Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys | Who Punches Harder & Fights Better? [Can Bodybuilders Fight]

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Can Bodybuilders fight? - Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys | Who Punches Harder & Faster?

One question that people often wonder with amazement is can bodybuilders fight? How effective is bodybuilding for real street fighting. 

Of course, you would expect a bodybuilder to be good at grappling, but what about striking or punching? I guess the question really come down to whether you can punch hard and effectively in a real fight. 

People debate whose better in a real street fight. A bodybuilder or Skinny Guy? Let’s face it big guys look intimidating, but can they generate enough power to punch hard enough to hurt you? 
Sure, you can be strong, but does that mean you can punch harder and faster than a skinny guy? 

The answer to this may partly answer the main question: Does having more body mass mean that you will be better off in a real fight? 

Well today we are going to look at the science and logic behind the argument that bodybuilders can fight.

Can Bodybuilders Fight? Watch this video and you decide. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Real fighting requires a lot of energy both physically and psychologically. Ordinarily, you will drain very quickly, in fact more muscle mass means more of a draw on your body’s resources. But in a real fight it’s more of the case of how you use your body not what it looks like. Therefore the question relates to generation of force. How much force can you generate in a punch?

Generation of force

Punching hard and fast relies on the ability to generate a large amount of force in a short period of time.

To punch hard you have to be able to accelerate your fist from 0 to 100 as fast as possible. But it’s not just the acceleration that is important it’s the weight of your fists. 

Think of a heavy mass travelling at high speed, the heavy mass travelling at speed hits with more power. It does more damage.
A typical bodybuilder will struggle to generate the same amount of force unless they can enhance their Kinetics Chain.

At an advanced level, to punch hard and fast you need to be able to disassociate the weight of your arm from your fist. Basically, your fist is a dead weight and your arm is the whip. 

Think of a ball and chain.

In future videos I will be discussing the psychological importance of mental fitness training for combat, self defence and MMA. The goal is to make you mentally tough, because Psychology wins fights.  In the meantime train hard, be safe. 



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Gaming Paladin
So the most powerful fighters are most likely welter weight and light heavy weight?
Christian Klam
03:11 these pants
Philipp Hintringer
boxer punch the hardest
Let me add two real life examples - 1) The boxer Roberto Duran (Hands of Stone) learned his fighting skills by street fighting much larger American sailors who were stationed in Panama. You don't fight a larger opponent with equal force. You bob and weave and hit him without being hit by him. 2) I saw an exhibition match between Sugar Ray Leonard and some young heavyweight. Watching that heavyweight hitting the heavy bag was SCARY. Before the fight, Angelo Dundee told the heavyweight that this is just an exhibition so don't get "cute" in there. Unfortunately, the heavyweight DID get cute and hit Sugar Ray with some hard shots. Sugar Ray DROPPED the heavyweight with a body shot to the liver.
The moral of the stories - there is MORE TO FIGHTING than throwing punches. You have to train your body (and face) to be able to TAKE PUNCHES, too. You have to take the pain and deliver a lethal shot yourself. You have to know where to hit an opponent and how to dodge punches. Bodybuilders are like big blowup balloons. They have very little movement nor flexibility. They are grabbers and huggers because they will get winded if they throw a half-dozen punches.
Legend Panda
That big guy who uses too much makeup needs to shut up ;-;. Just cause he's big doesn't mean anything.
Frisky Advice
But Bruce Lee would totally beat the piss oflut of The Rock
vejač ovejane suštine
stupid, useless video.
Winschlat I
but what if you're up against Arnold Schwarzenegger?
ya boi
what happens of a 400 pound powerlifter just bear hugged the guy lol. A fistfight will always be won by the powerlifter. they can just charge and once theyve got a grip, your done
How much does synthol weigh? i wanna calculate Rich Piana's bodyweight
King Krasher
Hey thanks, I always wondered what my master was talking about when he said loosen up.
kim turner
This video can be ten seconds long instead it's 5:14 long what's the point u can just say yes but for a certain amount of time because they use all their strength to lift a hundred twenty pound weights and to look good but we all know ain't know women want a man that look like a Kevin hart sized giant😂😂
So, the only reason I took out a fat dude earlier this month is because I'm twitchy?
Charles Whitmer Jr
it born in you look how hard Tommy herns could punch .also Frazer marciano Morrison Tyson be for the roids.
Ethan Flosky
Did anyone get annoyed when he called Olympic weightlifting powerlifting 😂
T Rex arms don't punch hard😂
Jayson Makhanlal
Kind of clickbait i was expecting some footage of the two at the beginning seeing who can punch harder not some whole theory or math equation that ultimately ends up bs
Cris P Bacon
this is bs when I was boxing I was165 and we had a body builder who would come in he was 260 he hit with 695 psi I hit with 840 psi why because I was trained to hit proper n powerful size has nothing to do with it
3:11 this guy...
baldy hardnut
What hes basically saying is train for speed and power with your weights and stretch.
Benjamin Paz
I'm big and I will destroy any kid my age
Benjamin Paz
bodybuilding Is not for fighting
The Requisite
You didn't address the question at all...a bodybuilder with no specific martial arts training vs. a skinny guy with no specific martial arts training absolutely has the advantage. He has the advantage up until the point that the skinny guy is so skilled that he mitigates the huge size difference in knowledge and technique.
Jonathan Buteau
Bruh the woman beat both the guys in lbs of force 😳. 922? Sheesh
3:15 and 3:36 That is not powerlifting, that is Olympic weightlifting, there is a difference.
Is no one gonna at like they didn't see that lady with piss on her pants at 3:13?😂😂
Cyborg had a huge wet spot on her crotch. Couldn't pay attention to the rest of the video
Tell this to Hulk
Dave Byrne
It all depends who is fighting...
What an utterly pointless video...
Lord Jay
bigger guy will win, unless the smaller guy has alot more training
Joseph CroenianGamer
thats why a match whit two fly weight boxers is amaizing to watch, its like the gomu gomu no gatling gun.
Great vid.
punching hard isn't what wins fights. causing maximum pain / damage using proper technique is what does.
Henrick Papelleras
give me the biggest bodybuilders and il take them down
Henrick Papelleras
im a karate black belter and one time i got a fight in a gym but it doesnt mean that you have big muscles you can have an advantage,always remember bones is harder than muscles
optimat prime
Imo it's not about muscles or strengh, in an ordinary street fight the one who has no qualms or reservations will win mostly(except the bodybuilder is much taller). In a sporting competition (with rules, referee, etc.) i guess it's 50-50. Remember: persons who are makin' bodybuilding, don't do this for a violent, aggressive purpose(to harm other people). Everybody can watch hooligan vids here on YT, i'm pretty sure most of these young men are in average physical form/shape. It's not so unusual for them (being involved into a fight) as for the bb guys.
Oscar Medina
what anime was that in the beginning?
Mathieu Hanouz
heart attack @40
Danny Lock
Antony Joshua that's all I'm saying
Almost from the very beginning I have combined weight training with hitting a speed bag, heavy bag, and jumping rope...and many years later at close to 300 Lbs. body-weight I can really punch hard. That's the point that this video misses--a person doesn't have to be just a weightlifter or a boxer as they can successfully combine both. I don't compete in either sport but have relied on my training for security and bouncer jobs and it has served me well.
Stefano Fumi
Why don't you just compare a fisherman to a trained fighter lol Well I guess the fisherman doesn't trigger the same insecurities lol
Stetson Clement
"look at powerlifters" shows Olympic lifter...
Rekoj Edson
Just Trohw a needle to a bodybuilder and there gonna fly

Or just a fucking punch to break him his Teahts (didn't know the word on englisch hope it's right)
Or a kick in his tiny dick. Or just run, grab a stone and trohw !

hassan Waleed
Most bodybuilders cant fight, its true, many choose the bodybuilding lifestyle as they were a whimp and a beta without steroids, still are but its masked with steroids
Loner Wolf
You put a bodybuilder up against a muay thai fighter from thailand and they will will every time. Their kicks and punches are scary fast and hard
Uriel Sandoval
im very done were going to die so fuk america befor that
Cole McCormick
That dude at the beginning is straight roid😂😂
Michael Jai White. The man's jacked as shit and he'll most definitely kick the fuck out of you.
IAM ChickenSalad
twice my size. I will run up your back and with your flexibility you wont be able to even grab my little monkey ass on your back. People who are that big almost always do not know how to fight. Strength and muscle is such a small part of fighting.
Dragon-Lord Ember
"Oh, yeah! In raw power, it can't be beat, but the amount of concentrated energy causes an extreme expansion in mass, the body can't compensate, and while you'll see a 50% power increase, you'll see a 75% decrease in speed and mobility. You'd never hit your opponent."
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