fix that? And it's not only me experiencing it...
ElRepartidor DePizza
Que se vendan los vehículos pegasus pls
Osama Islam
we need gta vi
Brandi Nicholas
If they make a GTA five movie will get so famous
Mohammed ayham
i subbed to the channel my car has beengone and my motor my id is sakrhom
Montalvão 2 2
Jordyn Woods
how do we get the new ingredient
why did it show them fighting in the mine if there is no bunker near it
Ge Yang
I love your game!!!!!!!
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