What If Only 100 People Existed on Earth?

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The world population is sometimes quite difficult to understand. To make things easier, what would the global demographics look like if we shrunk the entire world population down to just 100 people, but kept the diverse makeup of humanity as similar as possible to what it is at 7.5 billion people?

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Ich bin der Deutsche mois
Oddly, the one homeless guy owns more than 50% of the worlds money. Cheap bastard.
Angel Rojas
God Damn... This was Useless for me.
Dit is Joep
Great interesting video! Lives it!!!
Akash Mengi
no such language as hindustani.. its called hindi
if there was only 100 people on earth id take over the entire world and enslave all the people so i could live out my fantasies
Ethan Yang
Am I the only one who's appreciating how he got the scales of the continents accurate on the map where he showed how many people per continent?
Jeff corsiglia
Hold up, with only 100 people on Earth I am pretty sure no one would starve or be unemployed. I do feel sorry for the homeless starving person who is unemployed. That's sorta effed up especially when you have that one asshole that is rich as hell.
Jeff corsiglia
Wait, what the hell only four Americans?
Bamlak Bekele
wow percentages IM AMAZED
Charlie Li
X. X x. X xx. C
Shahad Mohammed
يا خي انت عربي ولا اجنبي؟
Ali Napster
99 women and one man meeeee
Ricardo NGHH
isn't only 48% of human population male
What if they make more people
if there were 100 people everyone would live in mansions what you talking about
Homero Lopez
Kalle zudemoh
Who is that person with 50% of the money?
Mysterious_ Gamer
Oh that Only person is gonna die from all those animals

And I'm gonna be 11 in America
Flower Swag
5:05 thats sad
Stuart MacLeod
You trying to brainwash us into a bunch of commies?
Luis Concepcion
100 people in this society watch porn.
AA Nomad
And 10 of the muslims are terrorists...
Joesph Collins
Brilliant vid.
but there's 63 genders i don't get this
Richard Rensing
So 53 people would be citizens of 187 countries... how tf??
Quinn Baker-Garters
anyone else count the people?
Stoic Observer
That one lonely guy in Australia is likely the starving one, standing around homeless on a continent all by himself....poor Aussie... Maybe it is because he has AIDs.... At least he has a net worth over a million. That is a small comfort to say the least. But it also sucks that those 15 smokers own all the pollution belching motor vehicles.
Joseph Omole
2 Nigerians too
the one wealthy person is Mark Zuckerberg
Ryan Yang
I will be very glad because there are no competitions around the world anymore .....
1 rich refugee homeless starving lonely German with aids
Duck Wizard
jozef joe
meanwhile there is a still a lonely guy in australia
Sk Ork
yo wtf how u spend ur time 17 will have twitter 8 people will have youtube wtf.
DiamondCraft // Games And Fights
8 People Drink Chocolate milk to help themselves grow XD
RedLolz Gaming
such simple math but still beautiful
Viktor Nikolov
um did he make this up..
FreddyFazbear 123
i would be the 3 brazilians? wow now i am much HAPPY =D i can do wathever i want. with 3 more ppls.
i would not have religion and i would be 12 years old and i will speak PORTUGUESE. from brazil lel
Spongebob Schwammkopf
5:03 this ONE person is ....... DONALD TRUMP SUPRISE
Thomas K
If there's just 100 ppl, there would be enough food so no 11 malnourished and not one starving!
Ashutosh Gawali
who did tell u that Indians speak Hindustani???
I have had enough of this thing. I want to tell all the ignorant unaware non-indians that we speak "Hindi"
Mind it!!!
You mixed up the > & < symbols though.
James Bond
100 people? why need degree and other shits at all
Ria Ria
Wow imagine how easy it would be to help people of there was only 100 people on earth
Eljee Beldad
There would be more people in about 9 months
navin rockz
Hindustani isn't even a Language... Dumbo....
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