An M
never in my 25 years of being on earth watched a trailer, and still don't know what the movie about.
I love how ambiguous this trailer is. I think it's all in her head
Geriem Bellina
Mother! FuII-Hᴅ-Mᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
What if Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are Bardem and Lawrence in their older years?
Peter Zonis
Looks good.
Elyse M
TBH The only reason why I clicked on it is because I saw Jennifer Lawrence. She's my idol so everything I see with her is watching
Connor Rattigan
That was spine chilling 😨
Billy Blues
Aronofsky still trying to make the most psychotic movie all time, this one might top the others ayyye
What did I just see? I really don't know what I just saw.
yakkapo amma
Vicky Maria Vigile
I see no Mother! 😂
Red Ring
Mother! FuII-Hᴅ-Mᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
Salma Kadiri
Can anybody explain to me how did Jennifer Lawrence win 2
It's too unfair,too disrespectful for too many actors that have been struggling in this fake industry for yeaaars! They give oscars to kids,oscar to crazy dolls,oscars even for Sci-fi movies but never to real actors!I mean ,she's got no charisma,no deep acting screaming and talking like crazy is easy for anybody!So?
Hollywood breacks all it's cute toys ,specially dolls,but sometimes they like to pretend that for them girls are not
just dolls,fat, black people,and old actresses can make it the industry and that even kids can win an
Oscar!But only Jey Law,Will Smith,chubby Jona Hill and a few mooore.F***k Hollywood !
Jennifer Lawrence
Just put Jennifer Lawrence on your Tumb-nail and everyone watches
Arek Koks
Nice One <3333333333333
Ulf Sark
I'm calling it, its basically going to be like "The Others" ... they are ghosts, the people who come in are alive...
utop ia
looks like an unnecessarily horror-fied crossover between rosemary's baby and the exterminating angel. arronofsky has 'taken inspiration from' polanski's apartment films multiple times so it should come as no surprise
Chris Bau
What did i just witness?
Izzy Hodson
Didnt Javier Bardem play the bad guy in Skyfall
Faz Naz
That moment y'all realise Arabs had a Jennifer Lawrance first... Search "Nancy Ajram" on Youtube... You're welcome.
MoreZhevix -
I kinda miss hunger games
Zavarious Artist
I don't think the title mother! is meaning a person. I think it's more like a cry for mother. I mean, just look at how freakin crazy this trailer looks. Look at the posters to the film. I'd be crying mother if stuff like this happened to me.
moments forever
The only thing stopping Jennifer Lawrence from getting the Oscar in 2018 is Brie Larson for her role in the Glass Castle. Brie Larson was absolutely brilliant in a highly sophisticated performance that will absolutely blow your mind. Her acting ability in The Glass Castle is simply mind blowing, highly talented & skillful.
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifers new Oscar is coming! Haters are jealous because they can see, this movie is going to be her best. Don't fkn talk about the people you hate, talk about the ones you like instead ffys. Happy Birthday Jennifer I love you❤️ My fanpage on Insta is @jenniferlawrencesx
Ooh wtf is this bullshit. Enough with pushing this Old man young woman couple bullshit. There plenty of amazing talented actresses that will sell this role better than Jennifer Lawrance
Mother eh? J-Law is really miscast as Ninten.
Ruben Serrano
i love american horror story season 6 🙊
jaden ramiro
The Hunger Games: Paranormal Edition
grace crxmb
so excited! and it comes out on my birthday!
Michelle Pfeiffer is just so damned beautiful.
Giveaway G0D
movie about a young girl dating old ugly sound, Cant wait to Not watch it. Thanks!
Meredith Stephens
Mother! 2017 Mᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
Brandon Coates
God, Michelle Pfeiffer is still my wet dream...
Chris Ajos
He looks like John Winchester!
Awesome Possum246
Yea what the fuck is going on
-No, Dean! he is not our father!
-I DONT CARE?! we got a case here!
Sapphire Moon
Why do I have the feeling this movie is going to have a rape scene? It has that horrible atmosphere to it!
I came for an EarthBound, Beginnings remake.

Was dissapointed.
Chris Leyen
Thought he was Jeffrey Dean Morgan for like half of the trailer
Plot twist: she's actually his mother
No andno
Why is Jennifer Lawrence always paired with men so much older than her in movies?
That Guy
1:25 Damn... Michelle Still Fine as hell 😏
tom h.
Michelle Pfeiffer looks baaaadasss it's gonna be a good one - it has to be . Amazing director & fucking cool actors
Sparkle Unicorn Kitten
I don't get it she's not prego and she didn't have a son
What is this movie about?😂 anyone else have no idea?
zainab a
it has a very The Others feeling to it...
Crimson Peak, but possibly better?
Mark Ridley
Yay! It's not another Noah!! Hooray!!!
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