I have some things to say - Core i9 & X299

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Intel's X299 launch and new Core i9 processors inspired me to create this video...

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Linus Tech Tips
CORRECTION: Intel has specified pricing - it doesn't really change any of my points -LS
The Pyroclastic Flow
Thanks to Ryzen, Intel gave their i3 8th gen two more cores. Thanks Intel, but ill stick with Ryzen.
what city is that? anyone?
The industry is as dirty as those windows these days.
So is the nissan better than a toyota?
Thomas Matteo
5:40 - Linus is a dick to traffic.
Brandon Taylor
i bed all the people in the background were like, "what the heck is this guy talking about?"
xed alpha
If he walked any further he'd end up back at the LMG office.
The Dishonored _
Die, Master Monkey
So I was walking down the street and this guy walks up and just starts going on and on about ripping threads and getting "intel"...I ran as fast as I could ya'all...
Rome Pierce
Love your raw,honest,upfront opinion. Not holding anything back. For someone who knows little to nothing about building PCs,who is going to build one very soon,thank you for the awesome info!!! More videos like these,unbiased options on products,would be greatly appreciated!!!
Ibai Verschueren
13:25 The light is red... Wow, respect the rules, maybe? ;)
unfortunately this is just common business practice..if AMD has had no potent answer to Intel in the past, then of course Intel has no REASON to shell out on research and so on..that's just the nature of competition, unfortunately, without a strong competition innovation stagnates,,sad, but true.
Intel doesnt really give a shit about how you feel and what your needs are.

All they are interested is in selling as much as possible.

I have no idea why Linus is addressing this as if Intel somehow cares about its customers or people in general.
Pax Justica
Ok so... the Optane 900P is out. I'm ready to build. WHAT DO I DO? I'm so eff'ing confused right now. I picked the WORST time in tech history to build another machine. I need a therapist.
҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉
hmm... i ll stick with i7... one reason is the i9 is too expensive... the chip + the mainboard + a grafics card = brain fucking expensive... u can get one of the best i7 setup on the market for about 350... msi z370 mainboard + i7 8700k ... and add to this a gtx 1080 and u can do anything...
҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉
hmm... this is like porn for computer freaks... not a hardcore porn like featuring quad gtx titan Xp's but thats also nice...
john boe
I might hold out on my x299 build. The MoBo i want is feature packed but the processors have so much to be desired.
U look tired here Linus
Locutus Berry
Very nice looking city.
vijay surendran
i think intel is unable to cut costs for their line up coz their low yields for their gargantuan processors wont allow it ..
vijay surendran
infinity fabric anyone ?? :D
Mukul Mina
where are you from
Anany Shrestth
Why Does He Look Like He Has Been Beaten Hard In Heavy Rain And Has Not Been Allowed To Sleep For A Week😂😂😂
Its time to switch sides..
James Aplin
I think intel should have stayed with the LGA2011-3
Scott Dinh
down with big gorilla Intel
Don Wald
Hi Linus, Intel here. Thank you for your feedback. I'll let your rep know that he doesn't need to send you any more samples. Suck it!
marcus clines
Intel can't build crap
anyone knows whats the background music near the end is?
Totally fair. My fellow enthusiast friends are completely bypassing X299. And we certainly will not be going with intel. AMD is the only choice right now, and perhaps will be ever. The direction intel has taken has completely botched our trust as consumers, esp. with the move toward propriety. Also the prices are insane.
Buck Dodgers
AMD !!! Here i come .... Ive have made my choice ....
Phi Phenomenon
4:37 is that a giant pile of garbage just sitting on the sidewalk?
Little Johnny69
its called fanboying
Amer Mohamed
intel paniced hard when amd realeased ryzen and threadripper i really do agree with linus
Sam Can
can i just point out that amd FX chips have 8 cores and they are really old sure they dont nessarly preform as well per core however ive never had any issues with a fx 9590 underclocked to 4.0GHz
and i can say thats litraly what i was thinking with there release and t oadd more insult intel then released there 8xxx series nearly a year early so that does say somthing about it
David Garino
Ok. Well, I'm a novice techie, and I trust your word.
I guess I need to just stay with the 7700k for my new build, or take a look into the Ryzen and Thread Ripper scene. Although, I haven't been with AMD since the 1090T Black was fresh.
Why did building a high end gamer have to get so confusing?
Duane Degn
Great video! As others have commented, the sound was great even for being outside.
My one complaint is the video shake near the end. It was really hard to watch. If you do more videos like this (and I hope you do), maybe you can get some sort of gimbal for the camera?
Even with the shake, it was still a great video. Keep up the good work.
John Carter
In Taiwan! Then pick me up 2 Love Doll! :P
John Carter
Linus In JAPAN! O.SH*T....pick me up a Love doll while your over there m8!
Eudécio Gabriel
4:30 I really don't agree
Thank The Moon
Not only are they fair and do I want you to take more walks, but how can they even justify 16 Lanes on any platform anymore? Ryzen is said to come standard across all platforms with 24 Lanes, 20 being usable. Does Intel just not care that Ryzen and Threadripper are genuinely better products? Oh and the x399 and x370 boards are cheaper than Intel has ever been and are getting to a point where that are the same quality. My MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 is as good as the Z270 maybe even the Z370
Andrés Coronado
Since I almost know nothing about PC hardware/software (and electronics in general) and since I know english well enough but isn't my native lenguaje... I don't fully get a single sentence on this video, but I can see pretty clear his frustration xd
Squish Parodies
Soon your going to be able to filter your drinking water through your motherboard
So glad I opted for 2011-3 i9 doesn't have anything on i7 as it currently stands. Give me 40 lanes and I'll turn this rig around.
Perfectionist Mind
Up to up to up to up to up to
Advent Seph
I'm talking about smog btw, not anything racist
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