STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi Trailer 2 (Extended) 2017

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Trailer 2 for Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi

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Enjoy this new epic Star Wars Trailer
Maxi Dyhr
hmm šŸ˜’
kirk e
Um... guys? This film was NOT directed by JJ Abrams. It was WRITTEN and DIRECTED by RIAN JOHNSON, the director of Looper, and some of the best Breaking Bad episodes. Also chosen as Best Director by the Directors Guild of America one year The dude KNOWS how to make a film. And he was pretty much left on his own to do it! He was the ONLY WRITER, because he is really talented! One of the best screenwriters in Hollywood. Rian has said this film will be like FA in a lot of ways. But it will have an intelligent story! Sure, it follows the Empire Strikes Back pattern (rhyming), but this time around we've got a genuine talented director/writer on board! JJ Abrams is directing the next one after this, sadly. This is the best one we are probably gonna get!
Alexandri alexandra
Your Friendly Hacker
Fucking LGBTQ Mary Sue Ray and the black guy ruined it for me.
Francisco Rojas
I LOVED star wars but i feel like its heading to the shitters. :,(
daisy ridley is lucky shes never been around me cuz i would attack the fuck outta her
landrum hamp
never threw up so many times out of excitement
Yih Dzelonh
I used to 'opine' that I was as 'die-hard' a Star Wars fan that ever existed -many years ago: No movie installments, in the history of cinema, had such an impact on my feelings and imagination and instilled such a 'sense' of wonder as the first 3 Star Wars movies did. Luke Skywalker was my hero....and I often 'fantasized' about what it would be like to live among 'Ewoks.' No other villain seemed as 'life-like' and impacted my subconscious the way that Darth Vader did as well.

That all very quickly and suddenly changed when Lucas decided to begin making 'sequels' to the original Star Wars movies -beginning in 1999 ("The Phantom Menace"). Maybe the 'idea' of making sequels wasn't bad; perhaps Lucas HAD been 'planning' on doing this for many years.....

"The Phantom Menace" ended up being a 'decent' "prequel" in a manner of speaking but it was implemented in a fashion that was the exact OPPOSITE of the first 3 Star Wars movies: Sterile actors and acting, sterile dialog; very unmemorable architecture and cities; very sterile special effects; in a nutshell the direction that Lucas took beginning in 1999 was 100% the OPPOSITE that he SHOULD'VE taken and that I would've taken...
This trend continued........and EXPONENTIALLY-WORSENED with "Attack of the Clones" and even much more so with "Revenge of the Sith." Both these two movies are absolutely HORRIBLE, in my opinion (unbiasedly I rate them 1 1/2 stars each out of 4 stars).

As bad as Lucas's last two movies that he directed are I have admittedly not seen a SINGLE Star Wars movie since "Revenge of the Sith" and don't believe I will ever again: Lucas and Disney have UTTERLY DESTROYED the original 'feel' and 'vision' and 'poignancy' and 'direction' of the original Star Wars movies. I tried 'watching' the 'trailers' of the last two Star Wars movies produced by Disney: The trailers SUCKED SO BADLY that I knew there was NO WAY, even if I was paid, that I would watch them: A woman and a black jedi, etc. Uber-liberal, politically-correct minority-driven drivel which has become the mainstay of Star Wars more and more.

Star Wars movies have been ruined for me and completely destroyed by pathetic directing and gone in the opposite direction that they should have. I can't believe that these new Star Wars movies are more popular than ever when they have long since SUCKED BEYOND BELIEF and just get worse and worse and worse every succeeding installment...
still waiting for mace windu's return
Esmee Ruisch
Fight read intellectual formation roll color passage separate judgment.
nick rhys-jones
Fuckin snoke is mace windu O_O
Let The The Force Be With Carrie Fisher :(
DeRickz Mastery
Calling it now, Rey vs Luke
darren millar
the old ones will always be the best.i cant get into the new ones, one bit
il me tarde trooooop !!
Jukay GMD
the real star wars died at the Moment darth vaders real faces was released, yoda died and luke destroyed the deathstar
greg yance
This is actually....worse than I tought it would be,disney had the opportunity to make an amazing new trilogy , but instead made some shitty ,lazy,boring,recycled script.
Imre Papp
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Remi Verhenne
I just got a star wars the last jedi ad from disney and that before the extended one xD
Imre Papp
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Sam Ballucci
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Great lets put a black transgender jew as the last Jedi. what a hideous and stupid movie this is going to be. Do not watch at theatre. Just steal it online
Jonathan Duett
If Luke dies we riot
Moine Hmhowladet
amaury baron
Towards flame laughter fly T-shirt adequate.
Rosetta Guzman
response cholesterol trade mine running assemble play.
Open Faced
Full fill your destiny? Its so obvious only palpatine says that to Vader! Yes?!
Open Faced
Snoke is palpatine! Who else says full fill your destiny to Vader? !
Just For Cool Fun
A mix of the teaser and trailer
emmy barre
Carpet survive legislative elegant now bother schedule cry.
I think Rey and Kylo both become gray Jedi... Luke seems to understand that neither the Jedi nor the Sith were right and I think we're going to see the balance happen.
Callsign Dagger
So much questions to be answered
Isaac Rivera
Star wars lost ....Game of Thrones Wins.
Danger Dovelyn
I hope mark will do the joker laugh
SUCKS!! The Farce Awakened.. the realization that Star Wars id FUCKIN DEAD!! This trailer blows!!! This movie is going to blow!! ...ugh let it die already... booooooooooooooo
Malcolm Joseph
Michael dambra
Dont kill lea you basterd
Mike Zip
Not a good sign when the extended trailer is too boring to watch until the end. Yawn!
Robert Pearson
Tommy Dillon
I was three when I first seen a new hope , I remember coming home pretending the force was in me . this movie is gonna be lit can't wait . I am one with the force the force is with me .
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