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EZ. I would employ them, before they employ me !
OBluestreak Z
it would suck to be the only person around for miles AND BE HOMELESS!
Gh0s7 BR
The 3 brazilians would be like: Passa o dinheiro, ô buc*ta! (Gimme da moneh, ya cunt!) And then would kill each other (because you know how Brazil works...) and i am brazilian
Some Person
only 100 people on earth, plot twist, turns out they are all gay/lesbian.
illy jay
The fuck there are more muslims then there are christians get your facts straight
Krystal Myth
This was not the video I thought I was going to watch.
Shekhar Pandey
Amazing but it isn't hundustani it is hindi...
Bibek Lama
Then i would get to fuck every girl😂😂
Mohammed Rashid
You are just comparing by the ratio. But think if there are really only 100 ppl then none of them will starve . All of then will have enough resources. But what are you talking about
D1nosaur 1000
when you said 90 people were right handed and 10 people are left handed you put them on the wrong side and it made me mad
A Canadian Hero
THE 100!!!!!
Buk Chao
Just have sex
Jedvine Alzate
Its Just Easy Men And Women Do Their Thing To Gain More Population Commonsense Hahahahah
XLLTV extralargelifetv
this already happened and no one had a cell phone car internet did not exist and
MagicBurrito TV
There wouldnt be enough genetic diversity so the human race would die off
good news❗️
Jason Ultimate Cuber
And if I was one of the 100 people, AM i the only one who can solve the Rubik's Cube?
Jason Ultimate Cuber
How many people of the 100 should solve the Rubik's Cube?
Bhavy Doshi
hindustani isn't a language though
Andrew Harten
Since when was Hindustani a language??!!!
Janine P. Francisco
You just got a new subscriber! Keep it up
Simon U
great video, thx alot! you are mixing up the "less-then", "greater-then" symbols, when you summarise the annual economy (@min5). should be the other way around ;) really
Sorry but this is bullshit
If it's only 100 people on earth we'd fuck until we're back to 8 billion people.
Ranch It up
wait 50 people can be part of 180 different civilizations? did I miss something?
Denibe Jay Montederamos
How many gamers
David Hill
4:42 Too bad theres no more FUCKING economy
David Hill
In the unlikely event that I see another person, since I would think I am the last: grabs gun NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.
Joseph Carrier
Lame! If there are only that many people in the world then why would they still go to school? NO no this is so stupid! Why would they wait so long before they make people social connections? Marriage at the age of 29 to 32? What is this? No one can dictate that. Employment? Only if they want to live do they work for the things they need. But there is no fascist government controlling system to tell them what to do or how to live. Wealth is still a thing? Dude no! This is so stupid and wrong! What good is money when there are no bankers left to monopolize it? Money wouldn't be a thing in a world like this. That one person out there alone has a better chance of surviving off the land with no one else tell him what to do. Tobacco products? Only if they continue to make that for themselves. The tobacco companies are not automatic. Come on! This whole theory is outrageous!
Erwin Rommel
1 guy is homeless but is richest and owns a continent
Simon Tsehaye
How’s this interesting? All you’re doing is giving statistics of the current state of the world. You can replace people with percentage and it would be the exact same thing. You made it seem like this was a thought experiment when it was just stating boring facts about the demographics of the world anyone can look up in Wikipedia.
Ben Schwarz
hold on why does being unemployed matter the entire government has shut down and money is meaningless
also couldn't the homeless people just find an abandoned home and toilet? 100 of them now own a vehicle because hey look it's a vehicle it's mine now because there are millions of these things and only 100 people that can use them.

i know this is just statistics of 100 random people on earth but why did you create a apocalyptic scenario exactly?
Jacob Morley
Only 60% of the population have a toilet. We call this the 21st Century?
Jaismin Taneja
That means that i AM 10 percent who are left - handed?
Mr Aadyn clapping and more
What about hawaii
Aditya Banka
Wtf is hindustani
Miss Alyss
Only 100 people? They will return to being cave men.and tribesmen
shikhar goel
Hindustani is not a language.
mango mouse
80 has phones but 60 has toilets? wtf
Sofia's fun adventures!
0:52 I am an Australian and when Americans say ociana there accent just makes it sound so funny
Walker Farnsworth
I was expecting this to be a scenario where a single group of 100 people must rebuild society rather than this, but okay...
Id get my phone be like: WTF IS GOING ON EVRYONE IS GONE PLZ HALP!!!
bob lobsters
Ok ok ok how can they have a iPhone it doesn’t make sense
One word: incest
Epiphany Gaming
i swear if my math teacher brings this up in class...
Noor Mohshin
If one people lived on earth only one of his fingers would be in Australia.
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