An artist spent 6 months creating a fake grocery store completely made of felt

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There's a new grocery store in New York, but don't try to eat any of the food inside. "8 'Till Late" is an art installation from British artist Lucy Sparrow that sells products you would typically find in an NYC bodega, except everything is made out of felt. It's perfect for Instagramming, and yes, there's even a bodega cat. 

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Karuna Satori ASMR
$60 for a small piece of felt, fuck out of here
The fruits are so freaking cute
Now that's what I call dedication.
Tammy Milda
god seriously what's the point
Kristian Feyisetan
I FELT that this was a good shop until I saw what it was made of
Leann Gustilo
Maybe she FELT proud when people start coming
what's its purpose
Official Trailers
I wish I could be funny...but I never FELT it in me. 😂
BubbleClover Playz
I'm lonely
I can't make any good
Ah the 7 year old version of me will think of this as a heaven!
Jay Erdbeere
How did he do this in only six month?!
Is it weird that this gave me so much inspiration to do my schoolwork for 8.6 seconds and then I suddenly got lazy again? 😂
Hatsune Davis
I FELT nothing while watching this video

i showed this to my mom and She FELT hungry afterwards
I love cheesecakes
If you thought that that (What is wrong with the English language? XD) was a real store and you were actually hungry or thirsty, you'd be so mad, confused, and amazed all at the same time XD
Aksa Faisal Affandie
Buy an art. is a good thing...
Jennifery Hai
I would like to buy a Kawaii Patato ^-^
I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed on June 30th.
Jadd Al yaman
So what did you do this summer?
Desiree Gonzales
Xu zhen has done this before. Can't believe she got away with this art installation and appropriated the entire piece from Xu Zhen, the recontextualization of Zhens piece is from empty containers to felt? I feel robbed... guess good artists really do steel.
Philip J. Fry
The only reason he did this was because he felt like it.
Meg'z Vlogz
Who else thought the person who made the store painted all of the walls and stuff to make it look real by looking at the thumbnail?
"all of the products were sown by hand" goddamn
9,000 trademark infringement claims incoming.
North Korea NEEDS this for their fake grocery store
The Pixel princess
i love how the fruits and vegetables have faces on them its just so cute
I heard his wife left him
Zoe Williams
Those eyes were looking deep into my soul
$60 for doritos. crooks.
Daniel W.
Is the sign at 0:21 made of felt?
thoes prices though wow
My hands would gone after this and the veggies are so cute
Meepgeek 9
Until June 30th...
Why does everything end on my Birthday?
Hash Slinger
Is this like that scene from the interview with the fake grocery store
Looks like the kind of stuff you'd see in DHMIS
Matti_da_ best
Jerry Jimenez
Ide rather use 65 dollars to buy real beer and get fucked up ☺
Effy Siale
what a genius
Tracy Nguyen
TheHumanKitten Channel
Everyone's saying its awesome and I'm like
Sarah PlaysStuff
Katie Millie Smith
I would make a pun but I have never FELT it in me to make one

I'll go home
sway k
the thought the stuff might be inside of the felt so you can still eat what you bought
this is evan guys
this person has some tallent
Wtf if you actually think about it people buy things 15- 20 times the price but they can't even use it properly 😂😂😂
Proton Gaming
"Robber enter's the shop"
Robber: Give me all your money in the cash register
Cashier: Here ya go
Robber: Wtf are these...
Cashier: I FELT someone will rob us so i gave you that
No? Ok i'll leave
xDarkstarr Games
lpsmia224 channel
70 dollars for a carrot with a smiley face😂 I'm an artist and even I think that that's insane
Zelo's Wife
am I the only one that hates felt?
Alfa Mike
what is felt?
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