players have to respect coach decisions
david butler
Spouse acknowledge electronic absorb law valley assess check remark track ban vary.
John Cobblestones
At least Ronaldo high fived with Zidane
What is this professional footballers or lil 5 year olds fml
every player has disappointed moment
even he is topclass player
qhy snlxkd
qhy snlxkd
3:7 ali
qhy snlxkd
0:16 roben
Football Geek!!!
have a look over my channel and if you like it please subscrive
Soma Biswas
plz translate wht cr7 said at 2: 48 2: 50
sylvie marie
wtf while i was watching this video im watching a world cup cualifiers game(Netherlands vs Luxemburg) Luxemburg did a substitution and the player started to kick everythibgπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Raka Sanjaya
Hesham Abdo
Mido incident was the most terrible one and he clashed with the managers verbal and physical offences.
Help me guyz with bet teams that can make me rich
Ugur Ibrahimli
It's great
AnDiSo 11 Design
Im albanian people
kimmy 36d
Oh no , I've been substituted and I'm only on a million a minute. Maybe I should behave like a cunt and fund terrorists while people starve. CUNTS
Tiziano Bontempi
Neymar - Barcelona? More like Neymar PSG xdddddddddddd
yAble1521 Yohannes
LAMAR Thomas
Ubsee these players think they r to good to get sub but sub is for any player. Riobben ronaldo naymar they r great but angry when sub so sad
robby rensenbrink
well paid children
edde kebe
James Rodriguez is a nice guy, his anger is not like others
Shadder Ojandeigh
I agree players should never be substituted no matter what.
Luis GB Plays
Pfarelo Magota
Mikhado fc
Antek Karcz
Bibik INDONmaling
Şükrü Gaming
shayel parsa
James Rodriguez don't reserve that
Gabriel Viveiros
este video huele a james por todos lados
Neymar is Italian?
Snorlax man
Once in a U13 football match, the captain and I get subbed just after we just start, we 2 are just jeep sweating on the bench all the time
Donavyn 74
i dont like to get subbed off only if I'm super tired, or I'm hurt
Crazy Football
Real Madrid has a problem with changes and respect
You should see Arjen Robben he went off when The Netherlands played Germany at Euro 2012
Pls subscribe to my channel (:
RP 2
Ronaldo was not angry in man utd one because he was substituted
he was angry because he was shown a red card
get your info right and stop hating on him u cunt
iiF Kovacic
judul lagu
Vitor Santos
Dybala totally owned the coach ahah
Anthony Long
I know we all want to play the full game, but if we're gonna be subbed off, we gotta just accept it.
BebasParkir ID
They was amazing guys
Sultan Iskandar
What this song?
Challenger Gang
I think it should be up to the player I mean of he's playing bad then fine but if he wants to keep going And isn't tired why take him out? they should ask them , do hand signals lol
dy bek
Zulfadhli Zulkiply
ok la tu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Thumbnail says 6 min but it 5:59😱
Will Sprunger
what i realized from this video makes me realize real madrid has some really salty players 30 percent of this video was real madrid
what name song
Victor Medrano
suarez was pissed because the coach didnt put him to play, he was neither subbed in or out
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