Kobe Beef A5 - $3000 Best Quality WAGYU KOBE BEEF RIBEYE from Japan with Wagyu Mafia!

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Best of the best Kobe beef A5 ribeye from Japan!
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David Califa: https://www.instagram.com/the.hungry.tourist/
Sri Panwa: http://www.sripanwa.com/
I was invited by my great food friend David (https://www.instagram.com/the.hungry.tourist/) with Sir Panwa hotel in Phuket to come for one of the greatest food pop-ups ever in Thailand. The first night we had sushi by Master Chef Hiroyuki Sato, and it was by far the most amazing sushi meal omakase experience I’ve ever had. The next night was Kobe beef night, and along with a selection of the best wagyu cuts, the highlight of the night was a giant hunk of Kobe Beef A5, the top of the best.
But before the Kobe beef evening started, we first spent some time during the day at Sri Panwa. I took a few swims, had breakfast, and then for lunch we went into Phuket town with David and the chefs, and at the legendary Raya Restaurant. The food is quite good, and you’ll find Phuket style southern Thai food there.
Wagyu Mafia - Wagyu Mafia were the stars of the event. And they are originally Kobe beef dealers, so they know the best cuts of beef and the best farmers. Now they have a members restaurants in Tokyo as well, but still deal in the best wagyu beef. They brought a selection of wagyu beef from Japan including a $3000 (that’s the wholesale price, probably lots more at a restaurant), Kobe beef A5 (which is the best of the best) ribeye. It was one of the most insanely delicious things I’ve ever tasted in my life.
Here’s our entire menu of courses that we at at the Wagyu Mafia event at Sri Panwa:
Homemade beef jerky (Ozaki Beef A5 BMS8)
Kotecchan satay stick grill
Ozaki beef krapao (A5 BMS8)
Ozaki beef tendon tom yum (A5 BMS8)
Ozaki beef nigiri sushi
Tako yaki with wagyu
Wagyu grill
Kobe beef ribeye (Kobe Beef A5 BMS11)
Hakata style ramen
Mango rice cake
Wagyu tom yum
It was truly a beef meal that will create a lifetime memory!
Thank you to Wagyu Mafia, David, Khun Wan, and everyone from Sri Panwa hotel for organizing this event and for inviting me to attend.
DISCLOSURE: I was not paid to make this video. But I was invited to attend this event at Sri Panwa, and I did not pay for my stay or for the meal.
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Groove Federation
oh woooow
Alexandra Weiss
You have a really good baby.
Alexandra Weiss
First time I’ve come across this guy. Cracking up every time he looks into the camera after a first bite and goes “oooooo wowaaaa”
John Knox
He opens his mouth really wide... no matter the amount of the food.... weird
John Knox
He eat weird... and the noises... just weird
Ramon Aziara
that's what she said 14:38
Cody Levinson
14:30, Out for an unforgettable night at a fine restaurant to have some of the best food on
the planet. "I think I will wear my best Metallica t-shirt and keep my hat on (backwards)
while inside and eating."
My god, your face when you eat is like a millions of words trying to explaind how amazing is that beef!!! what a awesome experience is that!!!
pollux troy
mark gt a baby siter so ur wife can j0in u l0l😄😄
Roderick Sy Sy
All food are look good
You have a dream life.
WOW , Metallica T-shirt ! :)
why do you have to make that shitty face everytime u eat?
Vivek Anand
The more he leans to his left side , the more tasty is food 😂😂.. and the normal tastes are like ‘ooo yeah’ 😂
Вадим VAPE
Make a face easier,it seems that you now puke LOL
Denise Freitas
Tu tem uma cara de babaca do caralho em
Natasha Child
This is the first time I've watched this guys videos... had anybody else notice hes a leaning food moaner... Lol
James Bond 007
So lucky
Isander Gonzalez
His wife is in it for the clout
Isander Gonzalez
Suman Sharma
Mark,How can you eat raw beef?
i think he's just trying to rebalance his reactions with the money he payed for that
Kit A
This guy seems retarded
How do you feel when you swim in the pool? Feels DELICIOUS!
Amar Benaissa
He eats like a pig stuffing the whole thing in his mouth
Prashant Samlal
10:24 when the weed hits you
Asian Food Ranger!! so cool 😎
R Chavez
I think you need a bigger spoon!
Furlotte P
Great. That was a real life experience. All the best to you and your wife and mikey. Keep up the great work.
attached flower
I think he secretly doesn't like any of the food he tasted. I mean .. how else is he so skinny . He must puke after every shot
Victor Neri
Some Kobe Briant beef
Warick Devis
Do Americans ever not talk with their mouth full?
Abdullah Al-mofadee
1:03 your kid looks thirsty he is looking at the coffe he wants to try it
Ebrahem Polangco
Philippines here in Siargao Island
Christian B
This is the best meal I've seen so far. Was that the best steak you've had?
Ben Xiang
Justin The King Of Random Games
he pretends to swim at 3:25
Arshad , Canada
he is not a good judge of food since he likes each and every fgood with same expression. He is great food lover.
He should put the approximate prices of all the food he eats. " The Food Ranger guy " does it most of the time.
William Birkbo
Is there anything This guy dosent like??!!
"El llanero de Apazeito"
like food, saludos desde Mexico, City.
Ravi Thapa
You yet a lot for breakfast brodaa😂😂😂🤢🤢🤢🤢
Jason West
The dude with the metallica tshirt on, i love his glasses! Forget the beef i want those!
A5? Shokugeki no souma hahaha
22 T
this looks fancy, good and all, but are there even foods you dislike? I'm longing for that grimace
the tune and how he says "Oh wow" is definitely some Johny bravo sht
Olga Morina
Poor his wife:((( always hungry with child on her hands.
Женя Г.
Чувак буквально кончает в штаны от каждой закуски.
MM pdg
Metallica !!!!!
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