Djon160 Букин
Еда совсем не аппетитная! Он наверное просто голоден. Рис с бобами?? Без нормальной подливки? Он точно не спец, а просто голодный азиат((
Benjamin Kalumbu
Oh this is so nice, I feel bad for my guys who are busy fasting now, lol
Go eat some curries 😂
Juni S.
I love your reactions to delicious food! I can't wait to try wagyu beef one day. It looks so delectable!
Shravan Pammi
Wont you give anything for ur wife to eat?
Jj Z
man, you make food look so good.
baba yogixx
Thank you mark for making me hungry
y so vascular m8
Maucho Carpio
You open your mouth and eyes very much, you are careful to eat a person.
Peter Lee
Quagmire eating food lol
I love the education on different cultures food... but, not everything you eat is the best tasting thing!
Markwiensize is contagious now.
I turn my head right a bit when I feel foodgasmic.
Julko Trulqo
what a boring video and untastefull the way you eat stuff
Since when has Porn been allowed on YouTube so blatantly!!
Niket Patel
I wonder if the beef 'MELTS' in your mouth
Chef Augusto
-Mark, meu filho quando nenê, eu o chamava de cabecinha!
Skullface Mclovin
food porn
Mahmoud Eissaali
behaid every great man is a great women you have a very lovely wife you a lucky man 😘
tribu alexandre
what about taking me with you ? 🙄😁 I'm french and but fluent in english, we could have a nice time... 😜
smile too much look like he be stress out alldat
The sound at the beginning is pure annoyance
Reid Guyer
Where the hell did the baby go at the beginning
william mac
human filth
Hothaifa Mh
poor little lad dont have teeth he or she can just suck a milk of a tit.
Max Violence
his reactions and face expressions are so weird
Japheth Belgira
How much does the dining costs? I'm drooling while watching this video, and I'm planning to save for this.
I strive to live like this guy, being able to visit places you've never been to would make me the happiest man in the world
Final Act Gaming
"Oh yeah"
Scream Wanna be
7:23 his hands are shaking how nervous were you XD
Wes Mantooth
There once was a boy from Nantucket, he fell on the ground and said...
Dakk O'day
Amandre Payton
I am convinced he likes all kinds of foods lol
Woah.. 8)
Timmy Le
Wifey has skills to be able to eat with one hand!!
Amber Dean
Your enthusiasm makes me even more excited to see what's next! Your stunning surroundings were only enhanced by that absolutely spectacular food! Great video, thank you for sharing this journey.
Hi my names everybody I like dead animals
For a guy who have excellent dopamine, traveling and eating while giving a wow face every time. You are an amazing or you a good actor. :)
why does mark always have orgasms when hes eating food?
13:10 multiple people having orgasms
Yung S Beats
Sp00ki Kab00ki
bitescloses eyeslooks at cameraWAOOO
This guy is trembling alot xD I would too with that food near me.
How can you eat lunch after you ate all that stuff at breakfast shew
Min Lou
Thanks for the video😄
Fzan RuSh
where is it
i think he startet to cry a little at 10:34
The Fist
legend has it that one day when mark will drink water he will fell in love with it
Not Nice
when westerner cant find a loyal wife so they goto asia to get one..
Wow, 1 million views. I remember being with Mark when he was just starting out. I'm so glad to see him become this successful, it's well deserved.
mark gil layos
oh ho ho ho.. oh ho ho hummm.. ohh ohh ...
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