Abhishek Tiwari
First u give money to chinese company then they will shoot our soldiers.
iPhone 7 oneplus edition
Armand Soler Martรญ
WTF why so much hate to such a good phone. Just because it has two cameras? It should be considered as a plus... OnePlus...
Daneshwaran M
I was here.....2.95M...๐Ÿ˜Ž
Can hardly wait....
Gurinder gill
front side is not looking good
imAkshay Official
They should have revised the op1 Hardware instead of copying iPhone 7
alexia fulwood
Really good people
Jesse K
Wait for Apple to sue your ass
wnat to know the special edition of 1 plus 5

equals 6
Tech & Gaming Network
Can't wait!
4000 Mah Battery capacity please God c'mon ๐Ÿ™
Jesse K
You all literally just copied Apple and changed the Apple sign at the back I hope Apple will sue you all
Alex Vapes
All these dumbasses crying about how the phone LOOKS like a fucking iPhone. Honestly, who the fuck cares?

The unbeatable specs are still there at an unbeatable price point (which is the initial idea and marketing triumph of OnePlus) and you guys are crying about the looks of the phone. Wow.

You won't most likely even see the back of the phone that often because, guess what, you will be looking the SCREEN and enjoying the famous OnePlus speed for most of the time.

Fuck me dead these people are stupid.
Jamaal Barrie
they better have sandstone
Marioissi Roblox
OnePlus. How much RAM it has?
Esa Skykke
This ad cost a fortune.
Leo S
They are literally copying iphone 7๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
Matias Fรฅgel
onepluse were meant to destroy the iphones, not join them!
Joan Tello
I think One plus will learn this year that their customers want a truly unique design (even though they should know that already) and make the OP6 amazing!
fausto161 HD
subcribe me
????? ??????
it equals six
oh great. I just got a 3t (great price for performance btw - do reccomend) now this shit is coming out. unless the specs are CONCIDERABLY better than the specs of this phone I'm not getting hyped.
Lol, the comments are fucked up... you barely see anything of the phone, get almost no info and everyone is bitching already because they think dual cameras automatically make the phone cost over 500 and be an iphone clone ...

fucking retards... 2 cams with different focal length is awesome for photography! and it actually looks like there are no dual frontcams, which is also great as that would defenitely be a waste!

And also... i might be wrong, but to me it looks like the sandstone finish has returned... the material around the 1+ logo looks a little similiar to what is on the back of my OnePlus One...
i might be wrong though.
James Bond
Guys calm down its a black phone there are not a million ways to design a black slim smartphone
Death By Sniper
this looks so much like apple
Mo Ji
one plus 5 is 6
I think the raygun mark 2 has a nice design.
Android EMU
No point with the teaser already ordered the best phone of 2017 the one and only Xperia XZ Premium๐Ÿ˜Ž
equals 6
Pusku Traktori
Wait for Nokia 9 and think again! #UniteFor
Who Are You !
Your making these every year?
Not so popular kid
They have actually ruined it with the iPhone look
1H 8Mins
Jack Le voi
Is it called the 6?
no need to wait till 5 pm. one plus 5 equals 6
Unbekannt 100
Eins zu eins apple
Pulse Heltic
OnePlus 5 equals 6
So... IPhone 7 back and one+ front.

Hamza Ameer
This phone looks sickkkkkk
i am
i hope they troll us with the design
Billy Wong
So good ๅฅฝๅ˜ข....
Cheap iPhone 7 plus really
Dany AL
the recent upgrade for my 3T eats the battery like in half a day.. the same usage I did before gave me battery for the whole day...and I read in many places that you will put a smaller battery on the OP5 , makes me think of a typical Chinese strategy.....

launch a software upgrade that will downgrade your phone so you can upgrade a physical phone with a smaller capacity battery but because software makes it better.... Fck that!!
Bondexus Gaming
The Oneplus is all about the specs!
iPhone 7 ripoff
iphone 7 2
mew tuu
saanko oneplussin
Our House Niittylรค
Its shit, because it has to shove ads in your face instead of word of mouth
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