Glass Eye Gaming
I just bought this DLC Pack tonight, and for $22.xx Canadian (after tax), I feel let down. DLC Pack 1 was better. That Renaissance map is awesome! And I'm not a Zombies player at all.
Reminds me of Samoa Joes theme song
420 BlazeIt
Infinite Warfare has earned my respect
Raul Pagaza
Music please
Паша Кудюкин
VittocheUKF88 Dnb
pfpf jajaja 1:00
Jorge Arturo Cordoba
Es muy bueno
Orhan Emre Kılıç
Love or hate this game but this is perfect triler
zack gaming
Go back to what you used to be b**hes
Patato Pc
I just bought this and I cannot choose the new combat rigs can somebody help
Space Panda35
Song name?
Liam Meach
Song name?
Rush Fritz
1:31 Ghostbusters?
Iker Bernabel
I loved this trailer
Iker Bernabel
I loved this trailer
Kempič CZ
Whatchu wan sone
Eric Torres
Cool but I would rather be running the KBS Longbow - Bombshell
Just GameOn
Song name ?
Bobyduchvro Val
fulaniogamer 06
qur genial
ali k
1:06 2 off of bloodthirsty,
gets knifed
controller breaks
Saleem Akhtar
That's true
Maria Prieto
Hey guess what nobody cares about infinite Warfare no more so it will be so nice if you could just make Modern Warfare remastered 2 now
Fatal Fearlesss
What you want son? No exo suits
T 21199
Won't buy this, but I've got to admit, this is a badass trailer. One of the best I've seen.
gameing wizard
The game was bad the trailer where great
If infinite warfare wasn't a call of duty game I would like it more. This defeats the purpose of a call of duty game along with advanced warfare bo3 is fine
Azka Durrani
Belief wacchu want singer will be dead already😅😅😅😅
Jamie Hughes
Anybody else notice that the sniper missed the shot at 1:00
Hugo Pedrozo
TheGlitch Games
Hi am am a kid that plays call of duty black ops 3 on xbox 360 and I got bored and my friend played on the Ps4 please try to make xbox 360 with advanced things
subo call of duty
Dat one Boi
Wasted money on this zombies was good though
Tara Hunt
I'm sorry cod I just hate Infinite warfare to futuristic but live ww||
hey dude
I like the COD
Finnley Byrne
love the music -what you want son
Man, call of duty has really changed a lot.
Denni Okhajev
I bocht it today
Denni Okhajev
Sandra Viera
R se copia de halo
Comment cop
they somehow find a way to make the game look good in their trailers
nigg er faggoy
Jarita Jm Jara Martinez
Soi alviery proooooooooooooooo
Jarita Jm Jara Martinez
Soi alviery proooooooooooooooo
Jarita Jm Jara Martinez
Yo con mi primo diego somos los mejores con mi primo somos putos amos en espeinslans y chulin chafl
Jarita Jm Jara Martinez
Ermoso oooooooo
2:06 Some People Just Want To See The World Burn
Alright I have to admit this trailer was awesome.
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