Why I Left Smosh

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As of today, I am no longer a part of Smosh. I hope this video will fill you in on why I feel this is the best decision for me. Thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown me over the past 12 years and I hope you'll continue to support me in this new chapter of my life. 

I'll be releasing videos every Monday and Friday here on this channel now so click https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AnthonyPadilla if you want to subscribe :)
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pax - sametime (http://soundcloud.com/pictochat)

Aaron Patrick
Ian should leave smosh and you guys can restart. I would love that
RS Brickworks
What's next? Rug leaving FaZe?
Garrett Viau
I am going to unsubscribe to the channel because Anthony left... like if you agree😰😰😰
eza zarumi
So.... who is gonna replace you?
Chris T.
I missed when it was y
Mash Pack gaming
why anthony why😒😒😒😒
sealdog derp
I preffered when smosh was just Anthony and Ian but the they added new people and it doesn't feel like the happy way it used to be
TheCitizen HD
I stopped watching Smosh for 4 years and this is what I see
Omar Hajjar
He left? RIP Smosh.
Brayden Migneault
He needs to go to the gym!
Kurt Plays
I Left Smosh And This Shows Up I Will Miss The Old Days So Im Ganna Watch OLD Videos :(
Daniel Aguilar
At least you get a fresh start cuz smosh was cringy asf q
How did a company end up owning smosh not Ian and Anthony? Did they sell smosh or inadvertently gave up their rights of ownership?
Ubaidulla Ahmed
Anthony please join Amish again
Kyle Private
I enjoyed their sketches
Alex goes viral
why did you have to leave smosh it's not as good without you just pls join back
Facundo carbajal
i like smosh
Ashley Martinez Nava
Random Kitty
Anthony I forgive you if you left smosh... but I'm not mad at you. Your starting a new YouTube life! You can still visit smosh right?? But those memories are always in smosh there will be memories on your YouTube videos to. But I miss those memories. I hope you have good luck on YouTube. I'll always be watching these vids. 😸
Sam Dilling
I will never forget smosh the days where my imagination can run wild and the days where I had to worry about nothing
Coryxfan Bro
God damn nothing against Anthony but this is bullshiz
Meric Strickland
Cami -chan
Anthony.....HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!😑😭
gabrielle hall
Trying in the later channel Smarsh
gabrielle hall
I'm sad I don't like them for smallish I'm James I really wish you didn't live channels I wish youοΏΌ
gabrielle hall
I don't like them I wish I was there and Smarsh because I really like
David Frazier
But lasercorn didn'tπŸ˜‚
David Frazier
Y did u leave I'll miss u 😭😭😭😭 and i watched smosh since i was 5
mahfuzur rahman
I watched smash since I was 6. Yes six. My friends started to curse that time we love watching ur videos. I'm 11 now and this is sad. I understand that u are doing this for ur future and I respect that. We all hope the best for you.
The SpiceMan
А ΠΏΠΎΡ‡Π΅ΠΌΡƒ Π½Π° русском???
Business Boy
Ganbold Boldbaatar
Anthony i love you man it's okeyπŸ™‚
Robert Johnson
:( :( :( why cry,ssssssssssss
Allen Walton
Fucking hell man rip YouTube I miss the old days the smosh food battles were so fuvking great some on the best YouTube memories I've had
Enahs Uda
This guy leaves smosh and then ksi leaves the sidemen. 😣
Jack Flynn
kknawsta Playz
don't leave smash man
KiKo M
Baby Hey
noone cares
Mr. Allmighty Cornholio
I really can't blame you. Ever since Smosh sold out, the channel did not feel like Ian and Anthony that we remembered back in the old YT days. But the fans sadly don't see it, they like everything you guys "made" despite how unfunny they are.
Barasha Bardaloi
love you
Crystal Faye Ornum Igarta
I love him but I hate wan his walking away in smosh
Paolo Marsicola
Why didn't you leave with Ian and make something new i miss u in the snowy vids
Shery Ann Eusebio
Its only like Wassabi Production😭
Remember when he was emo
Silent Nightmare
You're fans all grew up. I haven't seen a Smosh video since I was 12, now it's like trying to jack off to Little Mermaid porn.
Anthony i understand you perfectly.... But hey nothing lasts forever.....
Shift Key
One of the top contenders of all of YouTube now coming to an end with the #1 person of the channel now made it 1/2 that's not right smh
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