Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys | Who Punches Harder & Fights Better? [Can Bodybuilders Fight]

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Can Bodybuilders fight? - Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys | Who Punches Harder & Faster?

One question that people often wonder with amazement is can bodybuilders fight? How effective is bodybuilding for real street fighting. 

Of course, you would expect a bodybuilder to be good at grappling, but what about striking or punching? I guess the question really come down to whether you can punch hard and effectively in a real fight. 

People debate whose better in a real street fight. A bodybuilder or Skinny Guy? Let’s face it big guys look intimidating, but can they generate enough power to punch hard enough to hurt you? 
Sure, you can be strong, but does that mean you can punch harder and faster than a skinny guy? 

The answer to this may partly answer the main question: Does having more body mass mean that you will be better off in a real fight? 

Well today we are going to look at the science and logic behind the argument that bodybuilders can fight.

Can Bodybuilders Fight? Watch this video and you decide. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Real fighting requires a lot of energy both physically and psychologically. Ordinarily, you will drain very quickly, in fact more muscle mass means more of a draw on your body’s resources. But in a real fight it’s more of the case of how you use your body not what it looks like. Therefore the question relates to generation of force. How much force can you generate in a punch?

Generation of force

Punching hard and fast relies on the ability to generate a large amount of force in a short period of time.

To punch hard you have to be able to accelerate your fist from 0 to 100 as fast as possible. But it’s not just the acceleration that is important it’s the weight of your fists. 

Think of a heavy mass travelling at high speed, the heavy mass travelling at speed hits with more power. It does more damage.
A typical bodybuilder will struggle to generate the same amount of force unless they can enhance their Kinetics Chain.

At an advanced level, to punch hard and fast you need to be able to disassociate the weight of your arm from your fist. Basically, your fist is a dead weight and your arm is the whip. 

Think of a ball and chain.

In future videos I will be discussing the psychological importance of mental fitness training for combat, self defence and MMA. The goal is to make you mentally tough, because Psychology wins fights.  In the meantime train hard, be safe. 



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body builders aka steriod users
Keyser Soze
Fuckin apes I swear gotta be some truth to the theory.
Paul Bermejo Quirequire
Just like gokou when he put up a lot of muscle then he got slower.
midnight rider
Bodybuilders are some of the most insecure people i have ever met. It must be exhausting for them to constantly project a bad-ass image.
Fathing Fathing
steroid head bragging about his size.
Kevin Mcdonnell
How about instead of fighting someone else ... fighting to save your own life in a survival situation doubt you would last long
Mac Diesel
Juice head turkey
Heiden_ wut
when was bruce lee skinny?
Dragonball z's Goku worked this out years ago more muscle mass makes you stronger sure but if you are too slow to get a hit in all that power is wasted.
Daiquan 17
The body builder could trip over a pebble and get his ass whooped by the skinny person.😂
Steve Fan H
Search for "The Notorious (Keep Swaying)" ;)
I used to do a lot of boxing when i was younger, at 170 i was a lot faster than at 195 after years of training. Speed is often the difference between scoring a hit and finishing a fight... and miss or get blocked, or even worse, counterattacked. The best imo is around 160-170 lbs: light enough to be really fast, and heavy enough to do some serious damage.
Andy Macleod
Only thing body builders fight is heart problems with steroids such a waste if there was only a way to use them without heart problems
Scott L
Synthol doesn't flex. LOL
bruce lee wrote a whole book on this
3: 13 look at that gross sweaty camel toe
Is the skinny guy in shape? If so, maybe not- bodybuilders would have a problem getting that punch to move FAST, although there would be a decent amount of weight behind it.
Brandon Layer
The reason they made weight classes is because the big dudes kept beating up the little dudes not the other way around. A good heavyweight will beat a good lightweight.
Felix Vasin
down vote for not having those 2 guys fight :/ laaaaame
@3:12, mmmmmm pussy sweat!
Levy Ferreira Santos
smartbone Chidera
Experience is better
Phoenix Denney
skill and technique beats huge muscles
Grim Reaper
In summary this video doesn't mean shit some people know how to fight some people don't
Whew , almost went to a gym to lift weights , glad i saw this video .... lean and mean ba-by ..
jona minichiello
3:48 if you train hard enough, you'll grow wings.
jona minichiello
Who would win:
a bodybuilder?
or a strange L shaped piece of metal with a smaller piece of metal inside it?
Assad Khalif
The guy with synthol in his arms is saying not to embarrass yourself like that WOW
Planet Nube 2
Sorry. You do not understand the one inch punch and what generated the power without follow through. In 1967 Bruce did not have the build he had then. Your science is theory not fact.
Dylan Ogega
People are curious about how size factors into the equation but what do ya'll know about my mans Touma Kamijou
Marc Torres
if i was fighting a bodybuilder id probably die , laughing
Chris Bejarano
Lol why they got nigga Tyrone at 2:38 as and example😂😂
Ry Smurf
I do Muay Thai/ Thai boxing so for my opinion I'd put it down to the skill level or if you have any martial arts training, if you don't and your just fighting a bodybuilder then it depends on all the factors. If I'd be fighting a bodybuilder or someone who works out a lot then I know that their stamina isn't going to be the best and that theylll fatigue quickly whilst Im keeping the range with kicks and coming in with knees, elbows, combos but I know that if I get hit then they'll have the greatest force generated by a punch but how long can they keep that up for? 😉
Vikas Kumar
what about bruce lee☺
logos nazarene
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth THE LORD JESUS and shalt BELIEVE in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. L o v e
Long Nguyen
i have my respect for body builder
but fighter and body builder train for difference thing, one is muscle mass, one is fight
and it's arguably equally hard
Rich Piana would get wrecked by a heavyweight, scratch that, a middleweight fighter...his size is impractical.
Jesse Smith
Depends on who actually has training and who doesn't. If you think fighting is just about hitting harder than the other guy you're in for a very rude awakening if you fight someone with even a little bit of legit training. Size and strength does help immensely if you know how to use it, which most likely body builders/weight lifters don't.
JAbta Blabla
My mom took out a dude that was 230 of muscle by hitting him in the vagus nerve.
Some food for thought when fighting a body builder.
Michael Musashi
Most bodybuilders won't fight unless they sucker punch you. Actually, that goes for many young guys. Nowadays, guys think there is honor in sucker punching someone and hurting them. If you want to avoid this, never "get in someone's face," always make distance and keep range.
Homosexual Rabbit
average vs bodybuilder usually body builders punch harder but skinny guys usually fight better because they can be agile much easier
Dylan Johnt
Depends on what you mean by skinny.. you mean thin? It could go either way but if you nean weak then body builder wins lol
Bodybuilding Channel
Good job man
Willer stever
Tai Chi will kill bodybuilder by dim mark .
Raivis Mikelsons
fedor would f*ck up all
Marc Witzki
leo lichtveld
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Aaron Hank
Bruce Lee vs This Body Builder, who do you think well win?
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