I have some things to say - Core i9 & X299

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Intel's X299 launch and new Core i9 processors inspired me to create this video...

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Linus Tech Tips
CORRECTION: Intel has specified pricing - it doesn't really change any of my points -LS
Sam Can
can i just point out that amd FX chips have 8 cores and they are really old sure they dont nessarly preform as well per core however ive never had any issues with a fx 9590 underclocked to 4.0GHz
and i can say thats litraly what i was thinking with there release and t oadd more insult intel then released there 8xxx series nearly a year early so that does say somthing about it
David Garino
Ok. Well, I'm a novice techie, and I trust your word.
I guess I need to just stay with the 7700k for my new build, or take a look into the Ryzen and Thread Ripper scene. Although, I haven't been with AMD since the 1090T Black was fresh.
Why did building a high end gamer have to get so confusing?
Duane Degn
Great video! As others have commented, the sound was great even for being outside.
My one complaint is the video shake near the end. It was really hard to watch. If you do more videos like this (and I hope you do), maybe you can get some sort of gimbal for the camera?
Even with the shake, it was still a great video. Keep up the good work.
John Carter
In Taiwan! Then pick me up 2 Love Doll! :P
John Carter
Linus In JAPAN! O.SH*T....pick me up a Love doll while your over there m8!
Eud briel
4:30 I really don't agree
Thank The Moon
Not only are they fair and do I want you to take more walks, but how can they even justify 16 Lanes on any platform anymore? Ryzen is said to come standard across all platforms with 24 Lanes, 20 being usable. Does Intel just not care that Ryzen and Threadripper are genuinely better products? Oh and the x399 and x370 boards are cheaper than Intel has ever been and are getting to a point where that are the same quality. My MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 is as good as the Z270 maybe even the Z370
Andrés Coronado
Since I almost know nothing about PC hardware/software (and electronics in general) and since I know english well enough but isn't my native lenguaje... I don't fully get a single sentence on this video, but I can see pretty clear his frustration xd
Squish Parodies
Soon your going to be able to filter your drinking water through your motherboard
So glad I opted for 2011-3 i9 doesn't have anything on i7 as it currently stands. Give me 40 lanes and I'll turn this rig around.
Perfectionist Mind
Up to up to up to up to up to
Advent Seph
I'm talking about smog btw, not anything racist
Advent Seph
Taiwan looks absolutely gorgeous, thank god I can't smell it...
Kevin Daugherty
i switched to AMD 8 years ago cause intel sucks.
Let's give AMD the money it needs to ruin Intel forever. Traitors and liars deserve to perish.
axel gaillard
League round accompany coat knife question match counselor correct
While I appreciate your tech thoughts in this video, consider shortening the length of the video for talks like these when shooting with a camera that has to constantly move, and whose view bobs around a lot, as this can be hard on the eyes and induce motion sickness for some viewers.

I think longer discussions are best shot with a stationary camera. You don't have to show the same scene all the time; you can cut between different scenes when switching to different topics or segments of thought.

Otherwise, nice video.
Xaviar Xionar
Great video. I love that you took a walk, getting some air to rant & explain. so much better.
Tadaschi Takemori
bottom line.... after the launch linus compare threadripper 8c 16t vs intel x7820x 8c 16t....... intel is faster.... more expensive but FASTER.....
Velimir Gilic
I will sit put till pcie 4 Intel has made mass with 299 .x9
John George Bauer-Buis
Intel continues to be better at reducing power consumption, while AMD gives a better price to performance ratio, and now also has high performance options that are significantly cheaper than the Intel equivalent. Intel needs to bring down to cost of their massively multicore chips the same way AMD is already doing: building them from multiple cores manufactured separately.
John George Bauer-Buis
Computex 2017 was held in Chinese Taipei, on the Island of Taiwan.
John LaFosse
I get the hype linus but everyone in the semiconductor industry saw this battle coming. The technology for having as many cores as we want was solved in semiconductor engineering fabs a least a decade ago. Intel and the latest tech is concentrating not on CPUs. The entire industry has gone for AI and Quantum. And you know this. Why the drama?
Ed Jackson
Even more confusing is that Kaby Lake is supposed to be more modern than Sky Lake but then why is Sky Lake X on the best CPUs and Kaby Lake X on the lower end high end CPUs
Black Manta
I heard Vancouver rains a lot.. I really want to visit one day.
Richard Wang
Let's go AMD!
Jacksepticeye Fandom
Rename video - UPTO
i3 7360X FTW, I'll buy it to cut some onions in my kitchen
would you work for intel?
Aries Might
This is one of your calmer deep down to earth, Informative videos. You should produce them all in this fashion. Even slower and calmer if you can. This way we can take in more infermation Both myself and your viewers wouldn't mind. Watching an extre 15-20 minutes of educational footage.
DB Jones
You AND your team always make great videos Linus. But as I watch this one, may I suggest you be more courteous to the people and drivers around you. Just a thought. ;) Looks like you work in a great area. Or, are you on a great vacation? ;) OH, you're in Taiwan... Excellent, enjoy. You... Are... So... Lucky...
I see he has newer videos....so he didnt get hit by a car and killed!! LOL
At PAX West I was interviewed by a group working for a vendor. They were looking for PC builders and I fit the bill (been doing it since the early 90s). They didn't say who they were hired by, but I could swear it was AMD. I told them, while there are fanboys, most people still care about price/performance. The CPU is a buried piece of hardware, you don't see it, and therefore its an infrastructure question, no aesthetically value.

My next system will probably be AMD. The cost of I9 is ridiculous. I could get another video card to SLI.
Is this San Angeles? Will they have spinners in 2019?
Who else was waiting for Linus to get splashed by a car? 🤔😂😂
Joshua B
One of the things I have never understood, and it's most likely just my own ignorance. But why would one need support for more than, or even as much as 16 PCI-E lanes? What market would they be trying to appeal to? Or maybe I am just not understanding what the 16 lanes thing means. Would a single GPU take up more than one lane? and perhaps a lane doesn't necessarily mean a PCI-E slot.
where is x499
The Obsidian Sword
Is it just me or is that Paul at 3:11?
I NEVER return products but I am returning my Gigabyte Intel motherboard in exchange for a similar one with an AM4 socket so I can run a 1700X. I'm sick of Intel right now. 7700K is great, but I want more than 4 cores and I want hyperthreading as well. I can't call my computer a workstation with less than 6 cores......
Rickhard Hartmann
I love this, I have waited for so long for Intel to be flanked.. I dont hate them, I just agree with exactly what Linus points out here. And I AM going to threadrip just for helping them get the game going ;-)
I was always more of the Intel guy then AMD and this whole X-Series-releasing seems like a total panic reaction to me... The only hope I got left for Intel is Coffe-Lake..Maybe they're doing something well-thought on that.. I mean they wanna increase cores in the Mainstream section, but if thats gonna break the deal? I don't know probably for the lower prized CPUs with the i3 getting 4 cores but maaan..AMD really hit 'em with Ryzen and Threadripper
Gregory Franklin
I'll tell you one thing. I know shit about what you're talking about. (And I have been around when they launched the "First" Mac in the 80's) It's your passion that grabs me and tells me that there's something wrong or incorrect that going on. I don't think you get down to the point of reading this since you have another 16k of comments. But understand one thing. You're doing OUTSTANDING work that the entire community can count on. Keep it up, and keep on pushing for change and understanding.
Not fucking soldered. Fuck that shit.
u talk a bit too much
Cucky the White Guy
This is like a stupid drama autists would love.
Alex Martinez
New drinking game: Take a shot every time Linus says "up to"
Jan Shapori
Intel is shit. Intel gave only 4 core CPU for last 10 years, now suddenly they come with 18 core CPU
Because AMD gave 16 core CPU. never buy Intel sh..it
They are hypocrites.
Intel still dominates the Gaming Scene always will, however Linus is speaking the truth here!!!
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