Introducing the new Surface Pro

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The new Surface Pro is the most versatile laptop. It features 13.5 hours of battery life, a powerful Intel® Core™ processor, the new Alcantara® keyboard in a choice of rich colors, and the next-generation Surface Pen. Now better than ever, the new Surface Pro combines uncompromising mobility with exceptional power and performance. Learn more:

Kemiwasa - Chan
Hi, i have one like this and the screen is cracked and their arent any protectcover thingy.what should i do?
If you guys know please respond to this comment.(thank you)
Will Crone
Lol I have surface pro 4 and love it
hayati .j
i've subscribed..can i get free one of this?💕😁
It seems like you get subpar value for the money with the new 2017 Surface Pro. Here is why I think so:
- The Surface Pen comes standard- not anymore with the new model. It is sold separately for $100. This adds to the cost as Microsoft did NOT lower the price of the base device at all to compensate for the lack of the previously included Surface Pen. This is just another way for Microsoft to get more money out of you.
- There are very little differences compared to the previous generations of the Surface Pro.
- STILL NO USB TYPE-C PORT! Come on Microsoft, many other manufactures including Apple have included this port on their devices for a couple years now. Microsoft is incompetently moving forward in technology. They still have the Mini DisplayPort connector that nobody else uses anymore.

All in all, I think this is a fine device, but it is overpriced in my opinion.
The new Siri Great
Idk if I buy a laptop or this or iPad Pro?
The new Siri Great
Microsoft where can I buy a surface pro 2017 under 1200$. What will be the Black Friday sale?
Nitin Chauhan
the begging of the song does not go with the video
Jay Griff
I just got one and love it (upgraded from SP3). It's crazy how fast it wakes and logs you in with Windows Hello.
Manisha Mondal
But when is it launching in India ?
The new Siri Great
Microsoft: replaces Touch ID with Face ID.
陳柏豪 4442
This is Surface Pro 5……
The comment section:
25% Apple fanboys in crisis
25% people complaining that it’s only available in the USA.
25% comments regarding Microsoft reuploading for the 4th time.
10% Microsoft extremists being mean to Apple.
10% retards shitposting
2.5% people like me posting cool shit.
2.5% people appreciating the product.
Rodolfo valdez Canales
Steeling money from thousand of people is how Bill Gates is a philanthropist,the surface pro 4 is a epiletic tablet, i am student from Nicaragua (second poorest country in America) who saved momey for over a year to buy this product, and what i got as thousand of people a shaky screen that makes the device unuseful.

Dont buy it, it is the best advice that i can give you, it looks beautiful but it does not work

Muhammad Nur Hasan Firdaus
Bye bye apple!
For a second at the beginning I thought Aerosmith I don't wanna miss a thing was playing
ahmed sallam
Can I get it, please?
Please tell me... I've only been an Apple user my whole life. Do I think Apple has been screwing up royally, as of late? Yes! Is there an alternative? Yes. But before I go down this path, I find the Windows operating clumsy and not intuitive. How much of a learning curve will it take? I even find that the Windows icons on the apps are not as efficient or as intelligently designed.
harrison herring
microsoft need to shoot these in 4k
Patiently waiting for the surface pro 6 so I can get a quad core CPU with usb type C
Race Master
what a mess
Cap Huu Hoang Dong
why Microsoft couldn't make phones like this.
I mean...they are fully capable...
The new configurations should be

Surface laptop:
128gb - 8gb ram - core m (no alcantara)
256gb - 8gb ram - core m (no alcantara)

Surface pro:
128gb - 8gb ram - core i5
256gb - 8gb ram - core i5

Surface book:
256gb - 8gb ram - core i5 - gpu
512gb - 16gb ram - core i7 - gpu

Surface Studio:
only the screen :D
Constant Mathieu
So the name is "New surface pro" ??
Aymen Belacel
too expensive
Totaly overpriced. No usb-C. Just stupid. End of the story.
Rajesh Banka
I have it it’s awesome
N Lap
Rodolfo valdez Canales
mohammed aadhil
Jz wat I want it
Sara Show
I have it okay edit comment and like if you want me to do a review
Why have not thunderbolt 3 ??
Welcome back Microsoft
Kishore S
The Surface pro had that amazing scene where the guy picks up the pro book
That is simply Epic
Kishore S
The Surface pro had that amazing scene where the guy picks up the pro book
That is simply Epic
Adolfo Bouchot II
Nice! I want one... And then, install it Mac OS XD. Then I'll got the best of both worlds.
Gonçalo Santos
GameChanger :)
Baking madness kieran
this looks like a rip off from apple
Thomas H
RedSnake e
Microsoft best
SgliftFilmer9030 Productions
Getting a new Surface Pro Soon
You know the windows hello name was Shanghai because it was released there.
I agree.. This is my favorite too. I have the surface pro 4 but still, Microsoft is better than apple. I'm subscribing.
It looks the EXACT same as the 4, is there any real improvements here

Same spec models, likely marginally but unnoticeably better.

50% extra battery life seems to be the only good thing here. The speakers may be better but they won't be great seen as its a tablet anyways and the sp4s speakers are fine.
Putting it on my wish list now...
Meme Master
4k display????
NVIDIA Geforce???
Core i9???

but it still can run tetris 😉
fadhly azzuhry
hmm this looks good but hella expensive
Z Werk
What about lightbleed?! I am returning 3rd Surface Pro, this has been awful experience!
Kai Yan
not much improvement, I'll wait and see next gen
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