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CORRECTION: Intel has specified pricing - it doesn't really change any of my points -LS
Lopez Alehandro
I came back for the thumbnail, that was an AWESOME thumbnail
Scienciness Gut
It's almost as if Intel is crossing a busy intersection and is so
focused internally that they don't realize their path is causing
confusion and obstruction for others as they pontificate and try to put their thoughts into words or actions, and it's sad because the light has already changed...or some other metaphor that works for about 5:54 in this video.
Joshua Ross
"Build the best thing you can for the best price you can deliver it, and your not going to get get blind sighted by a competitor who walks in and delivers something way better for a lower price." -
Yes! Amen, that is the crux of the matter!
Rick K
Follow the money πŸ’°
Benjaminachev Studio Videos
Fair Linus
Kaha K
$AMD a $11.74B Mkt Cap... they compete with $INTC $163.76B Mkt Cap.. and $NVDA $96.11B Mkt Cap... and $AMD is kicking ass!

Investment opportunity here?
Cory Scopis
i cant decide between extreme or threadripper ol 4790k is gettin outdated
I know you guys are using a rode mic, but the background scenery is peacefully silent in this type of vlog.
You have just said what i was thinking :). Im 31 and i still playing strong on csgo, global elite xD and battlegrounds. And i want the best i can get, for a nice price for gaming! Not less, but dont waste money on "nothing"...
Ben Walker
amd from the start, intel always overpriced shit. The ryzen has the same performance as the i3 and even some i5 for a lot less brand new than intel used
Hell the amd ryzens are better than a lot of intel i5s and intel i7s. Not to mention the monster of a beast. THE THREADRIPPER.
i9 = for rich people
sid vicious
Linus, I have a six core x-99 and you gave me a reason to not even consider X299, thank you!!!
How did you get clear voice recording from across the street when I can't even see a LAV or headset on you?.....
Max slayer
I really like the video. Please do more videos like this!
[No Username]
Damn dude you look like shit today
Steven Fraser
Linus I loved your Rick Mercer rant
Egemen Δ°pek
Intel can go ahead and suck my dick.
Need MORE of this type of video, Linus.
Jason Liszka
I personally do not like Intel as a company. I also tend to like AMD as a company. I think people are starting to realize the mistakes Intel is doing with these releases.
Jonni Laumann
just bought x299 with kaby lake-x... all a mess. Changed motherboard 3 times(diff brands), they all had problems . Andatech found the answers.....ended up to switch to my first AMD setup with RYZEN 5 1600, it works like a charm...... Here is why kaby lake x and x299 is a "no no":
Lapis Whovian
I love how at 9:50 the woman just stares.
There, there... I support you...
Paul Bialozor
Seems to me Intel is acting in collusion rather than completion, Intel should just take its own path... Shame on the GREEDY....
N Riv
POWERFUL. You are helping push the consumer market. Trust me you are , youtube is a powerful tool. This video is old and I'm not sure if you will see this comment but I hope it helps
Regulus Azure
lol i'm still using my amd fx 6300 , eat your hearts out intel fan bitches, support AMD!!!!!!!!!
So Intel is becoming Apple? :/
Ram Man
Kids, Linus is not the end all be all know all of chips. Take what he says with a grain of salt. An opinion if you will. If he knew as much as he acts like he does he be working for Intel/AMD or making his own company to compete with them making billions. At the least making millions as a development engineer or head an R&D for one the big name brands designing chips or w/e. He's getting these numbers from what we call on the box and mixing in his opinions.
Think about this, if he was offered any chip on the market for free to upgrade to right this second, do you think he would decline the best/newest chip? ; even if its only a "rebranding" as he says. Of course he wouldn't. Why? Cause its better.... If only by a small amount, it's still better. He knows this. Don't be mistaken. He will be running a complete suite of all i9 machines the instant he receives them for free kids. Then a video will come out how great they are and blah blah. Its called the YouTube business.
Space Cadet
you'll prize my 4930 out of my cold dead hands
The Creators
x299 is really odd to me as well.... if I was to manufacture boards for these CPUS , I most likely would build separate boards complying to the specs of different CPUS. I did the math it would be a lot cheaper for manufacturers to apply this idea rather than build boards complying to the max specs of x299
Dillon Burnett
Is this the end of intel?
Kaito Nakajima
looks like AMD won on the CPU side of the competition. the question is..... VOLTA
Was never really a fan of AMD, my first computer build ever i went with the Intel i5 2500K I've been an intel fan since, but I agree, this whole i9 thing is just stupid... this actually might get me to switch to AMD... this was just so pathetic. Im actually ashamed to be an intel fan right now.
Kelly Nowell
Many of the bug companies seem to be on a tear leading with GREED...
Jon R. Pejtersen
I agree with Linus point of views. I'm a tech geek myself. BUT it is just about money these days. I think the reason Intel is waiting for AMD's move, is because they are the Champion, and AMD is the Challenger. Intel has a lot bigger market share, and because of their brand they can sell a lesser product for the same money.
They want to spend Just the acquired amount of money on R&D , and will do whatever to manipulate the marked with smart marketing, with their new products. So we have here, Intel as the dominating champion, who are just reading out the challenger AMD's moves, and figuring out how to defend. Easier to defend when you have the power to do so. Intel don't care about providing the Better product anymore (sorry to say that Engineering pride n glory is gone). All the big manufactures care about, is making money. That is where the power in this business lies today.
Jeez, be careful Linus.
Waving that gigantic nose around in public, that's a Lawsuit waiting to happen/
Caleb Mcjunkin
That's rediculous. Is Intel so bound and determined to look better than AMD, that they will do this? First AMD haters say that they Ryzen processors are not as good as Intel, because a chip that is FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS more out performs it a little bit. Now Intel says, "OH No! AMD has something good coming out. Lets throw something together and make them look bad. Well now maybe people will stop discounting AMD and worshiping the holy Intel as the only credible processor company.
Blast0FF Gaming
Although the camera man ran the red light near the end of the video...
we still love you, Linus, we welcome you to Taiwan at any time :)
AMD has had this wave of awesome tech in development for years, intel just cant come back that fast
Great video. Liked the rant and I'm glad it was said and almost 2.5 million views :)
The fall of Intel is inevitable now.
Windows Vista
I used to love Intel, but this has made me change my mind.
Albert Moff
Sad face
Sami Rantanen
Remember people, without AMD we'd still be running 32-bit operation systems! At least the Linux side of world known that x86_64 is actually amd64.
Robert Brumley
Sounds more like a server platform than a gaming board and processor. Very expensive. I'm very happy with my 6th generation 6850K X99 platform as it plays games very well with EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 SC and excellent for my business. The 6 core processor overclocks extremely well on liquid cooling. I don't believe the price of the X299 is worth it but as time goes by we will see how well they perform on Futuremark. I don't see any AMD's at or even near the top dogs on Futuremark yet, Nothing but Intels, so much for Ryzen. Until I see Ryzen at least in the top 20 on Futuremark I cannot justify their performance as being all that great. The only thing that may justify Ryzen is it's much lower price for people on a budget that want decent gaming performance. Intels are pricy
he got Vancouver on a good day
Hey guys if you guys get my YouTube channel to 100 subscribers then I will make a code i9 and X299 build
Get me to 100 subs and I will make core i9 X299 computer build
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