Why I Left

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I wanted to share my side of the story to my viewers who has been supporting me since day 1. This video is dedicated to you. Thank you for all your support and inspiration you have given me during my 10 years on YT. I wouldn't be here because of you. 💜

Projects I worked on during the year I was gone.

My beauty brand - https://www.emcosmetics.com/
Cruelty Free. Vegan Products. Made in USA

My web comic. Free to read  - http://www.heliosfemina.com
[ I recently made updates to season 1. I added new music for Ch. 1 - 9 ]

 ♪  music  ♫ 
Kristofferson - 
"Where Do Tears Go" 
"Broken Fairy Lullaby"
Please support his music! He's an independent artist and creates the most magical songs. ♪ 

My IG : https://www.instagram.com/michellephan/
EM IG : https://www.instagram.com/emcosmetics/

Artist : https://www.instagram.com/averyota/
Video editor : Me 

This video is not sponsored.

My first time i have ever heared about this channel. I am amazed this has 8milj subs.
LPS Andrea TV
Whoev disliked this...are the monsters in my mind...jk I don't have depression but this is sad :(
Yustitia Ayu
I miss you, Mish.
Micah Liam Torres
Michelle, i loved watching your videos before because they were raw, sincere and the fact that they were very natural that everybody can relate to. Please go back to what really make you happy. U are enough already even before "the famous Michelle Phan"...
Pusheen kitten
keke and tofo
Keke: this was touching😢😢😢
Alisha Arora (2025)
You Have US. You Inspire US and Encourage Us to follow our dreams!!! Thank You
Still waiting for you to come back...... </3
Aaliyah Keef
When she said “happiness came with a cost I had to honor what I sign in the doted line” did she mean she sold her sold ? That’s why she become so unhappy and said that money brought the worst on people?
Hiqlimah diaz
I miss you
Haya Jamil
I can't look at her videos the same anymore. Is it just me?
Diaries of Nel Bel
Please come back =(
Diana Maria
When are you going to make some videos?
Paul Reade
I love people who do this because it makes u learn what happens to other people and I love it
AxxSofi .x
Preethi Prahalathan
Michelle do more of pillow talk videos. Please don't leave this channel. Waiting for your next upload.
Enrique Alvarado
God, the universe, or whatever higher power you believe in always have 3 answers for you:

1.- Yes
2.- Not yet
3.- I have something better

This is SO inspiring.
I just turned 18 years old, I'm about to start college but I don't feel like that's what I trult want. I want to pursue my true dreams, and I'm still trying to find out how to do it.

Good luck to me and everyone else trying to achieve our concept of happiness and success. 💛✨
abby's nook
This inspired me so! Lots of love from ph!
Sunflower Sun
What a crock pot of crap many words that mean nothing. You are to vain to even know what life is God grow up then come back cause you still aren’t happy and you don’t have a clue about real adult life chick
Michelle YuChao
wish you all the best~
Anabella Castillo
Wish you all the best in your journey! ❤️
It'sNoraL 123
We shouldn’t be sad bc she left we should be happy for her just look at her all happy now iam happy for you Michelle❤️🙏🏻 (GOODBYE)😊😢
Chuck Nitty
Jessica Duran
I wonder what happened to her and dom..
Grace Turner
Thats deep
Lola Ruisseau
Kendall Cs
What happened to dom??
enrique arturo montalvo jimenez
Gracias por ser tan valiente, gracias por ser quien realmente eres.
fransisca yaniarsih
This is crap.. I don't believe this, she is still selling things
dario gutierrez
wow your so kind and i feel bad
Genesis Benitez
im confused. was this video a way of her saying she leaving YT?
rimmi singh
go chase your dreams Michelle... stay blessed and happy!!!! dear...tons of love
I miss her so much ! 😢
Keanna Gimbel
We love you Michelle ! Keep pushing thru
Michell I hope yo feel better, we miss you so much I love your videos, you are a fantastic girl, you are beautiful, intelligent, elegant, sweet and incredible, you are amazing and still been so nice and simple to same time, I really really hope you feel good and be happy because you are wonderful, wen I'm sad I see your videos and I feel so happy because your voice it's sweet and confortable, blessing... and good luck 😉
Trisha JOnes
Maiya Luces
Glad your in a better place!❤️
Shadona gamer 52 AA
Money can buy happiness but it can't make it last
RosaCamille Mendez
make videos again please you inspire me so much
Shack Racks
Comeback Michelle
Most inspiring person
Pisey Toch
Come back we all need you 😞😭
Oren Armstrong
Absolutely loved your story. You made me think of my daughter, really touched my heart. I do not understand how anyone could give this a thumbs down. You have a new subscriber! 😇 ❤
fluffy floffles
You are such an inspiration, love you Michelle!❤️
Husky ARMY
so you were in schweiz
michelle was the first youtuber i ever watched im sobbing
Cejevah Hurinui
We all miss you!❤
i miss you !!! 😩😩😩
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