An artist spent 6 months creating a fake grocery store completely made of felt

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There's a new grocery store in New York, but don't try to eat any of the food inside. "8 'Till Late" is an art installation from British artist Lucy Sparrow that sells products you would typically find in an NYC bodega, except everything is made out of felt. It's perfect for Instagramming, and yes, there's even a bodega cat. 

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Cookiemations - Animations
i love this
What is felt? Is it edible or something? Or are these ONLY for looking at...
ExoticCubz Cubzen
50$ for a hotdog?
Happy.Slimes ASMR
1:31 why is there no hammy
Of course the store closes on my birthday 😂
Blue Collar
Does the bathroom have a felt toilet with felt water and felt poo
He would have felt happy when he finished

Get it?
Lisa Elayyan
Why pay over 25 dollars for something my grandma can easily sew? Who agrees? 😝 (Don't take this too seriously)
I feel like I should be able to make a pun but I just can't seem to STITCH one together.
electronic ear
Everything is literally 60 $

Delmita Nataren
What a were of time. Sorry just expressing my opinion!
Infringes on trademarks and sells them for profit without permission. Totally legal. I guess NYC is more worried with abusing the law abiding citizens.
Ushnish Roy
I am watching in August, it's not there now 😂😂😂
Kerry Mccoy
That's fucking expensive
You know what would be funny? If I lit one of the items on fire
Benny Blue
Why does the popcorn look like dumplings?
TerryTube 7,000,000
I "FELT " like sharing this
Happy Howell
I love this I wanna go there😂
Who clicked on this video 'cause they saw GREEN Doritos? 8)
Red Scout
This could be a place for DHMIS, but the series died already
Neo Bubblw
Aww the veggies look so cute
Cold Ghost
Just look at all those copyright names and logos.
Pinhead Larry
Or you could us the fabric for blankets for the homeless people but no use it's for literally nothing
Ace 03
Who tf would buy these
alphablood 119
I start my morning drinking felt coffee after that I go fix felt trucks the I eat felt subways and I drive my felt car to my felt house my felt dog misses me my felt wife gives me a felt kiss and my felt kids are playing their felt games

Ok I'll stop
SuperGoo32 Gaming and More
Reminds me of sausage party
Hermione Holmes
How you know someone has too much time on their hands.
m&l 35000vr
what about the people
Flamestar Of SunClan
I'd rather get food that u can eat........
I think it got patched, people can't sell you fake food anymore. Thanks developer!
This looks so cool. DId any of the big brands sue this amazing guy for copyright infringement ?
6 months? There are only 4380 hours in 6 whole months so, she would have to of done it constantly and completed each item in 30 mins, idk how that's possible unless more than one person contributed towards it
Milliater Army
Good Creativity
when ur mum tells you to do something with ur life
Fiction of the Galaxy
Oooh I want one, 65$ oh, ok.
Killer Clown
WTF everything is so expensive in there
Ugly Barnacle 58
this feels like a Dmhis episode
Captain Freaking America
First off, if anyone spilled anything in anything you have ruined it, you have to make a new one or wash it which will certainly mess up such an intricate design

Secondly, get a fucking life bro you just knit 9000 fake foods
Rainbow Unicorn
Omg, so creative..💕💕👍🏻
Savage Soul
I know this is off topic but... I snuggle with my pillow
Lily Mega Eevee
Why would you do this though?
RaZoR Jr
The store died in my bday :(
Josh Perkins
Someone's going to get sued pretty soon!
What the fuck am I doing, I have to be up in an hour
Hezekiel Graceee Owliba
what? sewing thousand of felt for 6 months? this is amazing bro. well i can sew a running stich for about 1 month
T. H.
1:23 $20 for a Pack of gum? .. Boy stop.
Carson Claws
Pixel Hawk Gamer
Indiana Jones would be proud
Vincent Van Schoor
but why????
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