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A black congressman got on the house floor today and said for the record,all Trump supporters are racist. What a statement less than 24 hrs after a shooting spree by one of their own. What does this statement say? The left love this shooting spree they can't hide their glee. Already nancy and all the rest are blaming President Trump. You can't compromise with pure evil and the democrats are showing Americans they don't run this country democrats do. They believe we will insist Trump resign and we will beg them to take power. They are showing us who runs our country not us. They want to use any kind of violence to get back in power. What would happen then?
Cheryl Cooper
It all started with burning the flag. That was never free speech it was an act! Now you can tell white people to get out of colleges. Pretend to assassinate President Trump and on and on these are not speech these things are despicable acts we are told to accept. I do not. Many others do not accept this how do we reverse to free speech and not accept violent acts as speech? What happened to the majority rules? Now the minorities rule.
Charles Roop
Easy fix, make all "Threats", clouded, or implied (to a reasonable person) a crime.
Judy Dees
Our God stopped all the rest from being dead and has so far continued to let the congressman live. We pray he will live and not die in Jesus Christ's name. Amen.
truthseeker staats
YES!!! The FBI could have done more. In times of tensions and physical confrontations between parties are evident, proper security should accompany all congressional and presidential activities.

Hindsight......... :>)
Tabitha Stephens
one difference between demoncraps and republican shooters..republicans won't miss ANY! !!
Steve Canada
then why aren't they charged
Doris Dady
It took guns to stop a Liberal nut with a gun
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