Bruno Mars - Versace on the Floor [Billboard Music Awards 2017]

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Versace on the Floor available now:

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kerk skie
nice one bruno mars
Relena Pittscurt
just wow
Patricia María Lora Calderón
One of my favorite videos in all of YouTube! A M A Z I N G !
xailiz abonitalla
take it off take it off for me Bruno 😍😙
Skip bayless
If you are in baton rouge la,
go to main library
and you will see Bruno.
Scarlett Brinkhuis
Im crazy about this song
steven Kennedy
can anybody say Niagara Falls they had to mop up the floor after he was done singing this.
nurse major
Damn this man can make anyone pregnant by his songs!
Gracyelle Paixao'
Mz. Dee SM
Bruno Mars!. . .all I gotta say! 💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋
Y LOVE YOU BRUNO MARS 😇😙😚😘💕💋💞💖💗💘💝👄
antonia tapir
love you Bruno
Tiago Mallen
piano elétrico DX comendo Solto. top
Jevon Buckhaulter
Im so In love right now my bruno 😍
Renata Vianna
Armaria, que homem é esse. Maravilhoso
John Elijah Paliza
here in the Philippines "Ukay ukay on the Floor" lol
kiara Hunter
lol I can relate to almost every comment
Joselin Arizmendi
i love you bruno mars
Valerie S
Not that I am a fan of his or his music, but vocally he is all over the place with this song. I really like this one. Good job, Bruno.
Edmar Edios
guys can you check my cover if its ok? thank you
Luv Khita
luv u bruno....
Young Edge
3k retarded peoples
Bαrbie_Denιse _M
everytime i watch this performance Tae's happy face and him jamming so hard to this pops up in my head😂
Ivo Rennya
This guy is crazy talented
Junior Nylover
amazing voice
Addicted ONCExARMY
Now I know why Kim Taehyung love this song... Kim Taehyung, great choice.. 😉
Philips Wood
He is INCREDIBLE. Literally, the league of his level of talent as a TOTAL-PACKAGE entertainer / pop star has only three members: MJ, Bey & Bruno. He is that fucking good. Always so flawless it's untouchable.
Rhyan Jude Presbitero
before they use lighters to put lights over the air and right now they use phones
hedder rahareng
it was nice
MittCh Flores
i love the face he makes at the minute 1:41 <3
Dian Eksa Melianawati
the only one singer i know..who sing better in live than studio u so much
Cristian Patricio Freire Rojas
1:02 c mamut :,v
Yeddah Joy Maballo
daily routine: open this video; click that's what I like from the suggested and so on
Vidyaswinta Wikansepni
njiiirr promote amat ya, wkwkwkwk, baru nyadar gue
Carla Vanesa Torrez Agreda
Lo mejor que existe en este mundo es Bruno Mars, un artista maravilloso 😍
Lara Dias
cara ele é tão lindo af
André Valverde
te admiro por favor te pido que ventas a mi casa soy de Perú soy adriano y uso la cuenta de mi hermano y tengo 9 años ven PORFABOR
I feel I am listening to 80's Retro :D
stephanie toledo
Una muy buena presentacion. Bruno te espero en Noviembre.
Saluds desde Chile
Luciana clemente
In brazil sold out tickets for the show in November 2017, pity that I can not pay because it would be a pleasure to see Bruno Mars here .... a big kiss for you.
pam grant
His CD is AMAZING! This is one of my favorites. It has an old school feel to it; when music said and meant something. This performance was just wonderful. Huge fan! Love love 💖💛
The dislikers thought the dislike was a download button..
Joan Milana
Duaa Adeel
mj is reborn
Valerie Laster
I love you Bruno
Paula soliva
nagawsan ko!😄👍😂😆
Trọng Hiếu Lương
there're 3541 f*cking idiots!
Shirayuki Westeria
His voice is udgdjsamajsnsv 💘💘💘
thiago condesa
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