How Deep into Dirt Will It Go?

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Should've stretched huge sheet of paper or whatever over the target area. You'd find holes easier.

Good idea with digging in shade tho.
You should have laid a mat/old tarp/lots of paper so that you can see where the billeted went in the ground
new somgs
I am 11 and I love the walking dead #ugen should kill Negan with lucell
Epic Jarie
Sub me pls
Sandroom 54
That's what he said literally
Bryan Cowan
A Hurricane didnโ€™t cause the flood in Texas it was just a 50 cal
Tucker Hilton
And all kinds of guns like Nerf guns regular guns like that just make noise but don't shoot I have this military backpack it's I mean it's like a military backpack
Tucker Hilton
You're just like me my dad bought me a military vest and I use it like I'm in the military and their zombies around me and I kill him cuz I have a Nerf gun and all kinds of guns like Nerf and ones that just make noise I have this backpack that's like a military backpack
Joy Oldfield
Danny Schwab
I really enjoyed it. The only part I didn't like was bullies picking on some that comment. I like YouTube but the bullies the trolls the our dick head ass munchers there just making YouTube suck. But I liked the vidoe wish you could have found it ide live to see it smashed. Maybe next time. But the one that went in them out that was cool as shit. Never seen that way cool. Then for the last comment. I'm surprised I didn't read bad things I mean no that what she said it that's what he said nothen. I didn't even here my ex scream your almost there jump higher to get deeper. Lol sorry had to. But anyway good job man them 50 Cal big bullets. I'm making a shadow box for my little girl she wants to hunt I'm trying to get her out. But I got blessed with 2 empty shells from a YouTuber Edwin he has a great channel. But he's the only one I watch that does crazy shit. So running across your channel I'm gonna watch see what's different in here. But when I get the extra money I'm gonna try to get a few more 50 Cal but not shot. To add to the box I'm making 2. One for my daughter and one for me to save and keep adding for her first born so when there of age the stuff I've made and collected will go to them. I have one daughter raised her by my self 16 years now and almost 17 her birthday the 18th of December. I wanted the box done but got sick my disibilty it's getting bad. But I'll have it done in a few months got alot more bullets to find 2 shot and 3 not. But I'll make a vidoe and add to my channle when I do. But anyway sorry so much to read. Usley I write alot but most don't read anyway and it don't matter I write any way. But if you made it this far it's 11.49pm so Thanksgiving about over but happy Thanksgiving hope your day was awesome mine was ok went to a friend's. We don't have family anymore so was blessed to go see a friend and there family. Have a great weekend god bless
Justin Hilse
I bet it's hard to fish and Hunt on demolition ranch lol
Logan Blackmann
Not me because Iโ€™m nice and that is mean to you.
Razar Campbell
I like this dude. He reminds me that not all americans are a waste of space.
Brady Desjarlais
You big baby
heater peter
Hayden Mack
I lick it when you talk about the holes
Bobby G.
You should of put paper down.
Sifincerted Rodriguez
All Around Youtube
Captain Pandy
at 14:10 it was cringe
Alycia Burch
Have you ever played dying light?
Goat Goat
David Berry
Donโ€™t be jerks
HITandRUN Kwedix
You should have brought a metal detector.
matthew mora
i want to see the haters dig a hole that deep, give you props+bullets are expensive so haters shutup
This episode is really... dirty...
Do It
Why would we make fun of you
Adam Lancer
Magnums are sexy
Aaron Lambeth
See Mythbusters episode that explored this very topic.
Ryan Kvetnyy
Your a rage hacker lol csgo is a dead game
God bless the United States of America
Shoot the subsonic round underwater and see how far it goes
Israel Romero
my guess is that it will go through the crust of the earth and hit the Rock in the Earth,but it's also easy to fine with a shovel
How deep into dirt will it go?

about as deep as I went into your mom last night
women need to get off our backs we work hard for our lives!
Falling Band Outdoors
Suscribe to FallingBandOutdoors
Chuckie AMG
Yes.. we are Matt ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ that is the funniest thing Iโ€™ve ever heard about anything totally unrelated to anything ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
Compleat Installations
lets shoot lead into the water supply as I lie to my wife. smart boy
Emma Emma
A whole bunch of random stuff yee yee a whole bunch of random stuff
C-Note Mac
Thanks a lot dick you just shot someone in China! I hope you're proud...๐Ÿ˜ 
Jessie Tuner
Metal detector
Oh ya you can withstand the kick of a huge ass barret but you cant withstand a kick a revolver
Wil Telemaco
at 5.50 uno mas, one more.
hi I'm person not a cow
A true amarican
syarif hidayat
Thaks man, hope you find what you search and good 4 and every one
Margot Schaumann
๐Ÿ˜‚ that โ€œholeโ€ monologue was great
Mr. Pineapples
This vid sucks I hate. Zombies
Josh A.
video starts at 4:39
dakota Segee
Got the game
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